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1. Okta.com
Explainer 1 year ago

Flinders dashboard (OKTA)


Social Handles

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2. Flinders.edu.au
Legendary Jaipur, India 1 year ago

Flinders dashboard (Okta)


Flinders dashboard (Okta) ... The Flinders dashboard is your personalised single point of access to the Flinders University web applications you ...

Organizer Palo Alto, CA 1 year ago

Flinders dashboard (Okta)


In your browser, go to the link: https://flinders.okta.com. If you haven't signed in yet, you'll see the sign in screen. Tabs. You use tabs in ...

3. Microsoftcrmportals.com
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Ask Flinders


Over the years, many questions have been asked by students before. For the quickest answers, search our frequently asked questions or browse the categories ...

4. Af.mil
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www okta login flinders com Sign In Online Info


Flinders dashboard (Okta) – Flinders University Students. https://students.flinders.edu.au/support/computing/okta. Go to Okta and select your ...

5. Sahihades.com
Outspoken 1 year ago

Flinders okta login - sahihades.com


flinders okta login The Student System is where you can: view and update your ... Staff Website: FLO Staff Support Flinders dashboard (Okta) Flinders ...

6. Studentvip.com.au
Announcer Winston-Salem, NC 1 year ago

2023 Technical support workshop - Flinders - StudentVIP


IT technical support office. Requests for maintenance should be sent through your Flinders Dashboard (OKTA) or email to [email protected]

7. Domain.glass
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Okta Login Flinders - domain.glass


Flinders dashboard Okta - Flinders University Staff The Flinders Okta m k i is ... Wsu okta login wsu okta The email or password you entered is incorrect.

8. Computerworld.com
Scholar South Africa 1 year ago

Flinders Uni turns to cloud solution for identity management


South Australia's Flinders University has deployed Okta's cloud-based identity management system to provide single sign-on for staff and ...

9. Vpermit.com.au
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vPermit Account Log in


Log In. Log in with. vPermit Account Log in. Remember me. Log In. Forgot vPermit password?Reset password. Don't have an account?

10. Crn.com.au
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Flinders Uni solves password fatigue with Okta partner - Cloud


Melbourne-based identity management provider Identity Solutions has helped Flinders University solve its identity problem for 55000 users ...

11. Gasstrutrepair.com.au
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Flinders Uni Flo Login - Gas Strut Repairs


Flinders Uni Flo Login - Login page. ... CareerHub Login - Flinders University ... Flinders dashboard (Okta) - Flinders University Staff.

12. Fitnessfirst.com.au
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Flinders Street | Platinum | Fitness First


Explore Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD Platinum gym's state of the art gym equipment, exercise classes & personal training sessions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Okta Flinders?

Accessing Okta. In your browser, go to the link: https://flinders.okta.com. If you haven't signed in yet, you'll see the sign in screen.

What is Flinders learning online?

FLO – short for Flinders Learning Online – is the online learning platform used by Flinders University. FLO is the major teaching and communication tool for topics. It is where you will find your topic information, submit your assignments, watch lecture recordings, participate in online discussions, plus much more.

How do you transfer degrees in Flinders?

If you are a current Flinders student you can apply to transfer to most courses via internal transfer. If your course is not available via internal transfer you will need to apply via SATAC.

How do I log into Okta?

To open Okta, go to your company's custom Okta URL in any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). Your company's custom Okta URL will be "company.okta.com." For example, if your company is called ABC, the URL would be ABC.okta.com.

How do I set up Okta?

Configure Okta Verify
  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > Multifactor.
  2. On the Factor Types tab, select Okta Verify.
  3. Set the status to Active.
  4. In Okta Verify Settings, click Edit, and then select the features you want to enable. Available features vary by org setting: ...
  5. Click Save.

