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Apr 19, 22 (Updated: Sep 11, 22)

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1. Linewize.net
Curious Israel 1 year ago

My School Manager


We were not able to identify you on the network. If your administrator has enabled captive portal login, click here.

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Checked At HTTP Status Code Connect Time (ms) Result
2023-05-31 22:57:01 0 62 Probably Active
2023-05-24 19:50:45 0 255 Probably Active
2023-05-20 15:12:31 0 126 Probably Active
2. Linewize.com
Organizer 1 year ago

Linewize provides wisdom beyond the filter by successfully helping schools filter content, manage classrooms, and keep students cyber safe. Learn more.

3. Familyzone.io
Editor Germany 1 year ago

School Manager by Family Zone


Sign in to continue: Continue with Google. or. Sign In. Reset my password · View Privacy Policy | Powered by Family Zone.

4. Linewize.io
Disciplined Somerville, MA 1 year ago

The #1 School Network & Device Management Software


Linewize School Manager provides the most advanced network filtering, policy and filter management for schools. Supports all devices at all times.

Editor Toronto, Canada 1 year ago

Create a cyber-safe community where students thrive with the No.1 Cyber Safety Solution for Education. The only end-to-end solution available. Learn More.

5. Familyzone.com
Editor Paris, France 1 year ago

Family Zone Portal


Family Zone Connect. Manage your family on the go. Install. Family Zone Logo. Sign up. Sign up now. Sign in. Keep me signed in. Sign in. Forgot password?

6. Classwize.net
Critic Cambridge, United Kingdom 1 year ago

Introduction to Classwize's Class Tools


The student can enter the code on the blocked page, or by going to my.linewize.net. The Bypass Code will let the student access any website that ...

7. Paulleecabinetmakers.com.au
Organizer San Francisco, CA, United States 1 year ago

Login Linewize - Login page


Are you looking for Login Linewize? Now get all the access to your account in one-click using the official links provided below: Tags: #login to my ...

8. Likewize.com
Guru 11 months ago

Sign In - Apple Trade In - Likewize


Sign In. Welcome to the Apple Trade In portal. Here you can check on the status and history of your device trades. Email Address. Password. Forget Password?

9. Hubspot.net
Organizer Sochi, Краснодарский край, Россия 11 months ago

Linewize for Classrooms Brochure V1-1 - HubSpot


and share them with students through the my.linewize.net website. ... Google Apps for Education network login. Linewize integrates with Google OpenAuth so ...

10. Tenison.catholic.edu.au
Reviewer Chennai, India 10 months ago

New Clickview Online - Tenison Woods College


New How Do I Use My Device? New How to - Access shared OneNote Files · New How to - Add your TWC Email account to your home or BYOD · New How to - Connect ...

11. Prezi.com
Outspoken Brazil 10 months ago

InterfaceExpo Linewize for Education - Cyclone by Scott Noakes on ...


Focus on learning over productivity; Widespread use of shared devices; BYOD support is commonplace; Order of magnitude more network users; Limited budget to ...

12. Carranballac.vic.edu.au
Editor London, England United Kingdom 9 months ago

Family Zone Information for BYOD laptops - Carranballac P-9 ...


Removing Spotshield will also remove your ability to connect to the internet while at School. Why does this need to be installed on my device? As a school we ...

13. Dcsdms.org
Organizer San Diego, CA 9 months ago

DCS Technology Knowledge Base


Where can I use my DCS username and password? Your username is your "@dcsms.org" email address. You will use this username for all of these sites and services." ...

14. C99.nl
Announcer Ann Arbor, MI 9 months ago

Subdomain Finder scan of linewize.net - C99.nl


Subdomain scanner result of Subdomain Finder performed on linewize.net. ... Check, login.syd-1.linewize.net ·

15. Crunchbase.com
Outspoken 8 months ago

Linewize - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Linewize is a provider of cyber security and safety services, ... View contacts for Linewize to access new leads and connect with decision-makers.

16. Gustosancarlos.com
Announcer Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh 8 months ago

Linewize login


School Manager. ADMIN SIGN-IN. Sign in to continue: Continue with Google. or. Sign In. Reset my password · View Privacy Policy | Powered by Family Zone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linewize net?

