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1. Expo.dev
Critic 1 year ago

Log In - Expo


Log in to your Expo account. ... Log in to Expo. Email or username. Password. Forgot password? Log In. New to Expo? Sign up. Product. Expo on GitHub.

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2. Medium.com
Critic Utah 1 year ago

User Name and Password Login Using Auth0 in an Expo.io + ...


User Name and Password Login Using Auth0 in an Expo.io + React Native Application. Part 5 of Implementing an Authentication Flow in React Native.

3. Expeditors.com
Organizer 1 year ago

expo. Username. Password. Set your default exp.o login page. Legacy exp.o (this page). EXP.O NOW (new experience). Can't access exp.o? Other tools.

4. Ethr.me
Informed 1 year ago

How to convert an Expo Snack into a real Android APK - Ethan ...


You can see the source code here: https://snack.expo.io/Jy1eOMl_4 ... You might be prompted to provide your login details for expo.

5. Stackoverflow.com
Guru 1 year ago

Can't get user data after logging in Firebase React Native Expo


body3, opacity: 0.6, }, }) export default Login;. Here is my Signup.js file: import React from 'react'; import ...

6. Github.com
Scholar Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil 1 year ago

I can not sign up expo.io · Issue #12145 - GitHub


I can not sign up at expo.io Error: Something went wrong when connecting to Expo: Failed to fetch. ... I was also able to login without VPN. Thanks.

7. Canny.io
Guru 1 year ago

Log into CLI with token | Voters | Expo


You can now authenticate with the CLI or any public APIs using a private token. https://docs.expo.io/accounts/programmatic-access/.

Teacher Tel Aviv, Israel 1 year ago

Log-in with Twitter | Voters | Expo


and Facebook login (. Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync. ) ... possible with AuthSession API. https://docs.expo.io/versions/v30.0.0/sdk/auth-session ...

8. Startupgrind.com
Outspoken 1 year ago

Cross-Mobile App Development Made Easy with Expo.io


Luckily, the folks at Expo.io are hard at work to make mobile development with ... through Stackoverflow to figure out how to implement a Facebook login.

9. Eventus.io
Populist Columbus, OH, United States 1 year ago

Login — Viterbi Expo - Eventus.io


New Messages ({{new_message_count}}) New Notifications ({{new_notification_count}}). Viterbi Expo (Beta). {{local_context}}. Home Events Push Notifications ...

10. Giters.com
Reviewer Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1 year ago

`expo login` command warns about needing to be logged in ...


Tools for creating, running, and deploying universal Expo and React Native apps. https://docs.expo.io/workflow/expo-cli/.

12. Upwork.com
Disciplined Ireland 1 year ago

Top 27 Expo.io Developers for Hire In January 2022 - Upwork


Access 27 Expo.io Developers and outsource your project. ... I have experience working with social media login, payment processing, audio/video playback, ...

13. Plainenglish.io
Outspoken 1 year ago

React Native: How to Add Firebase Google authenticaton in ...


javascript.plainenglish.io. Following my previous successful attempt at developing a basic login app using Firebase and email/password ...

14. Gustosancarlos.com
Curious Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia 11 months ago

Expo login example


If you still can`t access expo login example then choose another link from the list below. 1. snack.expo.io. A Simple Login Form - Expo Snack ...

15. Npmjs.com
Editor Toronto, ON, Canada 11 months ago

expo-login-keycloak - npm


expo-login-keycloak. TypeScript icon, indicating that this package has built-in type declarations. 1.0.10 • Public • Published 3 years ago.

16. Apiko.com
Disciplined Switzerland 11 months ago

Expo vs Vanilla React Native: What to Choose for Your Project


With Expo you can find all of them in Expo SDK. Expo SDK: Native features description, advantages and disadvantages. Source: https://expo.io/ ...

17. Bitrise.io
Guru Milan, Italy 11 months ago

Getting started with Expo apps - Bitrise Docs


First, let's see how to add a React Native Expo app to bitrise.io. ... the Step will execute the expo login command before it would do the expo eject .

18. Eventlooking.com
Guru 10 months ago

Expo.io - Discover The Best Events Near You


For people using the main website (https://expo.dev) on chrome, we'll transfer over your expo.io login session so that you can get right ...

19. Packagegalaxy.com
Announcer London, UK 10 months ago

expo-login-keycloak [javascript]: Datasheet - Package Galaxy


Size: 17.98 kB. License: MIT Keywords: auth, expo, login, keycloak, oauth, openid ... + [![npm](https://img.shields.io/npm/v/expo-login-keycloak.svg?

