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1. Qq.com
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3. Qqmail.info
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QQ Mail Information, qq messenger, sign in, sign up. Tutorials with tex and videos, you will know all about qq mail login, qq mail english, ...

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How to Open a QQ Mail Account (in English!) |


you may have never heard of it. That's because QQ Mail (or qqmail) is a Chinese email service created to give residents of China alternatives to sites and ...

5. Microsoft.com
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Add a QQMail account to Outlook - Microsoft Support


Enter your Gmail address and select Connect. Choose your account type. For QQ Mail, select either POP or IMAP. You will be prompted for a password.

6. Returnpath.com
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Tencent QQMail overview - Validity Help Center


Its email service QQMail competes with... ... If you are a SFMC customer, please log in to your SFMC account to access additional Return Path Help Center ...

7. Chinaclife.com
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How to Register QQ Email Account? (Desktop Guide) - China ...


Learn How to Register a QQ Email Account, Login QQMail, Modern Chinese Tech and Apps with Bilingual Stories Online. Boost Your Chinese Skills Simply.

8. Quora.com
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If a Chinese person uses a QQ email (Chinese email ... - Quora


If a Chinese person uses a QQ email (Chinese email) to connect with you for business, ... After I sent an email to one of my clients, a user of QQ mail, ...

9. Logodix.com
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QQMail Logo - LogoDix


QQMail Logos in HD - PNG, SVG and EPS for vector files available. ... QQMail Logo - QQ Mail - Create QQMail Account - QQ International login.

10. Apkpure.com
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QQmail for Android - APK Download


QQmail app gives you excellent email experience and instant new mail notification. You may access your QQ e-mails from android device more efficiently.

11. Databasediaccesso.com
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Qq International Login - Database Di Accesso


Sign in QQMail. https://en.mail.qq.com/ … Sign-inScan QR code with Mobile QQ QR code expired. Click refresh. 手机号码也可登录哦,登录个人 ...

12. Mylifesbee.com
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QQmail Login or Sign Up - Mylifesbee.com


QQmail website gives you excellent email experience and instant new mail notification. You may access your QQ e-mails from android device more efficiently.

13. Readdle.com
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Can't Connect to a QQ Account | Spark Help Center


If you have been viewing your QQ Mail in English, switch to Simplified Chinese. · Select the second tab on the menu bar. · In the POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange/CardDAV/ ...

14. Zoho.com
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mail to QQ mailboxes rejected - Zoho Cares


sent mail to QQ mailboxes, but constantly being rejected by QQ mail server. This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message.