The world's most comprehensive student safety platform
Linewize combines world leading technology with world leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching and student safeguarding. Our aim is to help schools, students and families develop better digital habits and better communities.

How do you bypass Linewize?

The student can enter the code on the blocked page, or by going to my.linewize.net. The Bypass Code will let the student access any website that is not Locked (hard-blocked) by your school.

What is the Linewize team?

The Linewize solution provides school districts with a web filtering system and classroom management tool equipped with red flag safety alerts, teacher/student screen sharing, and cyber safety education for the community.

What is Linewize by family zone?

Linewize is a provider of cyber security and safety services, specialising in the education sector. Acquired by. Family Zone.

How do I block Classwize?

Adding, Editing and Removing Classwize Rules
  1. Search to find and select the signature you want to block or allow.
  2. Choose to Block or Allow the site or application.
  3. Choose who to apply the rule to: Check the Whole class box to apply the rule to all students in your class. ...
  4. Select Add Rule to turn the Rule on.

Recent Tweets By linewize

@linewize @EdTechBites Our pleasure!
2023-01-26 11:49:36
@linewize Linewize EVP Ross Young recently spoke with @EdTechBites during a LIVE session from #FETC. "Keeping Our Students Safe with Linewize," dives deep into how #edtech tools can be MUCH more than content filtering solutions. Check it out! https://t.co/bqI36OdgIU
2023-01-26 10:52:49
@linewize Even with student privacy laws in place, studies show that student data is extremely vulnerable. With Data Privacy Week underway, we wanted to take a moment to share actionable ways educators can teach students about #dataprivacy. https://t.co/NgRxKGGC8w
2023-01-25 09:31:22
@linewize Join the Linewize team and host @mrhooker for a fun night of festive trivia TODAY from 5-6:30 PT! Pull out your Santa hats and mugs of hot cocoa and get ready to put all your #holidaytrivia to the test. You might just win an awesome prize! Register here: https://t.co/zwQ1K7tXmm https://t.co/xloR2MVWRU
2022-12-20 01:21:22
@linewize How many of your underage loved ones have asked for a smartphone this holiday? 👋 It’s no surprise that digital devices rank at the top of kids’ wishlists. Before you buy smart tech, consider this: https://t.co/keRlgQ3OxL #techforgood #digitalcitizenship #onlinesafety
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@linewize Sending your devices home over the holiday? Managing student devices during school breaks can be a pain. @mrhooker shares his personal experiences and advice when it comes to sending devices off campus. Check out Carl's tips here: https://t.co/9VlikkKkbO
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@linewize No school or student should become a ransomware victim. Join us this Thursday for an @Microsoft-sponsored #cybersecurity webinar hosted by #edtech speaker Carl Hooker. Hear from tech experts on how to deal with online challenges. Register here: https://t.co/LFejUNh56g https://t.co/riFk3aBha7
2022-12-13 00:00:00
@linewize How is #edtech impacting the mental health industry? 🤔 Linewize's Teodora Pavkovic recently spoke with @MikeBiselli on the Passionate Pioneers podcast to discuss how innovative tech companies are pioneering the #studentsafety and wellness space. https://t.co/EcAnJrZKyc https://t.co/Vw15hiG37w
2022-11-18 00:00:00
@linewize FINAL REMINDER! Join today's student safety and funding workshop session to: ✔️ Discuss the state of student mental health ✔️ Review the #SaferCommunitiesAct ✔️ Answer your funding/policy questions ✔️ Share our risk assessment framework RSVP for 11am PT: https://t.co/SMaF54mbjE https://t.co/zoUVbFj6vC
2022-09-28 00:00:00
@linewize Worried about student safety in your district? Concerned that funding could get in the way of providing adequate mental health resources to your students? Join us this Wednesday for a special event: Student Safety Workshop: Funding and Frameworks. https://t.co/SMaF54lDu6 https://t.co/OhDVU3oCPJ
2022-09-26 00:00:00
@linewize Join us on 9/28 for an in-depth funding and student safety workshop alongside Phillip Lovell, who leads policy development and government relations efforts at All4Ed. Expect a lively discussion and ask some questions of your own! Register here: https://t.co/SMaF54lDu6 https://t.co/iExhc9UG3A
