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Mar 10, 22 (Updated: Aug 18, 22)

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1. Sydney.edu.au
Disciplined Prague, Czech Republic 1 year ago

Current students - The University of Sydney


Email · Canvas · myUni · Special consideration · Check your open enquiries · Sydney Student · Research Education Candidature System (RECS) · Timetable ...

Social Handles

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2. Office.com
Explainer Bangalore, Karnataka, India 1 year ago

Sign In - Outlook - Office 365

3. Au-webmail-guide.com
Reviewer St. Petersburg, Russia 1 year ago

Step by Step guide about how Usyd Webmail works


Your email address is the UniKey followed by @uni. Sydney.edu.au, Use your UniKey password to log in to your ...

4. Service-now.com
Populist England, United Kingdom 1 year ago

University of Sydney Services Portal


Email MS 365 - Alumni: Email & Collaboration Service Service Interruption - Alumni Mailbox. Degradation. Akari - Online units of study: Learning Management ...

Guru Iran 1 year ago

Login - University of Sydney Services Portal


University services may be limited during the 2021-2022 seasonal break, however the Student Centre is open from 30 December (except for public holidays).

5. Unistude.com
Informed 1 year ago

If you forgot your usyd canvas password, you can either reset it via email or SMS depending on the ...

6. Westernsydney.edu.au
Outspoken 1 year ago

Western Sydney University: Home


Western Sydney University is one of Australia's leading institutions. Ranked in the top 400 in the world, illustrating the University's growing reputation ...

7. Usu.edu.au
Legendary Atlanta, GA, USA 1 year ago


8. Susf.com.au
Organizer Groningen, The Netherlands 1 year ago

Join the gym, play social sport, learn to swim or sign up to one of 40 sporting clubs with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness. Open to everybody, all year around.

9. Starrezhousing.com
Editor Israel 1 year ago

Welcome to the University of Sydney Student Accommodation


Please also make sure you check your spam/junk folder for any email from Student Accommodation Services. On-Campus Accommodation. If you are a prospective or ...

10. Reddit.com
Legendary Los Angeles, CA 1 year ago

USYD email with Gmail app? - Reddit


Is there a way to log into USYD student email with the gmail app? I've tried logging in through the “outlook, Hotmail and live” option, but it says…

11. Uts.edu.au
Organizer 1 year ago

Australia's #1 Young university, focused on making a difference through leading research, and inspiring education.

12. Mq.edu.au
Legendary Denmark 1 year ago

Macquarie University is a place of pioneering minds, breaking free of conventions. Discover our story as one of the global leaders in tertiary education.

13. Unsw.edu.au
Informed 1 year ago

UNSW is ranked 2nd in Australia and 27th in the world for Graduate Employability. Browse our range of study options and find the perfect one for you.

14. Srcusyd.net.au
Teacher 11 months ago

Caseworkers can answer questions and concerns via email ([email protected]). Please attach relevant documents. Office Hours: Monday–Friday, ...

15. Campuslivingvillages.com
Critic 11 months ago

Sydney Uni Village Campus Accommodation


Sydney Uni Village offers comfortable, all-inclusive USYD accommodation plus great activities & 24-7 support. Book a tour or apply online today.

16. Libanswers.com
Announcer 11 months ago

Library - Frequently Asked Questions


I graduated last year with PhD from USYD. ... Thank you for your email regarding ongoing membership of the library after graduation.

17. Wesleycollege-usyd.edu.au
Guru Italy 10 months ago

Contact Us - Wesley College


Address: Western Avenue, The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006. Phone: +61 2 9565 3333. Email: [email protected] ...

18. Publishpartner.com.au
Guru 10 months ago

Login Page - USYD General - Publish Partner


New to our store? Create an account. First Name:*, *. Last Name: *. Email:*, * *. Password:*, * *. Confirm Password:*. Sign Up. This website uses cookies.

19. Nteu.org.au
Legendary Paris, France 10 months ago

Promoting a quality higher education system that values staff and students is the foundation of the Union. NTEU members believe that by working together we can ...

