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Mar 20, 22 (Updated: Aug 05, 22)

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1. Quotedetective.com
Refiner Omaha, NE 1 year ago

Quote Detective technology and expertise gurantees customers cheap car insurance. From high net worth earners to convicted drivers!

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2. Premiumcredit.com
Critic Reading, United Kingdom 1 year ago

Quote Detective signs Premium Credit to support rapid growth ...


Premium Credit has been selected by Quote Detective to continue as its premium finance provider. The Gwent based insurance intermediary sees ...

3. Gethoncho.com
Critic Gothenburg, Sweden 1 year ago

Quote Detective - Honcho


1. Complimentary legal cover with every policy · 2. Quote Detective is based in the UK and only has UK call centres · 3. Employ highly skilled insurance ...

4. Prudentplus.com
Disciplined Pleasant Grove, UT, United States 1 year ago

Quote Detective - Information and Contact Details - Prudent ...


Compare car insurance quotes! · Looking for cheap car insurance? · Get quotes from Quote Detective and about 100 other providers from prudentplus! Click here to ...

5. Hello-safe.co.uk
Scholar Hamburg, Deutschland 1 year ago

Quote Detective Car Insurance Review and Quotes - Hello ...


Everything you need to know about Quote Detective car insurance: cover features, quotes, ... Customer account with Quote Detective login.

6. Reviewcentre.com
Organizer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1 year ago

Quote Detective Reviews - www.quotedetective.com


Read 185 customer reviews of the Quote Detective - www.quotedetective.com & compare with other Car Insurance at Review Centre.

7. Mypolicy.co.uk
Guru Mönchengladbach, Germany 1 year ago

Home | My Policy


MyPolicy. lets safer drivers do more. Get a Quote · Find out more ...

8. Confused.com
Legendary Medellín - Antioquia, Colombia 1 year ago

Compare Quote Detective car insurance - Confused.com


Could Quote Detective be your cheapest car insurance quote? Get a quote with Confused.com today and compare prices from top UK brands in minutes.

9. Moneysupermarket.com
Refiner Rochelle, IL, USA 1 year ago

Compare Cheap Van Insurance Quotes | MoneySuperMarket


Find cheap commercial and private van insurance quotes available through major van insurance companies, including: company logo for Quote detective company ...

10. Hifishark.com
Scholar 1 year ago

quote detective login|Bityard More Profit - Hifi Shark


Used Quote Detective Login|Bityard More Profit for sale on 300+ second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

11. Nextinsurance.com
Guru Woking, United Kingdom 1 year ago

Private Detective Insurance - Get a Free Quote | NEXT


NEXT Insurance offers simple, fast & tailored business insurance for private detectives and investigators. Get an instant quote online in less than 10 mins.

12. Thecwa.co.uk
Curious Riverside, CA 11 months ago

The Dying Detective - The Crime Writers' Association


I quote Henry Reed's parody of T. S. Eliot, 'As we get older, we do not get any younger'. We do not, but perhaps we can remain ourselves until the end.

13. Nimblefins.co.uk
Populist 11 months ago

Quote Detective Review: Are They Any Good? | NimbleFins


Read this review if you're considering taking out car insurance with Quote Detective. Compare quotes from 100+ brands in 2 minutes.

14. Goodreads.com
Curious Chicago, IL 11 months ago

Kaye Wagner Quotes (Author of Legendary ... - Goodreads


2 quotes from Kaye Wagner: 'Maybe… But that is for the higher power to decide. ... Kaye Wagner, Legendary Detective at the World's End.

15. Aretheysafe.co.uk
Informed Australia 10 months ago

We offer a FREE no-obligation quote and all enquiries are dealt with by professional private investigators and fully trained operatives. If you need to hire a ...

16. Quotezone.co.uk
Critic Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 10 months ago

Compare Cheap Taxi Insurance Quotes - Quotezone.co.uk


Compare Taxi Insurance Online and get Cheap Taxi Insurance quotes from Quotezone UK insurance providers. Black Cab | Saloon | MPV are all covered.

