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Mar 10, 22 (Updated: Sep 14, 22)

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Reviewer 1 year ago


There are many SANBS blood donation centres open to the public. To find the location nearest to you, click on our map. Or you may consider motivating your ...

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Outspoken Boulder, CO 1 year ago

SANBS operates in eight out of nine provinces in South Africa, excluding the Western Cape, which is serviced by the Western Cape Blood Services. It also ...

Curious New Jersey, USA 1 year ago

Member Login - SANBS

Login Failed. Unfortunately we could not validate the Username and Password. If you forgot the password, please click here.

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Return to SANBS Human Research Ethics Committee

Return to SANBS Human Research Ethics Committee. Email. Password. Forgot your password? Log in.

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Sign in - SANBS Proficiency

Username or Email. This value is required *. Password. This value is required *. Submit. Forgot your password? A SANAS Accredited Proficiency Testing Scheme ...

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SANBS Proficiency System

Sign in. The SA National Blood Service Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP) are ... SANBS is a registered non-profit company that operates on a cost recovery ...

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South African National Blood Service - Pnet

South African National Blood Service. JOBS. Non-Profit & Voluntary Sector. Gauteng; 1-10; Create Job Agent.

Refiner Singapore 1 year ago

Your career at South African National Blood Service | Pnet.

SANBS operates across all of South Africa, with the exclusion of the Western Cape. SANBS is further regarded as a major role player in the provision of ...

Disciplined 1 year ago

SANBS Vacancies 2022 Apply Online @ ...

SANBS Vacancies 2022 - SANBS Careers Portal ... After account login, you have to select a job profile for yourself, ...

Organizer Costa Rica 1 year ago

facebooktwitterinstagramyoutubelinkedin · FAQ · Careers · Login · FAQ · Careers · Login · Western Cape Blood Service Logo. DONATE BLOOD NOW · Home ...

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SANBS - What does SANBS stand for? The Free Dictionary

Facebook; Twitter. Feedback. Flashcards & Bookmarks ? Please log in or register to use Flashcards and Bookmarks. You can also log in ...

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Portions Copyright 2022 BahrCode, Inc. All Rights Reserved. X. Contact Us. Customer Support, Franklin Covey Sales ...

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Re‐engineering the medical assessment of blood donors in ...

In 2018, a biannual regulatory review of donor eligibility criteria provided the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) the ...

Guru Massachusetts, United States 10 months ago

Blood transfusion is lifesaving. So is donating blood - Mail ...

Although donors have been extremely generous during this time, there has been low donor turnout at South African National Blood Services (SANBS) ...

Reviewer Athens 10 months ago

Why the SANBS needs you more than ever | Health - Discovery

Managed to steer clear of a cold or flu so far? Then consider heading to your nearest health Donor Centre or Mobile Blood Drive to donate blood. Here?s why.

Organizer 9 months ago

SANS Login

Log in. I forgot my password. New to SANS? Create a SANS account.

Critic Khulna 9 months ago

South African National Blood Services (SANBS)

Training · Vacant Positions. Loginlogin. Remember Me. Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Search. South African National Blood Services (SANBS) ...

Critic 9 months ago

south african national blood service - Pietermaritzburg ...

Long Business Description: SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL BLOOD SERVICE. Business Website Address: Business Phone Number: 031 719 6850.

Guru North Aurora, IL 8 months ago

[Updated] SANBS Service Management app not working ...

The SANBS Service Management server may be down and that is causing the login/account issue. · Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. · You may ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications disqualify you from giving blood?

The following medications will prevent you from donating blood:
  • Accutane.
  • Antibiotics *Donors who are taking antibiotics are eligible to donate 24 hours after their last dose.
  • Anti-Platelet Medications.
  • Avodart.
  • Blood thinners (such as Coumadin, Heparin, Lovenox, Warfarin)
  • Bovine insulin.
  • Hepatitis B Immune Globulin.