20. Ory.sh
Refiner France 10 months ago

Authentication for React Native with Examples - ory.sh


npm install -g expo-cli expo init login-signup-app -t ... Copy the HTTPS forwarding URL (example from above https://04ee3e08367a.ngrok.io ) and in a new ...

21. Itnext.io
Organizer Pune, Maharashtra, India 9 months ago

User Authentication with Expo cli | by Evan Burbidge - ITNEXT


Here is an example of the Login.js setup. In this file we are first setting up our Auth0 Credentials. You can obtain these from ...

22. Derk-jan.com
Reviewer 9 months ago

Expo Facebook · Providing Login with Facebook - Derk-Jan ...


But replace the fb<YOUR APP ID> by the actual appId , prepended with fb . In my case it's https://auth.expo.io/@derk-jan/facebook-login. Test it ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Expo?

Option 1: Use GUI log
In simulator, press ⌘ + / , or go to Debug -> Open System Log -- both of these open a log window that displays all of the logs from your device, including the logs from your Expo app.

How do I get my expo client ID?

Get an OAuth client ID for your app
Go to the Google Developer Credentials. Click Create credentials, then OAuth client ID, then select the Android radio button. Run expo fetch:android:hashes . Take Google Certificate Fingerprint from previous step and insert it in the Signing-certificate fingerprint field.

What is Auth Expo io?

AuthSession is the easiest way to add web browser based authentication (for example, browser-based OAuth flows) to your app, built on top of WebBrowser, Crypto, and Random. If you would like to understand how it does this, read this document from top to bottom.

How would you like to authenticate Expo?

expo-app-auth allows you to authenticate and authorize your users through the native OAuth library AppAuth by OpenID. Many services that let you authenticate with them or login with them, like GitHub, Google, GitLab, etc., use the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It's the industry standard.

What is Expo Dev?

Expo is a framework and a platform for universal React applications. It is a set of tools and services built around React Native and native platforms that help you develop, build, deploy, and quickly iterate on iOS, Android, and web apps from the same JavaScript/TypeScript codebase.

What is Expo Dev client?

expo-dev-client is designed to support any workflow, release process, or set of dependencies in the Expo / React Native ecosystem.

Does Expo need XCode?

The Expo Client is an app installed on your phone from Google Play and the Apple Store. Allows the project to be open during the development process without creating it through XCode or Android Studio. The Expo Client will enable you to send your request to others for review.

Is Expo Better than React Native?

It provides you with a list of tools that simplify the creation and testing of React Native app. Besides that Expo provides a more robust and convenient development workflow with flexibility.