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@okta 🌟 New: Okta Workflows Low Latency Flows now enables users to automate time-sensitive identity use cases to run up to 🔟 times faster – without writing any code. Learn more: https://t.co/LdH9v6YslO https://t.co/BwVZiPoPFT
2023-01-30 09:13:05
@okta "The fancy tech aside, the space is meant for collaboration, both among employees and also others who are visiting or using the space for an event." Discover more about our 🆕 NYC Customer Experience Center ⤵️ https://t.co/tnAB7ntt90 https://t.co/eFHRZGeWCW
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@okta Don't forget to verify. ✔️ https://t.co/oV0vaabKBv
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@okta Is compliance on your radar? Don't miss this breakdown of 7️⃣ critical privacy laws to be on the lookout for this year. 👀 Check it out: https://t.co/h2ewYsnLQd https://t.co/Ox00wjsqft
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@okta Describe 2023 so far in 3 emojis. We’ll go first: 👩‍💻☁️☕
2023-01-27 05:37:00
@okta While some argue that "Zero Trust" is just a buzzword, the principle at its core — “never trust, always verify” — rings true for any organization. 🔔 If you’re currently implementing a Zero Trust framework or hope to do so, this blog post is for you: https://t.co/VFnGQXw9hc https://t.co/o30LxOEfbG
2023-01-26 11:29:05
@okta 🛠️ Global manufacturing company, U-Shin, specialises in supplying automative parts for vehicles and control panels worldwide. Discover how we've helped to boost their IT efficiency and employee productivity here: https://t.co/AUb2kzN79r https://t.co/FUy8vhxQT4
2023-01-26 08:30:06
@okta 💥 Join our Talent Community to learn more about Okta career opportunities, news, and events that interest you! Become a member today: https://t.co/tn11pOigAQ https://t.co/MUr0hNgdFz
2023-01-26 05:54:06
@okta 🌟 Okta Certification Week continues! Position yourself for long-term success with: 1️⃣ Prepare with a free Premier Practice exam 2️⃣ Test for $50 3️⃣ Get rewarded with complimentary gifts It's not too late to get started: https://t.co/RHdq0IZnP4 https://t.co/HIinl74y35
2023-01-25 08:27:06
@okta More and more U.S. state agencies are coming to the same conclusion: they need better Identity and access management. Dean Scontras, Okta VP of State and Local Government, and Education explains how to approach this, and the benefits of SSO. Read on: https://t.co/cIdD6UffW1 https://t.co/TYttMynV2H
2023-01-25 04:31:05
@okta We unveiled our 🆕 look and purpose respects our past, grounds us in the present, and looks toward the future. 🤩 🎉 Okta's CMO John Zissimos shares more on the brand strategy and why it matters: https://t.co/9C8FS41oNR https://t.co/Ad77j2jXXx
2023-01-24 12:14:05
@okta 🌟 Our new Smart Card Authenticator (per App PIV) is available for Early Access today! Learn more about this highly anticipated feature and watch a demo: https://t.co/CMw6z5kbzo https://t.co/VFHr2v0fI4
2023-01-24 10:17:05
@okta @leifdreizler Hi, @leifdreizler. Thank you for your feedback. For more visibility and getting it on the roadmap, I suggest you post it also on https://t.co/Eyy5DeeuJI. More info on the process, here: https://t.co/W9tpFqn5rx Regards, Okta
2023-01-24 09:43:49
@okta Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by the "Forgot Password" button 🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏾🙋🏽🙋🙋🏿
2023-01-24 07:23:00
@okta “That immersive experience tells not only the story of Okta to those walking by, but also a story from the inside for those who come to see the space,” said Assal Yavari, VP of Global Workplace and Safety at Okta More on our 🆕 Customer Experience Center: https://t.co/tnAB7ntt90 https://t.co/4PFhvauW2d
2023-01-24 05:00:23
@okta It's been an incredible 1️⃣4️⃣ years. Here are our co-founders and current CEO and COO, Todd and Freddy way back when in 2009. Here's to all the years ahead! 🎉 https://t.co/VOLaX0sHE3 https://t.co/SASqqJuhpa
2023-01-24 01:14:06
@okta Holland and Barrett chose to rebuild its web platform with a modern microservices-centric design. With security and developer agility their leading priority, the brand needed a solution that was easy to develop and maintain. Read the full story here: https://t.co/JzdutOo2F3 https://t.co/wAMsmByMiI
