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Mar 01, 22 (Updated: Aug 03, 22)

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Refiner Tupelo, MS, United States 1 year ago

MoodleCloud site name. Password. Forgot your password? Try MoodleCloud free for 45 days. Get started in seconds, no credit card required!

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Explainer Bangalore 1 year ago

MoodleCloud - Moodle

Get started with our cloud LMS: create your online learning space in minutes, build online courses easily and start teaching right away.

Informed Brighton, United Kingdom 1 year ago

Log in to the MoodleCloud Portal : Moodle

Log in to the MoodleCloud Portal Print · Go to and click the log in button (in the top right hand corner). · Enter your username ( ...

Guru 1 year ago

UMass Amherst Moodle in the Cloud

Log in and find your courses · Help for Students · Help for Instructors.

Reviewer Paris, France 1 year ago

Moodle is a Learning Platform or course management system (CMS) - a free Open Source software package designed to help educators create effective online ...

Curious 1 year ago

MoodleCloud Admin Login Issues - Moodle in English

Admin Cannot Login · Edit Bar Missing and more - Moodle Cloud 3.11.1 → ... Today when trying to login to the admin account to make some ...

Refiner Columbia, MD, United States 1 year ago

Zoom recordings from cloud to Moodle - University of ...

And you will click record, record to the cloud and then Bill, structure your class, start sharing your screen. Select the PowerPoint that I've ...

Reviewer 1 year ago

Moodle LTI For Zoom - Installation Guide - | CoSo Cloud ...

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Scholar Chittagong, Bangladesh 1 year ago

Integrate Moodle & iClicker Classic - UMass Amherst

Add the iClicker Block. Go to the Moodle in the Cloud login page: Click Log in with ...

Explainer Denver, CO 1 year ago

Moodle Cloud - AWS Marketplace

Moodle Cloud. By: Code Creator Latest Version: 2. Linux/Unix. Typical Total Price. $0.137/hr. Total pricing per instance for services hosted on m1.medium in ...

Outspoken Planet Earth 1 year ago

How to improve SCORM support for your Moodle LMS

Using SCORM Cloud Dispatch, upload your courses into SCORM Cloud. The application will export as small SCORM 1.2 proxy files that you can import into your ...

Outspoken Waltham, MA 1 year ago

Moodle Cloud - NC Community Colleges

Request: The State Board is asked to approve up to $588,000 for year three of a three-year contract renewal for the Moodle hosting services ...

Refiner Brussels, Belgium 11 months ago

Participate improving global education by crafting, sharing and using high-quality resources and collections. Integrated with Moodle LMS and Moodle ...

Organizer Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 11 months ago

NEW! Study Groups on Triad Community. July 23, 2021. Connect and study with others going through the same journey ...

Legendary 11 months ago

National Teaching Council Ghana - COLVEE

Demonstrate your knowledge through your transformed teaching and learning strategies and Approaches. Home. You are not logged in. (Log in). Moodle logo ...

Disciplined Montreal, QC, Canada 10 months ago

Bitnami LMS powered by Moodle™ LMS - Cloud

Launch Bitnami LMS powered by Moodle™ LMS with one click from the Bitnami Launchpad for Google Cloud Platform. ... Default Application Login ...

Teacher 10 months ago

Cloud Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) - Digital ...

A current username and password together with optional 2FA are required for access to our hosting systems. Administrative connections may only be made over ...

Informed Israel 9 months ago

Moodle Announces Free Moodle Cloud Service - The Online ...

Please fill out the form on the Coaching Page to see if we're a good fit. Ask your online course questions and Connect. Send a message on the Contact Page and I ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Moodle cloud?

Go to and click the log in button (in the top right hand corner). Alternatively you can click on the orange Portal tab on the right hand side of your screen when logged into your site. Enter your username (this is your MoodleCloud site name, not the whole site URL).

How do I create a Moodle cloud account?

Inform your learners
  1. Email or message your learners, telling them the web address of your MoodleCloud site.
  2. Tell them to click “Log in“ and then “Create new account”
  3. Tell them the name of their course (and share the Enrolment key you made.)

What is a Moodle cloud?

Your MoodleCloud site is a fully hosted website with the latest version of our powerful and secure Moodle learning platform. In your MoodleCloud site you can: Create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment. ... Add teachers and learners to your courses.

Is Moodle cloud still free?

Leading learning management system today announced MoodleCloud, offering a cloud-hosting solution for teachers, trainers or anyone to effortlessly deploy Moodle as a learning environment, with zero installation or hosting charges.

What is the purpose of MoodleCloud?

What is MoodleCloud? MoodleCloud gives you the option of creating your online learning site in minutes and having it hosted by Moodle HQ. You don't need to install, upgrade or backup anything, just create an account and use all of Moodle's powerful tools and features to create the courses you want.

How do you create a MoodleCloud account?

Inform your learners
  1. Email or message your learners, telling them the web address of your MoodleCloud site.
  2. Tell them to click “Log in“ and then “Create new account”
  3. Tell them the name of their course (and share the Enrolment key you made.)

How many users can you add to MoodleCloud free?

New MoodleCloud plans for up to 1000 users.

What is Moodle username and password?

Visit the Moodle login page. Click the Forgotten your username or password? link on the Moodle login page. On this page, the username or the email address can be used to recover the login information that is needed.

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