15. Tecvase.com
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@DrEricDing @donwinslow @brucelee This kid is Bruce Lee reincarnated. Amazing.
2023-01-27 12:28:14
@DrEricDing @spignal Email is the new message in a bottle… but assume nobody got your previous glass bottle message.
2023-01-27 11:50:37
@DrEricDing Is this climate change, or is the universe saying we need Jacinda back? Flooding of Auckland International Airport, New Zealand. https://t.co/7CoH03I6WS https://t.co/SSTG9DJJ1T
2023-01-27 09:39:08
@DrEricDing @neiltyson I somehow know the feeling: https://t.co/JDMa8ab5q9
2023-01-27 08:55:11
@DrEricDing @FlamingFannie Think you meant DAVOS ;)
2023-01-27 04:01:27
@DrEricDing 5) Also for the anti-vaxxers out there… the study was from early pandemic #COVID-infected folks before Dec 31 2020, and followup concluded by mid 2021 — vaccines were only available to non high risk people late in Q2 2021, so these long term findings are definitely NOT vaccine. https://t.co/EZkBZI7TWG
2023-01-27 03:51:59
@DrEricDing 4) More bad findings post #COVID19: 📌 41% ⬆️ higher risk of Grave’s disease 📌 42-45% ⬆️ higher risk of Rheumatoid arthritis 📌 25% ⬆️ higher risk of type 1 diabetes 📌 27-29% ⬆️ higher risk of Crohn’s disease https://t.co/8N960aEzTV
2023-01-27 03:47:40
@DrEricDing 3) Whoa — ⬆️ 55% higher risk of developing new onset Celiac disease after #COVID19 infection?! Wowzers. https://t.co/mTfzeURMTs
2023-01-27 03:39:24
@DrEricDing 2) Also, the new onset autoimmune diseases risk is seen in both women and men; young and old, and notably both hospitalized and NON-HOSPITALIZED #COVID19 patients. Ergo— it’s not just a problem in formerly severe patients. https://t.co/FMg0aKl3ld
2023-01-27 03:16:48
@DrEricDing @IbnRushdEnjoyer See the second figure for specific list.
2023-01-27 03:10:53
@DrEricDing ⚠️NEW ONSET AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE—New study in 640k patients shows that #SARSCoV2 infection leads to ⬆️43% increased risk of developing **new-onset autoimmune diseases** after acute #COVID19 over. Another autoimmune disorder also exacerbated ⬆️23%. Not good! https://t.co/lmEYA9vC8z https://t.co/uWdaYgMLs4
2023-01-27 03:06:10
@DrEricDing @scottmelker Ditto. Powerful.
2023-01-27 01:55:05
@DrEricDing “Given the state of the British economy it’s very difficult to persuade people that Brexit has been a success" Polling expert Sir John Curtice tells @Peston. https://t.co/ezx5DuqfPP
2023-01-26 11:53:00
@DrEricDing Brexit = 🇬🇧’s epic fail, says a new record 56% HT @Peston https://t.co/zPqKzfPH5v
2023-01-26 11:51:27
@DrEricDing @pjavidan @GeorgeMonbiot Yes it’s excellent. Thanks for tagging @GeorgeMonbiot!
2023-01-26 10:14:34
@DrEricDing We are all playing #Covid roulette. Without clean air, the next infection could permanently disable you. #CovidIsNotOver https://t.co/1GD9dx702I
2023-01-26 09:14:17
@DrEricDing COVID is *not* equal to the flu yet. Most people aren’t Omicron boosted, most don’t have Paxlovid access, and there isn’t a mass-disability thing called “Long Flu” like #LongCovid debilitates & maims millions. That’s why the FDA shouldn’t treat #COVID as just a flu. Cuz it’s not! https://t.co/jnDDgOgpLC
2023-01-26 03:56:34
@DrEricDing @JBWolfsthal @mehdirhasan Don’t forget American Samoa, Guam, and US Virgin Islands too!
2023-01-26 03:52:53
@DrEricDing @joshtpm @JustinWolfers Correct. Also they honestly don’t need unemployment benefits — cuz tech compensation already so high. I’m told they are also waiting for stock to finish vesting through end of March. They can’t work elsewhere or file unemployment while waiting for stock to finish vesting.
2023-01-26 03:52:52
@DrEricDing @joshtpm @JustinWolfers My friend has 9 months of effective severance pay at Google. So yeah, they don’t need unemployment benefits
2023-01-26 03:48:10
@DrEricDing But but but… let’s still meet virtually. Too risky otherwise. https://t.co/KTOvXBNRcR
2023-01-26 01:54:29
@DrEricDing To be clear… COVID is not the flu and shouldn’t be compared to the flu. https://t.co/CZVsh37KPr
2023-01-26 01:54:01
@DrEricDing FDA: We convening virtually again—there are newer variants coming—but hey, we want to maybe discuss downgrading #COVID’s seriousness to the flu. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #covidisnotover https://t.co/bmyYukRwGM https://t.co/upMjU9uMhI
2023-01-26 01:50:55