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@expo @t3dotgg @jullerino @ClerkDev 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
2023-01-26 01:04:06
@expo Try out expo-image if you haven’t yet! https://t.co/TIC0bxNxJe
2023-01-19 11:49:47
@expo Join us at @appjsconf in Krakow, May 10-12! https://t.co/rrDcS8mv6c
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@expo @browniefed @Baconbrix Already looking at it
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@expo https://t.co/SQU903kMAN https://t.co/f2UltaeftX
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@expo 🙇‍♂️ https://t.co/bYyrHEn2jy
2023-01-14 08:35:32
@expo Additionally, Expo SDK 48 will include React Native 0.71 in Q1 2023.
2023-01-12 06:12:23
@expo Expo Modules support for React Native 0.71 is already available (since last week!) thanks to @kudochien! https://t.co/KaPeJL2U2v https://t.co/6oWEF9BjrL
2023-01-12 06:10:56
@expo 🏎💨 "On a simple yet non-trivial app, build times for the exact same codebase improved from ~15 minutes 30 seconds to ~9 minutes just by switching from Intel to M1 workers. That’s a ~40% reduction in build times!"
2023-01-11 08:28:22
@expo 🗓 At the end of February 2023, or alongside SDK 48, M1 workers will become the default. After M1 becomes the default, it will continue to be possible for customers to run their builds on Intel workers until May 2023 (for edge cases where more migration time would help).
2023-01-11 08:28:22
@expo ⏱💨 For most projects, migrating from Intel to M1 shouldn't take more than a minute for a configuration change to eas.json. https://t.co/AFQdKTLAdY
2023-01-11 08:28:22
@expo New year, new build machines. M1 is now available on EAS Build. https://t.co/SQU903kMAN
2023-01-11 08:28:21
@expo Testing with React Native nightlies tightens the feedback loop between the Meta and Expo teams and helps us move more quickly together. In this post, @kudochien gives some background on nightlies and how you can set up your library to test against them. https://t.co/8ofQCgPUEQ
2023-01-04 06:04:03
@expo Last call to migrate to EAS Build today. In 2021 we announced the Classic Build service ("expo build" with the old Expo CLI) will be superseded by EAS Build ("eas build"). This is the guide on how to migrate to EAS Build: https://t.co/CzDskWKase https://t.co/ziPA0wfKgj
2023-01-03 09:00:48
@expo @ThePerfectH Hi Harsh, these are the docs for EAS Build: https://t.co/IFSjKQFJkd. The commands are “eas build:configure” and “eas build”, with the target platform of your choice.
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@expo @ThePerfectH After a successful build, on the Expo website browse to your project’s page, click Builds from the sidebar on desktop/drop-down menu on mobile, choose the build you want, and scroll down to the section titled Build Artifact. There will be a button to download your build. https://t.co/CXD8EGMcR3
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@expo @ThePerfectH EAS is a service that runs in the cloud. There is also a “--local” flag. You also can run “npx expo prebuild” to expose an Xcode project and build your project the way you would any other iOS app.
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@expo @ThePerfectH To create an IPA file to share with your team, use an ad hoc provisioning profile or create an App Store release and share it with TestFlight.
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@expo @agrit_tiwari @oliverloops Weblike CI/CD 🤝 Native UX
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@expo Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🍂 We have reasons every single day to be so thankful for our wonderful teammates and our incredible community of contributors and developers (👇🏽). https://t.co/b42jfvwX0H
2022-11-24 00:00:00
@expo @LinguaBrowse @Baconbrix @keegan_bacon This is a very good idea
2022-11-23 00:00:00
@expo @madebyjonny in a new project initialized with @react-native-community/cli, installing the expo module tooling is as easy as `npx [email protected]`
2022-11-09 00:00:00
@expo @madebyjonny they can be used in any react native project! all you need to do is install the expo package in the project. https://t.co/npA8cRnZrG
2022-11-09 00:00:00
@expo Expo SDK 47 has arrived! - Expo Modules API 1.0: JSI & Fabric native modules with an idiomatic Swift & Kotlin API - Hermes for Expo Go on iOS - Hermes inspector can be opened directly for the app - React 18.1 and React Native 0.70.5 https://t.co/bsxTwgXyT1
2022-11-08 00:00:00
@expo Today we are introducing end-to-end security to EAS Update with code signing. With this feature, you can ensure your users only run updates published by your team. 🧵 Read on... https://t.co/YVxovKIXpm https://t.co/GZ2wB1yeN5
2022-11-04 00:00:00
@expo The TLDR: ⬥ EAS Update code signing works with production updates and it also works in development with both Expo Go and development builds. That means every manifest you create and send is signed by you. ⬥ Quick certificate setup and rotation ⬥ Step-by-step docs
2022-11-04 00:00:00
@expo Code signing is available to our Enterprise Plan subscribers and you can get started with our setup documentation: https://t.co/TkN11SFXdZ
2022-11-04 00:00:00
@expo SDK 47 beta is now available! Try upgrading your app and let us know if you run into any issues! ⏳The beta period will last for about a week. https://t.co/tI9pInplT6