2023-01-23 12:09:21
@okta We had a stellar #Oktane22 with all of you in person and online. Here's what some of you said about your favorite moments. Catch up on all things Oktane here 🚀 https://t.co/cIFvhlj49J https://t.co/e9nfCEHyF4
2023-01-23 11:14:05
@okta We looked at the data behind sign-ins across Auth0 and Okta to show the pros and cons of social login. 💻 Download one of our most popular reports from the past year to learn more 👉 https://t.co/yoipzjogFw https://t.co/NvYoX4Qnf0
2023-01-23 09:14:08
@okta We believe in empowering our people and Identity. We understand and value the role identity plays in our lives and the intersectionality of the multiple identities we all hold. 💙 Learn more with Madhavi Bhasin, VP, Diversity and Inclusion at Okta 🫶🏿🫶🏽🫶🏻🫶🏾 https://t.co/KZUsm6eqAp
2023-01-23 07:14:05
@okta As our Workforce and Customer Identity clouds continued to evolve, we needed a way to keep them connected, flexible, and secure. Enter ⭐ The Okta Identity Platform ⭐ Learn more 💡 https://t.co/7vI1IMxz9m https://t.co/WIZoVg0r1l
2023-01-23 06:15:04
@okta We're celebrating 14 years of Okta today, January 23. 🎉 Take a look back at some highlights with us. ⤵️ First and foremost, we had another amazing year with our incredible customers. Thank you. 🙏🏼 https://t.co/8kuFl74AYc
2023-01-23 05:14:15
@okta In order to promote a culture of inclusive language, we've been working to remove usages of non-inclusive terminology from our code, products, and documentation. Learn more about how it's done and why it's important: https://t.co/HfSI9N3V1v https://t.co/9HbSrrRSwx
2023-01-23 02:07:05
@okta 🏃 Get ahead of the 2023 tech job market with an industry-recognized Okta Certification! 1️⃣ Prepare with a free Premier Practice exam 2️⃣ Test for $50 3️⃣ Get rewarded with complimentary gifts! Get started: https://t.co/RHdq0IZVEC https://t.co/sgMTOkPPhk
2023-01-23 01:30:07
@okta @MaskedSalesman1 Hi @MaskedSalesman1, Notifications are required for the proper functionality of the app. However, you can safely mute the Okta FastPass notification category. On your device, go to System Settings >Apps>Okta Verify>Notifications and turn off only Okta FastPass. Regards, Okta
2023-01-20 11:57:17
@okta Each month, we're highlighting the founders of Okta Ventures' portfolio companies. This month, we spoke with Moty Jacob, Co-founder & CEO of @surf_security to learn more about him and how the company works with Okta. 👀 Take a look: https://t.co/lZNxUdtiUI https://t.co/q16fzpxxih
2023-01-20 07:17:05
@okta The way we login to websites and apps is changing. Social logins allow users to sign in with existing credentials from social media platforms. What can this data tell us about user behavior? What are the future trends in social login? Learn more ⤵️ https://t.co/fejsN0KvGH https://t.co/PqfMlqDXyY
2023-01-20 03:57:05
@okta 🍃 We're proud to be featured in @BSAnews's Global Sustainability Principles report showing how the enterprise software industry is harnessing digital transformation to build a more sustainable future. Check it out: https://t.co/QYBITpwTCG https://t.co/MWB3ksCUXo
2023-01-19 10:30:06
@okta Have you heard the news? 📰 Okta for U.S. Military enables mission-relevant Identity and access experiences for the Department of Defense and its approved mission partners. Learn more about our modern Zero Trust capabilities: https://t.co/LazzTvyHx4 https://t.co/3UM2PI6YoX
2023-01-19 05:51:06
@okta 🎉 Okta Certification Week is here! Prepare for 2023 by joining us for Okta Certification Week where you can: 1️⃣ Prepare with a free Premier Practice exam 2️⃣ Test for $50 3️⃣ Get rewarded with complimentary gifts Get started: https://t.co/RHdq0IZnP4 https://t.co/eLPl6G8RJw
2023-01-18 02:00:20
@okta During our #Oktane22 event, we were able to talk with Miguel Puig Garcia to discuss why Nando's chose Okta and how we have helped to improve their #userexperience. Discover how Nando's UK & IRE are enhancing the #digitalexperience of their customers here: https://t.co/qZS6ZnCKL6 https://t.co/Aiv7rp5bNQ
2023-01-17 08:30:05
@okta Actions Integrations are now GA. Explore partner-built drag-and-drop solutions for your identity flow. https://t.co/8Oqmjrxde2 https://t.co/J8CL1a7Y1k