@DrEricDing @nirav_mainecdc @netflix @hulu @AppleTV @hbomax So after all that hard work to overthrow the cable empires - you want to make cable dinosaurs great again??? :(
2023-01-26 01:17:02
@DrEricDing @CBarronDC @washingtonpost This makes me very very sad. Kids are our future.
2023-01-25 12:56:29
@DrEricDing @MullingMueller @WSJ I’m half predicting for a white supremacist to inevitably pull out an Asian hate sign that “Asians will not replace us” / Charlottesville style.
2023-01-25 12:39:43
@DrEricDing 4) also @WSJ - your title still survives in print in millions of paper copies of your newspaper worldwide. And it will survive with this headline in archived microfilm historical records too. So, no, it doesn’t correct your original racist headline. https://t.co/0D22W14dey
2023-01-25 12:18:01
@DrEricDing @Cigna is not alone in the world of DEPLORABLE American health insurance companies. @HealthNet and many other insurance are just as evil and cruel to patients denying coverage and even cancelling policies of cancer patients! HT @KatieS https://t.co/xhkxQUYTlt
2023-01-25 10:44:11
@DrEricDing 7) “This is incredibly concerning,” says @peacockflu, a virologist in London. “This is a clear mechanism for an H5 pandemic to start.” Isabella Monne, a veterinary researcher in Italy, where the samples from Spain were sequenced, calls the finding “a warning bell.”
2023-01-25 10:15:58
@DrEricDing 6) Virologists warn that H5N1, now rampaging through birds around the world, could invade other mink farms and become still more transmissible.
2023-01-25 10:13:18
@DrEricDing 5) The virus is not known to spread well between mammals; people almost always catch it from infected birds, not one another. But now, H5N1 appears to have spread through a densely packed mammalian population and gained at least one mutation that favors mammal-to-mammal spread.
2023-01-25 10:13:17
@DrEricDing 4) None of the farm workers became infected. But the episode, described in a paper in Eurosurveillance last week, has reignited long-smoldering fears that H5N1 could trigger a human pandemic.
2023-01-25 10:13:17
@DrEricDing 2) When mink at a big farm in Galicia, a region in northwestern Spain, started to die in October 2022, veterinarians initially thought the culprit might be SARS-CoV-2, which has struck mink farms in several other countries. But lab tests soon revealed something scarier:
2023-01-25 10:13:16
@DrEricDing 3) a deadly avian influenza virus named H5N1. Authorities immediately placed workers on the farm under quarantine restrictions. The more than 50,000 mink at the facility were killed and their carcasses destroyed.
2023-01-25 10:13:16
@DrEricDing My god—can we #endminkfarming already?! 📍‘Incredibly concerning’: Bird flu outbreak at Spanish mink farm triggers pandemic fears. ➡️Spread among captive mink could give the #H5N1 strain opportunities to evolve and adapt to mammals. https://t.co/Fq2uRJloRb https://t.co/J9rfLlaG9a
2023-01-25 10:11:08
@DrEricDing 💡If a world-renowned award-winning journalist @clarissaward who has **HELD PUTIN ACCOUNTABLE** can’t even get health insurance company like @Cigna accountable to cover her son’s healthcare after they promised to cover it—➡️trust me, you do NOT want US’s health insurance system! https://t.co/mFZVoYf219
2023-01-25 10:09:09
@DrEricDing @subatomicdoc I think that has an angle related to current Israel leadership. Complex.
2023-01-25 10:01:56
@DrEricDing Opinion on religions—fascinating: 📌interesting that Republicans dislike Islam and Jehovah’s Witness more than they dislike Atheism. 📌Also interesting Republicans dislike Mormonism more than they dislike Hinduism or Buddhism. https://t.co/aruNyNe2nD
2023-01-25 09:03:02
@DrEricDing Ticketmaster is blaming Taylor Swift for ticket debacle… “Ticketmaster oughta look in the mirror and say, 'I'm the problem, it’s me'?" Thanks @SenBlumenthal for being a Swifty. HT @therecount https://t.co/nSE3ZzlXAa
2023-01-25 01:04:09
@DrEricDing @BrianReich Which means you can still read teleprompters as a speechwriter sir
2023-01-24 12:02:29
@DrEricDing @thomas_ley Right but if you share the article - it still says the original headline.
2023-01-24 09:12:51
@DrEricDing @secularwakanada @WSJ Yes but you do know ostensibly asking innocent racist questions is what Tucker does too right?
2023-01-24 09:11:13
@DrEricDing @SIfill_ @WSJ It’s horrible. I don’t know who the hell they are hiring to write headlines these days. https://t.co/Sv7tyv6yMI