17. Insuro.co.uk
Legendary Amsterdam, Netherlands 10 months ago

Compare from this Insurance Companies List 2020 - Insuro


Search and compare cheap quotes from over 110 UK insurance providers, including ... Premium Choice; Principal Insurance; Quote Detective; Quoteline Direct ...


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@QuoteDetective @adriantheboyce Good morning Mr Boyce, We are very sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience, we have tried to contact you to discuss your feedback today and we will try again later, however if you would like to , please call 0333 222 4005 or email [email protected]
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@QuoteDetective It's time for some Rose Royce who is at the Car Wash! #rose #royce #car #Wash
2020-10-27 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective 🎵Get out of my dreams, get into my car🎵 was Billy Ocean's 1988 hit! #billyocean #ocean #dreams https://t.co/4TqjeGOLAK
2020-10-20 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective 🎶We'd make-out in your Mustang to Radiohead And on my 18th birthday, we got matching tattoos🎶 Just another of Katy perry's bangers! #Mustang #KatyPerry #tattoo #Song https://t.co/lrkSoYxuUG
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2020-10-09 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Throwing it back to 1988 today when Tracey Chapman first released her song 🎶You got a fast car, I want a ticket to anywhere🎶 #Fast #Car #Songs #title
2020-10-08 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective 🎵Sendin' out a message to all of my friends, we'll be lookin' flashy in my Mercedes Benz🎵 Another golden track- P!nk with Get The Party Started! #Pink #PartyTime #golden #cars https://t.co/r4qpUPBe3r
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@QuoteDetective 🎶and she'll have fun fun fun until her daddy takes the T-Bird away🎶 Any guesses who sang this one?! #SONGS #Americans #old #cars
2020-10-05 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective 🎵Had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own🎵 What a song! One of Elton's finest moments- Crocodile Rock! #eltonjohn #Song #cars #Crocodile #rock
2020-10-03 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective At the start of a new month, it's that time again! This month's theme is cars in songs- get ready for some Beyoncé, P!nk, Beach Boys and Elton John! #Beyonce #SONGS #Pink #eltonjohn #beach #boys
2020-09-30 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective You can't miss the blue Land Rover used in the Mumma Mia films- it's bright blue! #MummaMia #MerylStreep #LandRover #blue #Greece
2020-09-29 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Who wouldn't want to be Eggsy Unwin in Kingsman? Getting to drive a Jaguar 1964 E-Type coupe? I'm jealous! #Kingsman #Jaguars #film #spy https://t.co/6AF4PlDH6U
2020-09-24 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Was anyone else absolutely mesmerised by the white Ferrari in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? No? Just me. #MichaelCaine #Ferrari #American #comedy
2020-09-21 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective I don't know who else here was (and still is) a major fan of 'The Parent Trap' but did you know that they used a Toyota Land Cruiser at the Vineyard and to go camping! #Toyota #LindsayLohan #Parents #trap
2020-09-17 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective British spy films always have the best cars. But what you might not know about the Aston Martin V8 used in the Johnny English sequel is that it actually belongs to Rowan Atkinson himself! #AstonMartin #rowanatkinson #film #Cinema https://t.co/TIpYoahkaR
2020-09-16 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Speaking of classics- the Mercedes Benz 190 was used in the 1956 film High Society! #MercedesBenz #Mercedes #film #classic
2020-09-14 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective One of the coolest cars I have ever seen was included in the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol film where it was used for a high speed chase through India. It can be only one car... the BMW i8 #BMW #i8 #TomCruise #India
2020-09-11 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Time for a childhood classic- it was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that they converted an old Grand Prix car into a flying vehicle! What a classic. #grandprix #flying #magical #classic
2020-09-09 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective The answer to Tuesday's question was indeed the Mini Cooper! Today we have a slightly easier question- what type of car is the beloved Herbie? #September #Herbie #Mini #September3rd