2023-01-17 07:00:17
@okta Catch up on the latest community enhancements, product updates, trending community topics, and more. 🏃 Check it out on the Community blog: https://t.co/wrDGCoIH0w https://t.co/4jqbDMcqvl
2023-01-17 06:16:05
@okta @multikev Hi, @multikev. Thank you for your feedback. For feature requests, we recommend you using our https://t.co/Eyy5DeeuJI webpage. More info here: https://t.co/W9tpFqn5rx Regards, Okta Support
2023-01-17 04:26:16
@okta Okta was named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Access Management for the sixth consecutive year! 🎉 More on the report: https://t.co/kysc3j52LF https://t.co/E3rBXw8uw9
2023-01-16 01:59:05
@okta Is your approach to hybrid working – working? Find out how to do it right. Download the Okta Hybrid Work Report 2023 ➡️ https://t.co/5pNOq9EQ13 https://t.co/myrrFalE1W
2023-01-13 09:20:46
@okta ⚡With the help of technology, digital-first energy company, Tibber, is on a mission to change the way customers buy and consume energy. 🔎 Discover how Okta is helping to empower Tibber’s rapidly expanding workforce and improving user experience here: https://t.co/XTiaXsNwOd https://t.co/9v5yE5hMI2
2023-01-12 09:25:24
@okta ⚡With the help of technology, digital-first energy company, Tibber, is on a mission to change the way customers buy and consume energy. 🔎 Discover how Okta is helping to empower Tibber’s rapidly expanding workforce and improving user experience here: https://t.co/XTiaXsNwOd https://t.co/cQcDng2mKh
2023-01-12 08:30:05
@okta ➡️ Did you catch our 2022 State of Inclusion Report? We’ve outlined how we’re performing as a company in our ongoing diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives. While we’re proud of our advancements, we know we have more work to do. Check it out: https://t.co/hbbsKLhZYK https://t.co/DMhLoPdW8R
2023-01-12 05:32:05
@okta This coming Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service to encourage Americans to volunteer and improve their communities. 💙 Browse volunteer opportunities in your area: https://t.co/BLBnh52C65 #MLK https://t.co/DWe7TWYanX
2023-01-11 11:53:05
@okta 🔜 MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Okta Certification Week is almost here! Make your professional development a priority in 2023: 1️⃣ Prepare with a free Premier Practice exam 2️⃣ Test for $50 3️⃣ Get rewarded with complimentary gifts It all starts January 18th at https://t.co/aBxDJtz8jx https://t.co/7rwEFV6twE
2023-01-11 03:00:19
@okta Hybrid working is here to stay. Discover how European businesses are building resilient, long-term workplace strategies in our new report, launched today ▶️ https://t.co/5pNOq9EQ13 https://t.co/Zu81wxv0Sk
2023-01-11 02:00:28
@okta At #Oktane22 we spoke with fashion retailer boohoo about how Okta is helping them stay secure through rapid growth and build the foundations for future success 🚀 Watch the full session here: https://t.co/qZS6ZnCKL6 https://t.co/2lbMBb2pvC
2023-01-10 08:30:18
@okta @KamProlly Hello @KamProlly, everything is working as intended. You can always check the status of our system here as well : https://t.co/vKU9RVyP15
2023-01-09 09:51:06
@okta In order to promote a culture of inclusive language, we've been working to remove usages of non-inclusive terminology from our code, products, and documentation. Learn more about how it's done and why it's important: https://t.co/HfSI9N3nbX https://t.co/UMNV0NjpLz
2023-01-09 02:02:05
@okta 🏏 By successfully running and overseeing domestic and recreational cricket, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) help to empower people across the sport. Learn how the ECB is modernising digital experiences with Okta's Customer Identity Cloud here: https://t.co/mBa2xTCxWa https://t.co/fMfPbRIN0N
2023-01-05 08:30:06
@okta The Okta Community enhancements keep coming! 🤩✨ We’ve modernized the Community, Product Hub Pages, Help Center, and Community Leader program. Take a tour: https://t.co/K5c10soxE1 https://t.co/GKtINXSYvh
2023-01-05 05:32:05
@okta We brought together Okta’s marketing leaders and asked about their hopes and fears for 2023. Hear about the rise of generative AI as a tool for marketers and more... 🔮 🔮 🔮 https://t.co/acq5PRr0vZ