20. Sanctasophiacollege.edu.au
Organizer Odessa, Ukraine 9 months ago

Student Accommodation | Sydney | Sancta Sophia College ...


Student Accommodation at Sydney Uni.

21. Taylorssydney.edu.au
Announcer Spain 9 months ago

University of Sydney Foundation Program


Discover the most effective pathway to the University of Sydney with the University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP) delivered at Taylors College Sydney.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my USyd email?

Android phones and tablets
  1. From your Android device, go to the Google Play Store and install the Microsoft Outlook app.
  2. Open the 'Outlook for Android' mobile app after installation has completed.
  3. Tap 'Get Started'.
  4. Enter your your University email address and tap 'Add account'.
  5. When prompted enter your Unikey password.

How do I log into my uni email?

Outlook for iOS and Android
Get the free Microsoft Outlook app for your mobile phone or tablet and then sign in with your University email address and password. You can also see your calendar and timetable in the Outlook app.

How do I access USyd?

As a current student or staff member, use your UniKey to log in to Sydney Student. Your UniKey should look like: abcd1234 and is emailed to you after you have accepted your offer and enrolment is open for your course.

How do I get UniKey?

Your UniKey is emailed to you after you accept your offer and enrolment has opened for your course. You will have it for the duration of your candidature as a student at the University.

Is it hard to get into University of Sydney?

The university of Sydney's acceptance rate is 30%, which means it's a competitive university and getting admission into the university isn't easy if you don't have good grades in your result.

What is USYD famous for?

The University of Sydney is recognised as one of the world's leading institutions in making a positive impact on society by the Times Higher Education Impact rankings, which focus on the twin issues of protecting the environment while addressing inequality through sustainable development.

What GPA do you need to get into the University of Sydney?


Is USYD a good school?

The university has had a good reputation and ranking, of course, but for those who care about being treated as more than a number, and having access to robust online learning capabilities - this simply isn't the place to apply to.

