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Curious 1 year ago


A learning destination for all pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and interns Australia wide. ... Meeting your CPD requirements can be daunting. GuildED is here to ...

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Editor The Netherlands 1 year ago

Guilded upgrades your group chat and equips your server with integrated event calendars, forums, and more – 100% free.

Announcer 1 year ago

How do I access the AJP's CPD activities on the Pharmacy ...

Registered GuildEd (formerly myCPD) users can submit answers at no charge at Once logged into your account, search for the ...

Refiner Lehi, UT, United States 1 year ago

Short Courses - Guild Training

Pharmacy Assistants who support the supply of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist only Medicines (S2S3) are required to complete SIRCIND002 Support the supply ...

Legendary Reykjavik, Iceland 1 year ago

Home - Guild

Guild is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization that offers integrated mental health, housing, and employment services to individuals living with mental ...

Curious Zürich, Schweiz 1 year ago

We know pharmacy, which is why the Guild Intern Training Program is the right ... Coast (valued at $940) and Pharmacy Connect^ in Sydney (valued at $295).

Outspoken Florianopolis, Brazil 1 year ago

Interns – The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Why choose the Guild ITP? ... with FREE registration to APP Conference* on the Gold Coast (valued at $940) and Pharmacy Connect^ in Sydney (valued at $295) ...

Critic Croatia 1 year ago

Designers Guild creates inspirational home décor collections and interior furnishings including fabrics, wallpaper, upholstery, homewares & accessories.

Announcer 1 year ago


For more information please see the privacy policy of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Our Services. Women receiving an injection in her upper ...

Curious Manchester, UK 1 year ago

Project STOP through GuildCare - GuildLink

If you are an existing GuildCare subscriber ... login as usual and click the Project STOP button.

Reviewer Ahmadabad, India 1 year ago

Guild Professional Indemnity insurance - Better experience

Guild has provided professional indemnity insurance in Australia for over 50 years. Specialising in the healthcare industry and complicated business ...

Legendary Nonesuch Road, Abilene, TX, United States 1 year ago

VIC Branch QC2020 Resources

... to help Victorian Pharmacy Guild members implement and then maintain the new QC2020 program. This site requires a new set of login information.

Populist Grenoble, France 1 year ago

Our experienced tutors will teach you the skills and techniques you need to create unique handmade glass pieces. Our classes are hands-on, and you learn as ...

Disciplined Sosnowiec, Poland 11 months ago

Guild Wars

Become a Legend. In a world torn by conflict, where human kingdoms are all but destroyed and guilds sacrifice all for a chance to control the Hall of Heroes ...

Teacher 11 months ago

Reference - Guilded API Documentation

For the HTTP API, authentication is not passed through the headers, but the JSON body. Quick Authentication How-To . POST/login. Logs you into Guilded.

Announcer Rajkot, Gujarat, India 10 months ago

Project STOP | GuildLink - GuildCare NG

Project STOP is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Australian Government to address the problem of precursor diversion through ...

Critic Karachi, Pakistan 10 months ago

Unable to login on de-googled Android ROM? (CalyxOS)

Desktop app is able to log in and work as per normal (Linux deb package) but ... Unable to login to launcher and official website down? ... r/guilded icon ...

Outspoken 10 months ago

Guilded - Reddit

r/guilded: Welcome to the /r/Guilded official subreddit. This subreddit is for users to chat about their Guilded communities, engage with each …

Announcer Wetzlar, Germany 10 months ago

Guild transforms education into a strategic talent advantage, improving recruiting, retention, mobility, and diversity, especially for your frontline.

Organizer Reston, VA, United States 10 months ago

Can I get health insurance if I join? Unlike our sister guilds, we do not have a PGA administered health plan. However, there are health care options we connect ...

Scholar 9 months ago

Guilded Youth - Parchment - Jim Munroe

***You have connected to THE GUILD BBS*** Vorple version 2.4. Type LOGIN to enter the. Adventurers' Lounge. > Adventurers' Lounge 1.

Scholar Versailles, France 9 months ago

Common Error Codes - Guild Wars 2 Support

The game client was unable to connect to the log-in server. Please restart your client and try again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support for ...

Critic Kolkata, India 8 months ago

Roblox Acquires Guilded, a Platform to Connect Gaming ...

Since launching in 2017, the Guilded team has built a powerful platform to connect gaming communities, including tools and features such as ...