2022-09-20 00:00:00
@linewize We're excited to co-host our first Student Safety Lunch & Learn event next month, where we'll discuss how the Linewize #EdTech product suite provides a comprehensive approach to student safety. Interested in joining? Visit Fusion Digital to register! https://t.co/E2HBQvzPpn
2022-09-14 00:00:00
@linewize @SDbusiness recently featured Linewize in an article that offers insight into what’s next in #edtech, a company overview, and insight into our recent acquisitions. We're honored to be included in our hometown's local paper! Check out the article here: https://t.co/H0O5SMYpQz https://t.co/JgtyyTAiuo
2022-09-02 00:00:00
@linewize Calling all Texas folks in the education space! Join Linewize and vendor partners for our Austin K-12 Innovation Summit on 9/8 at Top Golf! Expect a fun day of learning, networking, golfing, gaming, and giveaways! Register here: https://t.co/n7RE3PN1Tm #edtech #austin https://t.co/12lz3b4SjB
2022-09-01 00:00:00
@linewize Yesterday, California passed an online safety bill that requires companies to vet whether their product may pose harm to youth. "Businesses will finally have to put children's safety first," says Teodora Pavkovic, online safety expert at Linewize. https://t.co/gzQhexkjE0
2022-08-31 00:00:00
@linewize Today, we visited several schools and saw that more districts are prioritizing mental health. From counseling booths to care kits and calming corners, #EdTech leaders are investing in safety-focused tech and programs. We're proud to have customers who set the safety bar high. https://t.co/apnOFnWRqa
2022-08-09 00:00:00
@linewize Want to learn more about Linewize? Join us on 8/10 for a special open house! During this live webinar, you'll learn more out about our comprehensive suite of student safety products (AND get sneak-peak of our new parental control app)! Register here: https://t.co/LJO7q2fk5Z https://t.co/d4fBu8yIjM
2022-07-26 00:00:00
@linewize #EdTech consultant @mrhooker offers his take on online safety in schools: "Gone are the days of just throwing a device into the hands of kids and seeing what works."  Here are 5 best practices every school administrator should be aware of: https://t.co/4BXNKiNe5e https://t.co/fyenG28iHE
2022-07-26 00:00:00
@linewize Linewize is at GAMEIS alongside other K-12 education technology leaders! This year, we've gotten to connect with IT folks we love to work with, catch up with partners, and meet some new #EdTech enthusiasts and their families. At #GAMEIS this year? Stop by booth #603 to say hi! https://t.co/2rwVvv2d7F
2022-07-14 00:00:00
@linewize Heading to NOLA for ISTE later this month? Join us at booth 1548! Stop by our booth and ask to join one of our on-site group demo sessions. Let's meet, greet, and answer any questions you have about our tech and approach to student safety. https://t.co/axaugNJs9T
2022-06-16 00:00:00
@linewize Are you attending ISTE in New Orleans? If so, we look forward to seeing you soon! We're thrilled to share exciting updates, give you a behind-the-scenes look at how our software helps protect student safety, and meet some new and familiar faces. #ISTE22 #EdTech https://t.co/8Twetp9nrG
2022-06-09 00:00:00
@linewize On this #GlobalParentsDay, we want to commend parents for the hard work they do. In this blog post, our lead online safety and digital wellness expert shares her 5 fundamental tips for helping parents navigate their children’s healthy technology use. https://t.co/T6Mrlp6OKP
2022-06-01 00:00:00
@linewize Volunteering = food for the soul. This #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, our San Diego team sorted and packaged 10,000 lbs. of fresh fruit for the San Diego Food Bank. Over in Arizona, we helped welcome a baby Eurasian eagle owl to the White Mountain Nature Center. #FeelGoodFriday https://t.co/SZyZJa4FQb
2022-05-20 00:00:00
@linewize The current state of mental health is a crisis among children in the US. And we understand that budget is a big barrier. Here are a few unique ways to prioritize mental health in the classroom, regardless of budget. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #EdTech https://t.co/ySHZwfXIHv
2022-05-19 00:00:00
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