Recent Tweets By sydney_uni

@Sydney_Uni In this @Sydney_Ideas talk, hear from acclaimed writer and historian @OKhromeychuk on the extraordinary defiance Ukraine has shown over the last year & what lessons has the democratic world learned from the war. Register for online or in-person event: https://t.co/cQGlAcfoxe https://t.co/A0vrL0QCNu
2023-01-25 04:00:41
@Sydney_Uni “Since his Directorship at Campbelltown Arts Centre Michael has commissioned & curated many ground‐breaking exhibitions & projects while expanding artist-led programs to engage with different communities. I look forward to him bringing his unique vision" - VC & President @mscott
2023-01-24 10:35:49
@Sydney_Uni Taking over from David Ellis, who is retiring after 20 years at the University, Michael will look after the prestigious @ccwm_sydney, @SeymourSydney and cultural outreach activities.
2023-01-24 10:35:49
@Sydney_Uni We are excited to announce the appointment of Michael Dagostino as @sydney_Uni's Director of Museums and Cultural Engagement commencing this March. Read more: https://t.co/cbcfOlyQjr https://t.co/m5EG4D1e6c
2023-01-24 10:35:48
@Sydney_Uni Teens spend around 7 hrs of non-school or study time online every day. What can parents do to avoid this becoming an unhealthy compulsion? @sydney_business researcher Dr James Donald has surprise findings in new study. https://t.co/vDQudcoxom #LeadershipInAction
2023-01-24 01:00:39
@Sydney_Uni We are proud to support the @YabunFestival again in 2023. Australia's largest one-day celebration of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures returns to Gadigal Land in Victoria Park on 26 January. Join in person or online: https://t.co/6tngfNI9Px #Yabun #Yabun2023
2023-01-23 04:00:31
@Sydney_Uni Congratulations 🎉@DehghaniFariba, @kaiser_brent, Craig Jin and their teams! #LeadershipInAction
2023-01-20 04:14:55
@Sydney_Uni According to @UN an increase of 25% in plant and animal proteins will be required by 2050. The funding will help to develop technology that supports a growing alternative proteins manufacturing and processing industry.
2023-01-20 04:14:54
@Sydney_Uni “The funding & bringing together of deep expertise from across similarly minded institutions will enable us to rapidly develop and scale our technology, with the hope of bringing back an important part of life to those living with blindness and low vision.” A/Prof Craig Jin
2023-01-20 04:14:54
@Sydney_Uni 👏@Sydney_Science & @Eng_IT_Sydney researchers developing alternative proteins & assistive technology for the blind have received a total $3.6M in funding from NSW Government’s Tech Central Research & Innovation Infrastructure Fund https://t.co/DjM1gSG7Ry #LeadershipInAction
2023-01-20 04:14:53
@Sydney_Uni No matter where you are from, we wish you and your family a very happy, peaceful, healthy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit! 🐇 (Or Year of the Cat 🐈 if you’re from Vietnamese community) 🧧🎇🎊 #LunarNewYear #ChineseNewYear #LNY #CNY https://t.co/HTlMQQPMpV
2023-01-20 01:00:46
@Sydney_Uni Did you know about 40% of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) users have more than one account? According to first-of-its-kind study by @sydney_business, people with multiple BNPL accounts are more likely to be vulnerable high-risk borrowers https://t.co/uNQf29n0mW #LeadershipInAction
2023-01-19 04:17:23
@Sydney_Uni “We hope to continue developing the method so it can eventually be used in a clinical setting and used to treat and improve the lives of millions of heart failure patients worldwide.” senior author A/Prof @jameschong_doc Learn more about the study: https://t.co/uC1Oxlcq4r
2023-01-13 04:21:27
@Sydney_Uni 🫀Scientists uncover way to 'heal scars' left behind by heart attacks The preclinical @syd_health @WestmeadInst study shows how a protein can help repair damaged heart tissue by making the scars 'stretchier', and improve the heart’s ability to pump blood. #LeadershipInAction https://t.co/Ykux7SKrzz
2023-01-13 04:21:26
@Sydney_Uni Transforming Sydney this January, @sydney_festival is a celebration of art, performance & big ideas 👏 @Sydney_Uni is proud to be a sponsor of the Western Sydney program of events for #SydFest 2023. Find out what’s on: https://t.co/k89VO7NOLF #USYD https://t.co/YEyELUHMLz
2023-01-12 10:01:43
@Sydney_Uni Physics Building looking very photon-genic 📸 #USYD https://t.co/9cI1Jptymg
2023-01-12 01:15:13
@Sydney_Uni “This funding aligns with the University’s mission of supporting world-leading research, working with industries, to address global challenges, such as providing sustainable energy generation solutions captured in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals” VC Prof @mscott
2023-01-11 01:00:44
@Sydney_Uni Congratulations Prof @AnitaHoBaillie for being awarded $2.78M in research funding by @ARENA_aus to help commercialise #perovskite-silicon cells - a more advanced solar technology than present options on the market 👏 Read more: https://t.co/5uaSgTNc0T #LeadershipInAction
2023-01-11 01:00:43
@Sydney_Uni 9,100 square meters and a spiral staircase of dreams to inspire generations of business leaders to come. Walk in Abercrombie building. #USYD https://t.co/ouUwIHHQDZ
2023-01-09 01:00:47
@Sydney_Uni What a peaceful, early morning at the #USYD Quad looks like 🌅 https://t.co/kWN8gGDUiR