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Recent Tweets By pharmguildaus

@PharmGuildAus Latest PBCN #Podcast with Andrew McManus is now live! For #Halloween we talk cyber hack horror stories, the latest hacks and easy steps to start improving your IT systems. Listen now at: #AusCyberMonth22
2022-10-31 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus The passing of legislation to lower the max PBS co-payment to $30 in the House of Reps today is a positive step towards addressing cost of living pressures for patients around the country. We look forward to seeing the legislation pass the Senate in the coming weeks.
2022-09-28 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus On behalf of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, we are immensely proud of our community pharmacists who demonstrate their unwavering commitment to their patients #WPD2022
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Australians support community pharmacists providing more health services and millions choose to turn to them for their healthcare needs. Today we celebrate #WorldPharmacistsDay. #WPD2022 #PharmacyUnitedInAction #HealthierWorld
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus "Community pharmacy is so important to so many Australians, particularly those in rural and regional Australia" Thank you for the warm words Senator @Anne_Ruston, Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care. #worldpharmacistsday2022 #WPD2022
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Thank you Minister for Health and Aged Care @Mark_Butler_MP for celebrating #WorldPharmacistsDay2022 and your ongoing relationship with the community pharmacy sector.
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Happy #WorldPharmacistsDay! Show your appreciation by heading to one of our community pharmacies and #AskingYourPharmacist.
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Did you know your pharmacist can do more than dispense medicine? Community pharmacists deliver key health services across our towns and cities helping keep patients healthy. Ask your pharmacists to learn more. Happy World Pharmacist Day! #WorldPharmacistDay #WPD22
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Happy #WorldPharmacistsDay! Here's a special message from our federal, state and territory leaders: @AlboMP @Dom_Perrottet @DanielAndrewsMP @AnnastaciaMP @jeremyrockliff @PMalinauskasMP @MarkMcGowanMP @ABarrMLA #NatashaFyles #WorldPharmacistsDay22 #WPD22
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Thank you to all our pharmacists for prioritising the community's health. Your role in supporting healthcare is essential and appreciated #WorldPharmacistsDay
2022-09-25 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Today we celebrate our community pharmacists on #WorldPharmacistsDay
2022-09-24 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Today is #WorldPharmacistsDay, where we celebrate our pharmacists for their trusted work within our communities. This year’s theme is ‘Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world', outlining how pharmacists actively ensure the wider communities' health. #WPD22
2022-09-24 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Happy #WorldPharmacistsDay! Here's a special message from our federal, state and territory leaders: #WorldPharmacyDay22 #WPD22
2022-09-24 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Save the date for this year's World Pharmacists Day. On the 25th of September, we celebrate pharmacists' outstanding work as they continually provide for our community. Join us on the 25th of September to thank our fellow pharmacists. #WorldPharmacyDay #AskYourPharmacist #WPD22
2022-09-20 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Full house in #Brisbane City Hall at last night’s State of the Industry roadshow! Lots of optimism about what the future of community pharmacy looks like and the opportunities to play an even more active role as primary healthcare providers.
2022-09-15 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus In the top end last night for our next leg of the State of the Industry roadshow! Great to see so many members and industry representatives in attendance for a chance to chat about the future of the sector and the opportunities here in #Darwin Next stop #Brisbane ✈️
2022-09-15 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus You don’t have to be qualified to ask #RUOkay? But pharmacists can speak with other pharmacists who are also trained counsellors at @AusPharmSupport (PSS). Call PSS on 1300 244 910 or check out resources here: #RUOKDay2022 #RUOKDay
2022-09-08 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus After a quick detour via Canberra, we made it to #Hobart for State of the Industry Roadshow stop #3! Grateful Tas Premier @jeremyrockliff was able to join us and meet with community pharmacists from across the state after a challenging few years. @PDL__ @AusCollegePharm
2022-09-07 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus State of the industry roadshow stop #2 is in beautiful #Melbourne! We’re thrilled VIC Health Minister @MaryAnneThomas joined us this evening to discuss all the work community pharmacies have been and continue to do to serve their patients throughout the pandemic. @PDL__
2022-09-06 09:34:14
@PharmGuildAus A win for patients! Community pharmacies have advocated strongly on behalf of patients for a reduction in the cost of medicines and today we thank the Fed Govt for taking action by introducing legislation to lower the max PBS co-payment from $42.50 to $30. @Mark_Butler_MP @AlboMP