2023-01-05 05:25:01
@okta @ravi_mal Hi @ravi_mal, Thank you for your suggestion! In case you would like to see a new functionality or to change an existing one, the best route to pursue would be to submit a feature request. The best way to file feature requests would be from the Okta community site.
2023-01-05 04:45:45
@okta At #Oktane22 we spoke with online fashion retailer boohoo to discuss how Okta Workforce Identity Cloud is helping the brand: 🗺️ Navigate rapid growth ⚡ Streamline & automate processes 🛡️ Improve security Read the full story here:https://t.co/ZNM49w5SzP
2023-01-03 09:39:26
@okta ➡️ Visit our Community page to learn what’s new with Okta Identity Governance, as well as resources and videos to get you started. Check it out: https://t.co/ewhehJxmSZ https://t.co/GmMHDfNEZ6
2023-01-03 08:24:05
@okta With every passing year, the marketing industry adapts to outside conditions. Just as it embraces new technologies and the opportunities they present, it must withstand choppy market conditions and shifting regulatory sands. Learn more ✏️ https://t.co/pDhtoCimCc https://t.co/4apV1ANDDP
2022-12-31 10:00:10
@okta Simplifying IAM in the age of cloud is anything but simple (or so it seems). Reap the rewards of automated IAM and avoid potential breaches and attacks by using Okta Workforce Identity to reduce identity management complexities. https://t.co/aaxFbKNjJZ https://t.co/4Ci5gV2SQA
2022-12-30 06:13:06
@okta With every passing year, the marketing industry adapts to outside conditions. Just as it embraces new technologies and the opportunities they present, it must withstand choppy market conditions and shifting regulatory sands. Learn more ✏️ https://t.co/pDhtoCimCc https://t.co/M4H1363aT7
2022-12-29 04:33:05
@okta Identity is a logical source to making empirical decisions that deliver real business value. See how Okta Customer Identity Cloud can provide data clarity, helping you infer consumption patterns within your identity infrastructure. https://t.co/UGO2gihWot https://t.co/gpJu7et3cE
2022-12-29 01:46:05
@okta Curious how our customers approach Zero Trust? We have you covered: https://t.co/tvg6QZjZu7 https://t.co/fUNkyNf2kY
2022-12-28 01:26:05
@okta Changing something small like your login box can have a profound effect on winning, retaining and wowing customers. Test your login box experience with our free site assessment: https://t.co/34qJYFg7ZS https://t.co/5bjwjWeki8
2022-12-27 04:15:07
@okta With every passing year, the marketing industry adapts to outside conditions. Just as it embraces new technologies and the opportunities they present, it must withstand choppy market conditions and shifting regulatory sands. Learn more ✏️ https://t.co/pDhtoCimCc https://t.co/ROmbm3B3w0
2022-12-26 06:05:06
@okta With every passing year, the marketing industry adapts to outside conditions. Just as it embraces new technologies and the opportunities they present, it must withstand choppy market conditions and shifting regulatory sands. Learn more ✏️ https://t.co/pDhtoCimCc https://t.co/32aSmZvhSx
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@okta Want to get a jumpstart on your tech stack resolutions? We asked Okta executives what IT leaders need to know to keep teams engaged and productive in 2023 and beyond. 🏃🧑‍💻 Here’s what they said: https://t.co/GZVGKy0QeX https://t.co/UAJQu3RldH
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@okta Have you visited the End User Adoption Toolkit page on the Okta Help Center? 🤔 ▶️ This toolkit provides the resources needed to successfully plan and roll out your End User Change Management activities. Get started here: https://t.co/bJZQtrR7xM https://t.co/IqVq0N9OVg
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@okta At #Oktane22, the president of @Protocol @BennettRich sat down with @ToddMcKinnon to see just how Identity helps organizations overcome their biggest security challenges. Check out the Q&A: https://t.co/YPNkki4JA7 https://t.co/kfC5aYdqGv
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@okta Our Customer Identity Cloud for SaaS Apps provides Saas-specific capabilities right out of the box ⛓️ Multi-factor authentication, security features, and much more can be enabled without the need for an identity expert. Learn more ➡️ https://t.co/5f4T9pJXQb https://t.co/MUGucEVL0X