2022-10-31 00:00:00
@expo @Namooku Hi Namoku - we had a temporary issue where the build status wasn't updated correctly on the website. The issue is now fixed and your successful builds will be marked as Finished
2022-09-30 00:00:00
@expo @notarea32466873 @expo_status Hi - sorry about that! Builds and the website are back now
2022-09-30 00:00:00
@expo @tskaggs Hi Tim, sorry about that! Website should be back up for you now
2022-09-29 00:00:00
@expo @apuchitnis @expo_status Sorry about that! Servers are healthy now, try submitting your builds again
2022-09-29 00:00:00
@expo You’ll need to enable Developer Mode in iOS 16 to keep using internal distribution builds. Our new guide will get you set up: https://t.co/GQLxM8Iiue New to internal distribution? Learn how to preview your app builds with your teammates using EAS: https://t.co/kb09a7IIpk
2022-09-14 00:00:00
@expo 🆙 Auto-incrementing versions with a remote version source, similar to @JNYBGR's https://t.co/rtKJPCB8tY ♻ Build and submission retries on the web ➕ New lifecycle hooks, import devices from ASC, build messages, improved capabilities sync, and more... https://t.co/dvH46CKG6u
2022-09-01 00:00:00
@expo You can start using EAS Update for free for the first 1,000 monthly updaters. After that, we now offer on-demand pricing so that you’ll only pay for what you need. https://t.co/KhARewK0VQ
2022-08-04 08:34:40
@expo Start publishing updates today. Questions/feedback? Join our community. https://t.co/72XQjcdpBz https://t.co/fZLduYtHVH
2022-08-04 08:34:40
@expo When you use EAS Build and EAS Update together, you’ll see how your builds relate to your updates on our web dashboards. This makes it massively easier to keep track of what code is running on staging and production. https://t.co/G5LVbLHeVC
2022-08-04 08:34:39
@expo We use global CDNs to deliver your updates fast. We also use Brotli on iOS to make your update bundles as small as possible. Whether you’re pushing a bug fix or rolling back a bad update, it’ll be fast. https://t.co/DQ8aHQm2X8
2022-08-04 08:34:38
@expo Both Expo Go and development builds allow you to preview updates. Combined with GitHub Actions and you’ll be reviewing your teammate’s code in seconds. https://t.co/nmTaKPXyLn
2022-08-04 08:34:37
@expo Every React Native app can now use our next-generation updates service: EAS Update. ⚡️ Make your whole team faster. Preview PRs in a QR code scan or tap. 🐛 Fix security issues in production in seconds, not days. Get started for free ↓ https://t.co/pvDlJepOSs 🧵 Read on… https://t.co/5BdDPgCDns
2022-08-04 08:34:24
@expo @blcoding @Baconbrix @aaronbesson @ShopifyEng @marekfort Expo Go supports FlashList in SDK 46! https://t.co/U2K6RjzwVD
2022-08-02 05:45:19
@expo @betomoedano thanks for contributing! ❤️
2022-08-02 03:25:31
@expo Learn more about @ShopifyEng React Native Skia with @wcandillon in this video that is premiering now! https://t.co/8q8MRPaVmD
2022-08-02 03:04:49
@expo Expo SDK 46 has arrived! - Skia and FlashList from @ShopifyEng in Expo Go - React 18 and React Native 0.69.3 - Fast local CLI is now default - VSCode Expo adds IntelliSense for eas.json - Dev Client hits 1.0.0 - Final SDK to support classic builds https://t.co/U2K6RjR8kd
2022-08-02 03:03:15
@expo @Mascelo Everything is back online now, thanks for your patience
2022-07-28 02:00:04
@expo @Mascelo EAS's databases are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. You can keep using the site but some tasks won't work until maintenance is done shortly. https://t.co/9lQRmvuNSq
2022-07-28 01:47:57
@expo SDK 46 beta is now available! Try upgrading your app and let us know if you run into any issues! ⏳The beta period will last for about a week. https://t.co/pBq2QW5mdp
2022-07-19 11:27:08
@expo RNR goes through SDK 45 in this episode. Check it out if you aren't up to speed yet on what's in the new release https://t.co/wBhWmzr24V
2022-06-28 11:44:12
@expo The Apple Developer License Agreement has been updated yearly again. Especially if you use: · Expo CLI or EAS CLI to provision iOS credentials · EAS Submit to submit to the stores make sure your team accepts the new terms on https://t.co/qO1jXfJdIX sometime in the next two weeks! https://t.co/kt8WcJgh2N
2022-06-06 11:07:17
@expo 📢: Expo has build downtime planned on Sunday, June 5, from 12:01am to 3:00am US Eastern. No EAS or classic builds will be created while we make routine maintenance upgrades to our build infrastructure. (See https://t.co/ad2NARFC8B for live updates.)
2022-05-26 07:16:35
@expo Expo SDK 45 has arrived! ⚡️ Highlights - Fresh new look for Expo Go - React Native 0.68.1 - Quality of life improvements and EAS Update integration in expo-dev-client - "Bug fixes and improvements" https://t.co/CWFvsVb6na
2022-05-06 01:52:27
@expo Check out the "Setting up a professional development process with Expo and EAS" workshop with @Jonsamp and @TC_Davis on June 8th at @appjsconf to learn how to set your team up to ship with confidence and quickly iterate using EAS Build, Submit, and Update https://t.co/xYOV9IMcDq https://t.co/LnvBVGzvTW
2022-05-05 01:44:04
@expo SDK 45 beta is now available! Try upgrading your app and let us know if you run into any issues! ⏳The beta period will last for about a week. https://t.co/jQYM1m1wNs
2022-04-27 09:48:57
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