2023-01-24 09:09:35
@DrEricDing 3) in case WSJ tries to cover up their horrible headline. For posterity… https://t.co/v39bHBDATE
2023-01-24 09:07:45
@DrEricDing “Doubleday once published a book with a title—“Too Many Asians”—that would never fly today. Author John Robbins argued that “if humanity is to have a future,” the West would have to see to it that fewer Asians were born in the years ahead.” 🤦🏻‍♂️
2023-01-24 09:06:22
@DrEricDing Wall Street Journal headline writers folks… @WSJ—seriously, wtf. https://t.co/DiTBi5UdxG
2023-01-24 09:06:05
@DrEricDing Welcome to the start of Year 4 of #COVID. The teachers and kids are not okay. #CovidIsNotOver https://t.co/fNqj88ddvL
2023-01-24 02:53:25
@DrEricDing I support ZERO LEPROSY… not only because it causes deaths, but because it causes serious disability and long term health effects in survivors… ➡️so, shouldn’t we also stop #COVID too then? (Waiting for the #LongCovid deniers to show up in comments). https://t.co/wqFD6YqzqC
2023-01-24 02:49:44
@DrEricDing WOW— we just found the source of a lot of supply chain issues— DOMESTIC TERRORISM. She just… blurted it out. A one week mass sick-out is a lot. Countless business, big and small, got hurt. Consumers paid the price. When are the lawsuits coming? https://t.co/a5P39aBwP4
2023-01-21 09:34:21
@DrEricDing I had dinner @davidasinclair over 15 years ago at Harvard. He thinks superhuman longevity is possible—and since then, science is moving to that point—in decades. The question soon will be—is near-immortality ethical? Is the dystopian movie “In Time” of time-based-wealth amoral?🤔 https://t.co/tbUudKIvFu
2023-01-21 06:21:39
@DrEricDing 2) “Why is the public accepting a “new normal” where we are expected to get infected over and over and over again, at work events with zero precautions, on airplanes with no masks, and at social dinners trying to approximate our 2019 normal?”
2023-01-21 06:09:25
@DrEricDing “Why is the media so hellbent on portraying simple, scientifically proven measures like high-quality ventilation as ridiculous & unnecessary as hundreds continue to die daily”? ➡️We fought for clean food, water, outdoor air. We deserve clean indoor air! https://t.co/v45RGE1ssN
2023-01-21 06:09:25
@DrEricDing @michael_hoerger @MehdiHasanShow @mehdirhasan 100%. @mehdirhasan is the greatest TV journalist and anchor of the COVID era. Bar none.
2023-01-21 04:54:08
@DrEricDing @gregggonsalves @DrGTropini I actually know this one… the WH had used a disinfection system made in Canada. Ironically. Installed during Trump era.
2023-01-21 04:04:37
@DrEricDing RULES FOR THEE, NOT FOR ME: UK 🇬🇧 PM Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt. Earlier he was fined for breaking pandemic gathering rules. https://t.co/uvlqvzTdvQ
2023-01-20 06:46:30
@DrEricDing @PeterHotez @biorxivpreprint Remember like it was yesterday. Sadly it’s not much better. We are still asleep at the wheel
2023-01-20 04:36:52
@DrEricDing 2) to be clear, COVID deaths are undercounted due to testing worldwide. And it doesn’t count #LongCovid. Excess deaths is the better metric. https://t.co/ojF2ds0dRK
2023-01-20 04:02:07
@DrEricDing ⬆️20% increased #COVID deaths in the last 28 days worldwide. All while cases dropping—DECOUPLING in the opposite way we want. This is low—China is not fully reporting, & lower income countries underreporting. Total deaths 6 mil—but excess deaths 15-20 mil. https://t.co/n5bMTTRMnC https://t.co/L7Ob6c32XP
2023-01-20 04:01:04
@DrEricDing Whenever the worst antivaxxer is RT-ing a Wen @PostOpinions oped, you know you’re on the wrong side of history @washingtonpost. https://t.co/py2yHUSUka
2023-01-20 03:12:41
@DrEricDing Covid deaths are NOT overcounted—if anything, they're UNDERCOUNTED. #LongCovid also not counted. Listen—@mehdirhasan debunks Leana Wen's “dangerous & fact-free” @washingtonpost oped. Please @PostOpinions—You’re killing people with misinfo & COVID denial. https://t.co/3eyu894sOd
2023-01-20 01:16:40
@DrEricDing Here is the video of that legendary story of how Elon caught his company mole: HT @DylanJardon https://t.co/SUjcL3t53y
2023-01-19 04:34:07
@DrEricDing Cautionary tale for anyone leaking Tesla or Twitter emails—legend has it, Elon once caught a Tesla mole by coding emails with difference period spacing, as binary code, in order to identify who leaked an email. Matched media leaked version to mole. Beware. https://t.co/9ejXt302Zo https://t.co/6OUCwIg0ha
