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EduTyping Classic

Welcome to EduTyping Classic. Student Login · Teacher Login.

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Student Login -

Don't have an account? Sign Up Free! Student Login. Log in with: Google.

Explainer Cape Town, South Africa 1 year ago

EduTyping Log In Information.pdf

(We use the classic version.) 2. Click on the “Access EduTyping Classic” link located in the top-middle of the page. 3. Students should login using the ...

Guru 1 year ago

How to log in from home during our delay. Lessons to work on!

I'll keep your workload in Computer Literacy light as I'm sure, like my own kids, you have many assignments to work on. Use: classic.edutyping.

Explainer Ahmadabad, India 1 year ago

Useful Links - Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools

Guest | Login. {1}. ##LOC[OK]##. Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools » Schools ... Useful Links. · ·

Outspoken 1 year ago

Log In. Have an Account? HomerowHero. I_Love_2_Type. MsTypingTeacher ... and of course a classic supercar as well (nothing to do with food there, ...

Outspoken Hungary 1 year ago

Choose Account Type - TypingClub

Login URL Setup. Please customize your login URL. This URL will be where everyone in your account must visit in order to login. Best login URLs are short, ...

Informed Montreal, Canada 1 year ago

Is there a way to cheat on edutyping classic? - Answers

Q: Is there a way to cheat on edutyping classic? Write your answer... Submit. Still have questions?

Teacher Eureka, CA 1 year ago

Typing Agent: Login

Log in to Typing Agent, the most powerful online typing program for schools. Sign in and learn to type with a gamified K-12 keyboarding and technology ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into EduTyping?

Students can either get to their login thru our ​Computer Lab Page​: or​ or if you google search edutyping you can get to this point by clicking on student login.

Is EduTyping free?

Teachers: Start Your Free 60-Day Trial Instantly!
Get full access to EduTyping's teacher and student portals, including both Secondary and Jr. curricula, for 60 days and up to 150 students.

What is the EduTyping notepad?

EduTyping, Jr. is an online software program designed for students at the elementary level. ... software includes all of the necessary lessons, tools, and exercises to effectively introduce and teach elementary level students the basics of touch-typing technique and skills.

How do I skip lessons in EduTyping?

Can lessons be eliminated from the EduTyping course? Yes. Instructors can disable lessons for a class using the Teacher/Admin Portal by accessing the "Restrict Lessons" from their Class Settings options.

What is EduTyping secondary?

Multiple Curriculum Options
Secondary instructors can use our EduTyping Secondary curriculum, which uses a traditional method of touch typing and includes a series of interactive lessons that integrates updated pop culture content, keeping students interested and engaged.

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2018-08-31 11:30:21
@EduTypingCom Amazing 🤩🤩
2018-08-30 10:25:49
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