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@okta Rising cart abandonment rates are causing CMOs pointing the finger at identity instead of looking for solutions. See why it’s possible to have security without UX friction: https://t.co/s2zTYsnDxg https://t.co/EAPYP0ba2K
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@okta We love a good research report! Here's one from Forrester on the definition of modern Zero Trust. https://t.co/CC2davxYy6 https://t.co/tz1014xGa3
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@okta Our Regional CSO Chris Niggel joined @Devex to discuss the nonprofit cybersecurity landscape and how Okta can help. 👏 Check out the Q&A: https://t.co/GoMAFQCXpp https://t.co/0iI3s02lIw
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@okta Learn how European business leaders are building secure, scalable, and productive strategies for hybrid working. These essential insights will land on your desk / kitchen table (or wherever you are working) in January. #hybridworking #wfh #office #futureofwork https://t.co/oIv1VRPhgU
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@okta Having a reliable security solution allows an organization to focus on what it does best - serving customers and growing the business. 🔐📈 See how it’s possible: https://t.co/Vj4nzip392 https://t.co/nUBDu4zZJU
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@okta Hear how one of our customers is enabling the future of the healthcare ecosystem with its innovative healthcare platform. 👩‍⚕️🖥️ Watch on-demand: https://t.co/LfwjetPRlS https://t.co/CcRqGkJDRv
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@okta @Ian_Kamande_W Hi, Thank you for reaching out! The security event pertains to Okta Workforce Identity Cloud (WIC) code repositories and it does not pertain to any Auth0 (Customer Identity Cloud) products. For more information, you can access the link provided below: https://t.co/RpWgy22TY8
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@okta Today, we launched our 3rd annual State of Inclusion Report, outlining our ongoing diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives. Check out the full report 👉 https://t.co/hbbsKL0oAa and some key highlights 👇 to see how we’re continuing to make changes. 🧵 1/6 https://t.co/3c1x22gJBh
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta We have been intentional in building and retaining balance across our company. ⚖️ 🧵 2/6 https://t.co/ewpDaYtEZl
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta We strengthened our commitment to creating equity and opportunity through our Workforce Development Programs 👇 🧵 3/6 https://t.co/maMhEyy0QB
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta In the past year, we welcomed a Caregivers group and a Neurodiversity group to our growing list of Employee Resource Groups 👇 🧵 4/6 https://t.co/NLs7yILjFf
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta We understand the value of building employee connections. 🤝 Our employees were able to show appreciation for one another through our new recognition program Oktappreciate, launched in April. 🧵 5/6 https://t.co/mVrxZLsNYA
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta A diverse landscape of employees, customers, and partners is the way to build a truly successful company. While we’re proud of our advancements, we know that we have more work to do. Our VP of DIB Madhavi Bhasin outlines the report here: https://t.co/VXY2nx7V0Y 🧵 6/6 https://t.co/XhlnQlEmDk
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta Successful applications for end-users start at the login box. 📨 See how our new Okta Customer Identity Cloud for Consumer Apps can make your login experience smooth and secure 🔒 https://t.co/EpOQBqxRCs https://t.co/B4CwuF8lXn
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta Our Nonprofit Marketing Lead Remy Champion shares her insights on a critical shift happening in the nonprofit industry - the shift toward empowering people more securely. 🔐 👀 Take a look: https://t.co/uUZSLsxLti https://t.co/Jdc0qAwBCd