2023-01-19 04:23:39
@DrEricDing Deep scowl at @amazon for killing off AmazonSmile program—literally its one charity program that benefits any small nonprofit. Thanks for nothing @JeffBezos. https://t.co/AXO5O3Aprx
2023-01-19 03:03:31
@DrEricDing REINFECTION / BREAKTHROUGH risk is now very high as #XBB15 dominates. Don’t think your previous COVID infection / old Wuhan 1.0 vaccine will protect against infection much without Omicron booster. #XBB15 is more distant from 2020 COVID than SARS2 is from SARS1. #MaskUp #ventilate https://t.co/LsnanXOW6j
2023-01-19 02:39:23
@DrEricDing @Center4Politics @LarrySabato @UVA Pillow look-a-like-guy now reveals JFK secrets! Love it.
2023-01-19 02:36:04
@DrEricDing @MollyJongFast @abughazalehkat Taps sign… Carolinas want in on action too. https://t.co/w7AzPPwhG5
2023-01-19 02:24:51
@DrEricDing @SteveShaver4 @elonmusk It’s because gas stoves have adverse health effects, and some want to eliminate them. So naturally the GOP outrage machine kicks into high gear. https://t.co/OtZQioPwVR
2023-01-19 01:51:07
@DrEricDing I expect DeSantis to soon declare gas stove make men virile and electric stoves make men weak by end of the summer. Also fun fact - most stoves in Florida are electric. I wonder how @elonmusk feels endorsing anti-electric DeSantis. https://t.co/hCWCAhEILV
2023-01-19 01:41:46
@DrEricDing @KevinMKruse @briantylercohen We are also 2 months away from DeSantis declaring lead paint being freedom paint.
2023-01-19 01:37:40
@DrEricDing CO-Infection in a tripledemic is bad folks!! Very bad. https://t.co/lhQfjWD6zT
2023-01-18 10:17:23
@DrEricDing ⚠️2x risks of severe w/ 2+ infections—New CDC-funded study finds testing positive for 2+ respiratory virus is linked to increased severity for children <5 years old hospitalized with #COVID19 — **DOUBLING** the risk of severe illness! #Tripledemic reality. https://t.co/L8Z0iaI2IN https://t.co/9izpyl5au7
2023-01-18 09:50:38
@DrEricDing @krupali @MarisaKabas Congressman George Santos of NY3. The one who practically made up almost all of his resume. And Republican.
2023-01-18 08:53:44
@DrEricDing 3) also yes, 550 AU from the sun is far away (Earth is 1 AU), but 1 AU is only 1/63240 of a light year, so we only need to send it 0.87% of a light year—not that far. Solar sails can someday travel at >0.1% the speed of light someday—so it’ll just be ~8 year mission to send one.
2023-01-18 04:15:27
@DrEricDing This is 100% wire fraud. The fact that Greta Thunberg indirectly brought down the downfall of this sadistic man is just beautiful karma. https://t.co/gMb3VdlwtE
2023-01-09 02:37:46
@DrEricDing 6) A lot of people warning about #XBB15 strain now. But just over Xmas, CDC didn’t report anything at all. They broke the promise to report early warnings. I had to hold them accountable. See thread below 👇 https://t.co/Ben40UGogF
2023-01-07 12:21:41
@DrEricDing 5) here are reasons why #XBB15 should worry all of us. TLDR— it’s the worst of both worlds on many characteristics 👇 https://t.co/59DHsirQZI
2023-01-07 12:18:21
@DrEricDing 4) Here is how #XBB15 spread first started. It’s a Northeast US variant. Do not confuse it with #XBB, which is different and from Singapore. https://t.co/yjvRG5l0gs
2023-01-07 12:16:15
@DrEricDing 3) Folks- im not being overly pessimistic — even the @WHO says #XBB15 is the most transmissible sub variant to date. Be careful. Don’t say you weren’t warned. https://t.co/Ca9UFyaWgZ
2023-01-07 12:15:03
@DrEricDing @oley California has much less #XBB15 so far. But rising soon.
2023-01-07 12:07:58
@DrEricDing https://t.co/Ju2Z0lJAYB
2023-01-07 04:03:57
@DrEricDing 5) Why I lose sleep at night on #XBB15. https://t.co/59DHsirQZI
2023-01-06 12:22:49
@DrEricDing 3) In the past under GOP controlled House, we always avoided default because bipartisan leadership always passed the debt ceiling raising bill last minute. But that requires strong forceful GOP speakers—not anymore if McCarthy gives away all the chips he has and weakens his role.
2023-01-06 11:52:29
@DrEricDing Hospitalization ⬆️2x surging—but cases flat?? What’s going is testing has crashed and #COVID19 case numbers unreliable. ➡️Hospital and wastewater in MA don’t lie. Uncoupling—but in the WRONG WAY… opposite of last year. 📌Driven by #XBB15 strain. Don’t ignore the #Kraken. #MaskUp https://t.co/mNw9mSMjjG