2022-09-06 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus “In addition to increasing the universality of the access to medicines, this is a big step in addressing cost of living pressures and I congratulate the Government on acting so quickly to fulfil this election promise,” says National President Trent Twomey
2022-09-06 00:00:00
@PharmGuildAus Packed house at the 1st stop of the inaugural state of the industry roadshow! Over the next 3 weeks we’ll be touring the country with @PDL__ & ACP to meet with pharmacists and the broader industry to hear first-hand the issues on the ground and discuss the future of the sector.
2022-09-05 11:59:58
@PharmGuildAus Congratulations to Australian Health Minister’s Young Pharmacist Global Exchange Scholarship recipient Grace Orr-Young from Pharmacy 777 in Western Australia! #PharmacyConnect
2022-09-03 04:27:09
@PharmGuildAus “I am determined to increase the role and prominence of pharmacists and see us work to full scope of practice. You can rely and trust your local community pharmacist. Highly trained health practitioners like you should be fully utilised,” says @Emma4Dobell #PharmacyConnect
2022-09-03 04:00:05
@PharmGuildAus Pharmacist and Assistant Minister for Rural and Regional Health, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention @Emma4Dobell passes on the gratitude of Prime Minister @AlboMP for the efforts of community pharmacy throughout the pandemic. #PharmacyConnect
2022-09-03 04:00:04
@PharmGuildAus “There should be a lot of excitement about change.” Member for Wentworth @spenderallegra joins NSW Guild VP Judy Plunkett and Guild Pharmacy of the Year 22 winner Brooke Young for a fireside chat at the #PharmacyConnect Women in Pharmacy breakfast.
2022-09-02 09:55:09
@PharmGuildAus Shadow Health Minister @Anne_Ruston addressing #PharmacyConnect delegates: “I believe community pharmacy is the backbone of communities.”
2022-09-02 07:11:15
@PharmGuildAus "I am proposing a partnership with the pharmacist community and your Guild, to work together on an expanded role for your profession in NSW in the way we deliver health care services at a community level." - @ChrisMinnsMP #PharmacyConnect #FullScopeOfPractice
2022-09-02 05:10:34
@PharmGuildAus "What role can your network of pharmacies, in every town or suburb in the state, play in providing improved health care outcomes? Especially in communities that no longer have a GP, or where the public hospital is stretched to breaking point." - @ChrisMinnsMP #PharmacyConnect
2022-09-02 05:10:33
@PharmGuildAus Thank you to NSW Opposition Leader @ChrisMinnsMP for addressing the pharmacy industry at #PharmacyConnect and for the commitment to retain the current community pharmacy ownership laws in the lead-up to the state election.
2022-09-02 05:10:32
@PharmGuildAus A stronger and more skilled workforce will drive the success of the growth pathways for community pharmacy. VIC President @A_Tass1 and National President Trent Twomey kicking off #PharmacyConnect with a state of the industry update.
2022-09-01 11:19:00
@PharmGuildAus National President Trent Twomey briefing members ahead of #PharmacyConnect on the challenges in our industry and the latest efforts to advocate for better patient outcomes and reducing unnecessary burdens on the health system.
2022-09-01 10:54:42
@PharmGuildAus Retail Manager Terri Bakker from TerryWhite Chemmart in Tassie talks about her amazing work helping NDIS patients in the #pharmacy. Latest PBCN #podcast ep now live. Listen ⬇
2022-08-26 06:41:48
@PharmGuildAus "The critical question is how this resource and its workforce can be better utilised. It is not why, because the patient need is compelling," writes Andrew Ngeow, WA President, @PharmGuildAus. Full article in the @westaustralian 👇
2022-08-14 11:59:11
@PharmGuildAus Patients deserve the same access to COVID-19 antivirals regardless of where you live. Community pharmacists are the most accessible primary healthcare provider and have the skills, expertise and knowledge to assist patients so there is no reason for delaying treatment.
2022-08-11 01:25:21
@PharmGuildAus Increasing accessibility of COVID-19 antivirals for patients through community pharmacy is a no brainer and can help reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death. We should take a leaf out of NZ’s book.
2022-08-06 04:39:36
@PharmGuildAus Thank you Premier @MarkMcGowanMP for joining the 2022 WA Forum and recognising the role community pharmacies have played on the frontline throughout the pandemic.
2022-08-04 05:04:00
@PharmGuildAus Premier @MarkMcGowanMP addressing members at WA Forum 2022. The Premier acknowledged the pivotal role of community pharmacy in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and looks forward to working with the sector on how it can continue to alleviate pressures on the broader health system.
2022-08-04 02:01:59
@PharmGuildAus We recently caught up with @Painaustralia CEO Giulia Jones to discuss what pain is, how it affects people living with chronic pain, and the role pharmacists working in the community can play to help them live better, fuller lives. Full episode:
2022-08-02 02:10:19
@PharmGuildAus As the first week of Parliament wraps up, we caught up with Shadow Health Minister Senator @Anne_Ruston to discuss matters of importance to Guild members and the patients they serve in their communities.
2022-07-29 12:38:28
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