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta This year was a huge year for us. We wanted to take some time to send a small thank you to our biggest stars–our customers. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and having us be part of your success. Here’s to 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣. https://t.co/Mej11zqCCO
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta Marques Stewart, VP of Technology for Achievement First, talks about his career in Technology, his journey with Okta, and how he uses the Okta Community to connect with peers and share knowledge. Read the Okta Community blog to learn more about him: https://t.co/bdNqkm7oj3 https://t.co/7NBR7M9yaa
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta 💻 69% of Europeans would like to take control of the data they share online. During an online session at our #Oktane22 event, Anders Askåsen discussed the key trends shaping the future of digital Identity in Europe. Discover more of his insight here: https://t.co/qZS6ZnCKL6 https://t.co/2TFwyRxDji
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta Before 2020, cloud migrations took ~ 1.5 years to complete. Two years later, it's down to 23 days. With technology innovating rapidly, it's best to have a unified management solution to keep your teams integrated and happy. Enter Okta Workforce Identity. https://t.co/nRY7JlWUn9 https://t.co/ukY8u4SAyS
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@okta We’re proud to celebrate the impact of these amazing organizations. Learn more about all of them and take a moment to support their missions: https://t.co/9p5BXcOycd #SeasonOfGiving https://t.co/TOrj4tqb7K
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@okta CIAM solutions play a critical role in supporting digital customer journeys. So don't just choose any CIAM provider. Select the one that’s right for you based on size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus. Read more from @forrester ➡️ https://t.co/6QLzucj6AX https://t.co/jRrdtWxZSo
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@okta At #Oktane22, @ToddMcKinnon revealed our new brand purpose, product innovations, and what's next for us. 🔮 Need a refresher? Dive in 👉 https://t.co/V5r5Wbut0P https://t.co/dwkYrbzRhK
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@okta As our Workforce and Customer Identity clouds continue to evolve, we needed a way to keep them connected, flexible, and secure. Enter ⭐ The Okta Identity Platform ⭐ Learn more 💡 https://t.co/7vI1IMx1jO https://t.co/0NOnmuZpex
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@okta United Women Singapore is working to advance women's empowerment and gender equality through education, awareness, and advocacy. Women and girls are maximizing their full potential with their programs. Learn more and donate here: https://t.co/G2oTVDQiGO #SeasonOfGiving https://t.co/nk5tE02dQv
2022-12-17 00:00:00
@okta 👓 We’re committed to making identity easier for developers. That’s why we’re partnering with 3️⃣ of the leading developer platforms to bring expert advice, easy integrations, and more: https://t.co/q17hxHflyf https://t.co/UMvGadVoV0
2022-12-17 00:00:00
@okta 🔨 Is your identity management hindering growth? Understand when you should build vs buy with this guide to identity management. Download and learn more ⬇️ https://t.co/D35jOtYWAr https://t.co/JB2ZIvaLtf
2022-12-16 00:00:00
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joe laws
4 months ago from United States

Can not log in to Apple or Google I can change if and pass codes it will work when you first start to log in but when you get to the it don’t know it anymore


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Before login, must ensure following:
  • Keyboard CAPS lock is OFF
  • You are not using an old password
  • Your given email/login-name is valid
  • Its not a phishing website
  • Do not use VPN as some sites restrict VPN
  • The internet connection is active and login form is loading cache
  • If the site requires captcha, it must be valid. Regenerate if its not readable
  • Still not resolved? Visit FAQs page
9 months ago
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