2023-01-06 11:46:01
@DrEricDing Yes yes, also maybe minting a trillion dollar coin. Yes it’s theoretically possible, but nobody wants to really talk about that extreme desperate measure.
2023-01-06 11:39:14
@DrEricDing YES this may happen—if the US House doesn’t authorize raising the debt ceiling later this year, the US dollar will default. It does NOT matter if Biden is in WH / Dems control Senate — the debt ceiling **must be passed by the House** to issue debt, or else USD default occurs. https://t.co/6G5RkbD5FT
2023-01-06 10:20:23
@DrEricDing Meet @TRyanGregory, the biology professor who named the surging #XBB15 as the ‘Kraken’ 🐙 variant. Ryan is also quite entertaining and enlightening in his #COVID19 commentary—and a #LongCovid precautionary advocate. Give him a follow. https://t.co/OvFGfUIPbu
2023-01-06 08:02:56
@DrEricDing @ASlavitt Andy for Speaker. Cuz he’s got already an amazing podcast.
2023-01-06 07:14:01
@DrEricDing @AmySab1 @WHO That’s misinfo. There is no such hard rule on that.
2023-01-06 02:23:03
@DrEricDing 4) the crisis in UK hospitals is intense and very real. Read this thread 🧵 below. Portal oxygen nearly gone. Field hospitals being planned. https://t.co/LzYjFQdCI1
2023-01-05 12:21:09
@DrEricDing 3) 3) Is there a #COVID19 crisis in UK? Yes. @UKHSA warned parents about both high flu and COVID as well as scarlet fever (strep A). And it will likely keep increasing https://t.co/k1fSL3kGme
2023-01-05 12:20:05
@DrEricDing 2) there is also an active denialism of all the #COVID deaths and COVID hospital staffing crisis. The UK NHS is deflecting to blame flu. HT @drclairetaylor https://t.co/2lk6qEznhv?
2023-01-05 12:17:51
@DrEricDing ⚠️EXCESS DEATHS UP ⬆️26% in England & Wales—highest of 2022—2,982 more deaths recorded week before Xmas compared to 2015-19 average. For all 2022, >40k excess deaths. Some 🇬🇧hospitals have low/no portal oxygen. Yet—@10DowningStreet still pretends no crisis. HT @ActuaryByDay https://t.co/f0zdiziflC
2023-01-05 12:16:33
@DrEricDing We have to assume every flight✈️ carries #COVID19 while pandemic still raging. 96% of flights positive for COVID in toilet wastewater is a lot. Assume in air too. Please #MaskUp unless you want to play Russian roulette with #LongCovid. #COVIDIsAirborne. https://t.co/DV3l285Xag
2023-01-05 11:13:51
@DrEricDing 9) THERMONUCLEAR BAD—Hospitals completely overwhelmed in China ever since restrictions dropped” is now posted in my Journal. Free for all subscribers. Please subscribe to get updates. https://t.co/3TyESAcyvN
2023-01-05 10:55:12
@DrEricDing 38) UPDATE— The @WHO and it’s Director General @DrTedros has officially called on China to stop underreporting and hiding #COVID19 deaths! The deaths are clearly piling up amid overwhelmed crematoriums. But when will 🇨🇳 admit the true numbers?! ➡️This is the sum of all fears. https://t.co/1iCzHNmgjz
2023-01-05 10:27:33
@DrEricDing 8) I cry for China. I was born there. But even if you are not— we should care about the suffering of the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS infected and likely over a million who will die in the next few months at this rate of surge. Read my full coverage in the thread🧵 below. #CovidIsNotOver https://t.co/U94RNXuN4r
2023-01-05 10:22:20
@DrEricDing 7) I’ve been pointing out the astronomical surge in deaths - as seen by massive numbers of cremations - in China means the true death toll must be incredibly high. Way higher than Chinese govt reports. https://t.co/cYpgdmSO15
2023-01-05 10:19:03
@DrEricDing 5) He acknowledged that many countries have seen lags in reporting hospital data, but pointed to China’s “narrow” definition of a Covid death as part of the issue. The country only lists those Covid patients who succumbed with respiratory failure as having died of Covid.
2023-01-05 10:15:03
@DrEricDing 6) the outbreak has overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums, triggered shortages of basic medicines, and sparked fears of an even darker month ahead as experts warn of a spread to less resourced rural areas during the upcoming Lunar New Year.
2023-01-05 10:15:03
@DrEricDing 3) “WHO is concerned about the risk to life in China and has reiterated the importance of vaccination, including booster doses, to protect against hospitalization, severe disease, and death,” he said.
2023-01-05 10:12:59
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