2020-09-03 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Let's start off September with a quiz- what make of classic cars were used in the 1969 film 'The Italian Job'? #Italian #Job #September1st #September2020
2020-09-01 00:00:00
@QuoteDetective Time really does fly when you're having fun- we're into another month already! I'm sure the question you're all asking yourselves this month is 'I wonder what Quote Detective's theme of the month will be?' Please, don't wonder any longer- it's movie month! #movies #September
2020-08-31 09:09:31
@QuoteDetective Today's car of the day is Seat and where's it from..... Spain! #Spain #Seat #cars https://t.co/M5VGDcKZT2
2020-08-28 08:05:33
@QuoteDetective Just like the Renault, Citroen was also founded in France in 1919- the French really do have some brilliant cars! #France #cars #French
2020-08-26 08:46:21
@QuoteDetective We seem to be spending a lot of time in Europe this month and that is no change today as Volvo was founded in the Swedish town of Gothenburg in 1927! #Sweden #Volvo #Europe
2020-08-24 07:18:03
@QuoteDetective Stopping off in Italy again and grabbing some pizza for the journey, we have the luxury brand that is Maserati dating all the way back to 1914! #Maserati #Italy #luxury #cars https://t.co/VxIqgNxZxF
2020-08-21 08:21:36
@QuoteDetective Now for a personal favourite and a car that has come up before, especially during the James Bond themed month- the Aston Martin was founded here in England in 1913! #JamesBond #AstonMartin #England #cars https://t.co/K8mZgT3U9w
2020-08-18 08:43:34
@QuoteDetective How have we got to mid August and not mentioned a single German car? Today is the day- VW is the name and car production is the aim! #Germany #VW #Volkswagen #LEGENDARY
2020-08-17 08:54:54
@QuoteDetective Have you ever wondered from what neck of the woods the car brand Kia came from? Neither have I but it's from South Korea. #Kia #SouthKorea #car #branding
2020-08-14 08:57:00
@QuoteDetective Back across the pond again to the Czech Republic where Skoda was first founded in 1895! #CzechRepublic #skoda #car
2020-08-10 09:45:26
@QuoteDetective Time for some ocean hopping- it was in none other than the land of the free, the USA where Henry Ford started his car brand which is still one of the most popular cars out there! #American #USA #Ford #US #America
2020-08-06 09:41:27
@QuoteDetective Staying local in Europe, Alfa Romeo turn 110 this year having been founded in Italy in 1910! #Italy #Europe #Alfaromeo #birthday
2020-08-05 12:03:11
@QuoteDetective Hopping over to Europe today- it was in France in 1899 that Louis, Marcel and Fernand founded their car company that is still running to this day- Renault #France #French #Renault #brother
2020-08-04 08:54:29
@QuoteDetective Let's start our journey in Japan, the birth place of one of the most reliable cars ever made- Toyota! #Japan #TOYOTA #Japanese #cars
2020-08-03 08:42:14
@QuoteDetective As it is the last day of July (and one of the hottest days of the year!), it is only right that we announce next month's theme....... Around the world! #August #July #world #hottestdayoftheyear https://t.co/d2Urc2WCYZ
2020-07-31 08:53:37
@QuoteDetective As this weekend draws closer, let's have a look at the odds for Silverstone- who's your money on? #Silverstone #F1 #Formula1 #WINNER https://t.co/spnn6z4ipo
2020-07-30 11:16:33
@QuoteDetective @kemo07848751 @afowler06 Good morning, your renewal quote will depend on any changes to your circumstances and on the available insurers who are willing to quote as each insurer has specific underwriting criteria . Happy to look into this for you if you provide a name/postcode
2020-07-29 09:38:43
@QuoteDetective Think you've got a speedy car? 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds? Try 0-100 in a little over 2 seconds for F1 cars! #F1 #Formula1 #Speed #car #Silverstone
2020-07-28 08:27:19
@QuoteDetective @kemo07848751 @afowler06 Hello, we are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service. Unfortunately this is a requirement with some of our panel of insurers before they will offer a quote. If you would like a member of our team to contact you to discuss please provide further contact details.
2020-07-27 12:06:24
@QuoteDetective @afowler06 Good morning Mr Fowler, further to our conversation on Friday do you still require someone to contact you ? kind regards Quote Detective
2020-07-27 12:04:30
@QuoteDetective And the next race of the season is being held in none other than Britain's own- Silverstone! Who backs Hamilton for another win.... #silverstone #SilverstoneGP #Formula1 #Hamilton
2020-07-27 10:20:50
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