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Feb 24, 22 (Updated: Sep 13, 22)

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1. Dnnsoftware.com
Announcer India 1 year ago

How to implement Facebook,Gmail login in DNN


I want to implement Social sign in facility in my DNN portal.I have implemented the Facebook login,but the issue is,i can login successfully but …

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2023-05-25 12:18:26 200 132 Page Active
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2023-05-16 19:11:55 200 133 Page Active
2. Github.com
Disciplined San Jose, CA, USA 1 year ago

Unable to make Facebook Authentication Provider work #2219


at DotNetNuke.Authentication.Facebook.Login.AddCustomProperties(NameValueCollection properties) at DotNetNuke.Services.Authentication.OAuth.

3. Dnnsharp.com
Critic Sidhpur, Gujarat, India 1 year ago

#25: Social Login - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - DNN Sharp ...


Register or Login users with their social accounts: Facebook, ... need <a href="https://www.dnnsharp.com/dnn/modules/action-form-builder" ...

4. Atlassian.net
Organizer 1 year ago

DNN FB Authentication provider in DNN 7.4.1 does not work ...


I would like to report an issue with DNN 7.4.1 Facebook Authentication ... then i create http://dnnp8qb5x.azurewebsites.net/ and connect to facebook, login ...

5. Datasprings.com
Outspoken Memphis, Tennessee, United States 1 year ago

Dynamic Login - DotNetNuke Login Module - Data Springs


Dynamic Login provides your users the choice to log in to your site or sign into other sites like Facebook, Active Directory, and many others!

6. Findbestopensource.com
Refiner 1 year ago

DNN Social Login Module - Findbestopensource.Com


GCR Login Module is a login module for dotnetnuke site developed by gcrinfotech (http://www.gcrinfotech.com/).User can be login in site using facebook ...

7. Easydnnsolutions.com
Informed Cebu, Philippines 1 year ago

EasyDNNgallery and Facebook integration - EasyDNNsolutions


This feature enables to connect EasyDNNgallery with Facebook. ... Log in to your Facebook developer account and go to ...

8. Dnncreative.com
Organizer 1 year ago

InteractiveWebs DotNetNuke Advanced Login Module - DNN ...


How to use the Advanced Login DNN Module by InteractiveWebs. How to customize the look and feel of the DotNetNuke login. Setup Facebook connector, jQuery ...

9. Mandeeps.com
Editor Cologne, Germany 1 year ago

Live Social - Facebook, Twitter, Journal Integration w/DNN


An integrated user interface to publish or schedule updates across multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and DNN Journal Activity.

10. Stackoverflow.com
Legendary 1 year ago

Facebook Pixel on web site using DNN - Stack Overflow


The easiest way is to add it to the bottom of your Skin by opening it in a Text Editor and paste the code at the bottom.

11. Arxiv.org
Outspoken Australia 1 year ago

The Architectural Implications of Facebook's DNN-based Personalized Recommendation. Authors:Udit Gupta, Carole-Jean Wu, Xiaodong Wang, Maxim ...

12. Dnncommunity.org
Informed 1 year ago

Facebook Auth Integration - Forums - DNN Community


I'm going to keep this simple - I have: 1. Successfully set up my app in FB. 2. Installed v9.8.1 of the FB Auth Extension on my DNN 9.8.

13. Dotnetnuke.com
Refiner Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea 11 months ago

DNN Store > Home > Product List > DNN Modules


Add pizazz and functionality to your site login with a responsive customized layout, social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In!) integration, ...

14. Ibew.org
Teacher Edinburgh, United Kingdom 11 months ago

DotNetNuke 7.0.6 User Manual - IBEW


See "Configuring Facebook Authentication". Logging in with Google. How to login to a DNN site using your existing Facebook account. This allows you to login ...

15. Ieee.org
Scholar Lyon, France 11 months ago

The Architectural Implications of Facebook's ... - IEEE Xplore


The Architectural Implications of Facebook's DNN-Based Personalized Recommendation ... Sign Out. IEEE logo - Link to IEEE main site homepage.

16. Plos.org
Informed Seattle, WA, USA 11 months ago

Comparative analysis on Facebook post interaction using ...


Deep neural network (DNN), Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) are used to compare the prediction of total ...

17. Wolfxmachina.com
Outspoken Helsinki, Finland 10 months ago

Implement OpenGraph for Facebook and Twitter Cards in ...


Implement OpenGraph for Facebook and Twitter Cards in DNN using 2sxc ... logged in with an administrator account and you can edit this.

18. Sprocketwebsites.com
Teacher 10 months ago

Boost Facebook Posts Straight from Hootsuite - Sprocket ...


They've added the capability to boost Facebook content directly from ... Design | Naperville | DNN | Social Media | WordPress. Search. Login.

19. Vincentric.com
Disciplined Detroit, MI 10 months ago

DNN Login - Vincentric


Grey Arrow Vincentric Best Value Awards Grey Arrow Subscribe Now · Sign In · Twitter · Facebook · LinkedIn. Web Site Search ...

20. Gasstrutrepair.com.au
Announcer Vancouver, BC, Canada 9 months ago

Dnn Page Login


Dnn Page Login - Login page. ... DNN Single Sign On Module Download & Setup Guide | DNN Login ... See more of MallyMon "DNN" Booking Page on Facebook.

21. Rlcomputing.com
Populist Montreuil, France 9 months ago

DNN - AD/Windows Login Tab Functionality - RLComputing


DNN - AD/Windows Login Tab Functionality. Implementing AD Authentication and have it work properly on a DNN site has a few steps to it.

22. Dailymotion.com
Curious Denver, CO, USA 8 months ago

DNNHero.com - This video will show how to add a Facebook "Like" Box to a DotNetNuke site ...

23. Semanticscholar.org
Scholar Washington, DC, USA 8 months ago

The Architectural Implications of Facebook's DNN-based ...


The Architectural Implications of Facebook's DNN-based ... AI inference cycles in Facebook's datacenter ... account for over 80% of all.

24. Sctc.net
Populist India 8 months ago

01; 02; 03 SCTC Mask Statement SCTC Mask Statement; 04 Like Us on Facebook! Like Us on Facebook! Pause. DNN SlideShow - Markit SlideShow ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DotNetNuke Free?

DNN Platform is a free, open source .

How much does DNN cost?

DNN Evoq Basic starts at $2,999 for a one-year subscription. Again, the price depends on the degree of training and support your team requires and the fail-over or staging licenses purchased.

Who owns DotNetNuke?

ESW Capital

What is a DNN website?

www.dnnsoftware.com. DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) is a web content management system and web application framework based on the . NET Framework. The DNN Platform Edition is open source. DNN is written in C#, though it existed for many years as a VB.NET project.

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