2023-01-06 01:00:39
@Sydney_Uni A look back on the year in @syd_health! From diets to music, COVID-19 to cancer, discover the vast array of research that challenged us, entertained us, educated us, and even changed people's thinking https://t.co/ZpLvhAO6cj #LeadershipInAction #USYD https://t.co/pEHcww6Cs2
2022-12-27 01:00:35
@Sydney_Uni Charles Perkins Centre architecture on point ⬇️ Home to innovative multidisciplinary research that is tackling chronic disease one day at a time. #USYD https://t.co/zJwVvK89Ad
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Out of office on ☀️ @Sydney_Uni will be closed for a holiday break from Friday, 23 December 2022, re-opening Monday, 9 January 2023. University buildings & most services will be shut during this time. See you on campus in 2023 ❤️ https://t.co/MjvVC9Rd74
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Researchers from @Lambert_Usyd led by Prof Nicholas Lintzeris from @syd_health have launched the latest Cannabis as Medicine survey to understand how cannabis is being used in Australia. Read more about the survey: https://t.co/t71l9ECb2I #LeadershipInAction #USYD https://t.co/5aTiukl7pW
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni @FuzionOCE Congratulations @FuzionOCE 👏 See you in 2023!
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Giving back is a shared value. In the 2022 Alumni and Supporter Census 40% of #USYDAlumni respondents told us they #Volunteer. Read the 2022 Census results to learn how our #USYDAlumni are giving back to the community: https://t.co/ZLEpVR3Qju https://t.co/alHKxf4QIQ
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni From shell-lobbing octopuses to rogue waves, see how the past year educated us & even changed our thinking across science, medicine & engineering at USYD. Read the full story: https://t.co/a3vMJwCT1t #LeadershipInAction #USYD https://t.co/0XjZwOgPu1
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Inspiring teachers to inspire students is Prof Manjula Sharma’s life work. Director @Sydney_Uni's STEM Enrichment Academy, she’s working with teachers to enrich teaching of science, technology, engineering & maths. Story: https://t.co/I9Eb5qOXR2 #USYDAlumni #LeadershipForGood https://t.co/tcVp5vOVWE
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Did you know that 90 years ago (1930), trams trundled past the Quad every day? Too bad they aren't around anymore - what a great way to get to class! 🚃 From the University Archives (G3_224_1018) #USYD https://t.co/kxcEIYtzop
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni As #Robots move out of controlled environments like factories and into the wider world, researchers are harnessing the power of new technology to improve lives and help us achieve more. #USYD https://t.co/XZt382byKP
2022-12-18 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni “Robots allow us to expand our horizons further by going beyond what humans are currently capable of, like space exploration.” - Tara Bartlett, PhD candidate 🚀 Learn more about the Australian Centre of Field Robotics at @Sydney_Uni: https://t.co/UF02aFJUst #USYD
2022-12-18 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni The future is now 🤖 Meet @Sydney_Uni #Robotics researchers Tara Bartlett, Nicholas Barbara and Damian Abood who are working with the only bipedal robot of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Learn more 🧵⤵️ #USYD https://t.co/LNTwJR8IR7
2022-12-18 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Congratulations Maddie 👏 https://t.co/dVASrRE1hG
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Congratulations to @Sydney_Uni graduate & 2014 Alumni Award winner Dr Amelia Latu Afuhaamango Tuipulotu who has been appointed as @WHO's Chief Nursing Officer 👏 #USYDAlumni #LeadershipForGood https://t.co/nYyO60nRwI
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Don't forget, an ATAR is just one of the many pathways to uni. Find out about pathways, get course advice and explore our campus at #USYDInfoDay tomorrow, 16th Dec. 🔗 https://t.co/4IiGxCm2Pf #USYD #LeadershipForGood #ATAR #HSC
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni @WHO @syd_health Dr Tuipulotu previously held the positions of Minister for Health of the Kingdom of Tonga & Tonga’s Chief Nursing Officer. She is an Honorary Professor at our Sydney Nursing School. #USYDAlumni #LeadershipForGood
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni ATARs are out! The HSC Class of 2022 made it - that means their parents & families who have supported them through this journey have too ✨ No matter the result, you should be proud of reaching this milestone. #USYD #LeadershipForGood #ATAR #HSC https://t.co/0F9UBVBuap
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Our #USYDAlumni are leaders & lifelong learners, pioneering solutions to ensure today’s challenges are not passed on to future generations. The 2022 Alumni Census told us 38% of respondents received a scholarship while at uni before going on to make an impact on the world 🌏 https://t.co/EbTQSznalF
2022-12-13 00:00:00
@Sydney_Uni Read our 2022 Alumni Census results to learn more about our #USYDAlumni community ⤵️ https://t.co/x4UEuQbGjq
2022-12-13 00:00:00
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