Is SANBS a government?

SANBS is a non-profit organisation and gets no funding or subsidies from government or private institutions. The money charged is for the services incurred in ensuring that safe and sufficient blood products are ultimately transfused to patients in need.

What is the most rare blood type in South Africa?


Recent Tweets By thesanbs

@theSANBS Are you or someone you know a recipient of platelet donations? We need people like you to help us spread the word and educate others on the shortage of platelets. Let's make platelet donation known together. Find out more: #changealife #plateletdonation
2023-01-23 09:14:11
@theSANBS @dliebo Hi David , thank you for playing your part in helping save lives.
2023-01-22 11:40:07
@theSANBS @carlablahblah Thank you for the positive review. It is through feedback like yours that we are able to maintain or improve on the service that we give to our donors.
2023-01-22 06:43:22
@theSANBS @PhutaLiyenzeka Thank you for playing your part in helping save lives.
2023-01-21 01:27:47
@theSANBS Platelet donation is a safe process, performed in a controlled environment by professionally trained staff using a new, sterile needle that is used once and then discarded. Become a platelet donor today. Find out how: #changealife #plateletdonation
2023-01-20 10:08:14
@theSANBS @Tk_Cele Thank you for helping save lives
2023-01-20 10:03:33
@theSANBS @Shonnyvm @DisekoNkele Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-20 07:46:50
@theSANBS @JacksInkyArm @althea_swartz Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-20 07:18:06
@theSANBS @althea_swartz @JacksInkyArm Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-20 07:01:33
@theSANBS @DisekoNkele @waitsi2011 Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-20 06:48:42
@theSANBS Applications for the SANBS SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM are still OPEN. Closing Date: 31 January 2023
2023-01-20 06:41:41
@theSANBS @Tk_Cele @kevykay10 @SANBSECR Thank you for playing your part in helping save lives.
2023-01-20 02:25:48
@theSANBS @wo_fire @kishugu Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-19 11:09:45
@theSANBS CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 2022! As you chase new goals at your higher learning institution this year, remember to include regular blood donation to your list. You could save a classmate’s life next time they need a blood transfusion. #MatricResults2022
2023-01-19 08:54:34
@theSANBS Does it hurt to donate platelets? A smaller needle is used for a platelet donation, compared to a traditional whole blood donation, so some donors find it to be more comfortable. You can change a life. Find out how: #changealife #plateletdonation
2023-01-18 08:35:14
@theSANBS @JacksInkyArm Thank you for helping save lives 👏👏
2023-01-18 08:19:05
@theSANBS We are at Cintocare Hospital in Pretoria. If you would like to book a blood drive at your organization, please INBOX us your details.
2023-01-17 10:26:35
@theSANBS @antimpofu Hi Les, we are really sorry for the unpleasant experience. Mind sharing with us for you to bring about this feedback?
2023-01-16 09:57:49
@theSANBS @antimpofu Hi Les, please see our response kindly DM details.
2023-01-16 01:58:07
@theSANBS @antimpofu Good day Les, kindly DM us your contact details so we can contact you to find out what happened so we can rectify this asap.
2023-01-16 01:55:52
@theSANBS What do you do while you donate?
2023-01-07 08:05:17
@theSANBS @EngineerTC_81 Hi Tendai, yes, someone who was born in a malaria country has to wait 3 years without visiting his/her country before she/he can donate blood however, she/he can donate Plasma without any waiting period provided she/he meets the criteria.
2023-01-07 07:19:06
@theSANBS @NkosikhonaMdle2 Hi Nkosikhona, we will be at Kwadukuza mall on the 7th and 8th from 9am till 4pm.
2023-01-06 07:01:15
@theSANBS @Muxewarleader Thank you for helping save lives👏👏
2023-01-06 06:30:29
@theSANBS @Tarrel504 @Gaopalelwe71092 Hi Carlin, for the cost of a pint and service fees please have a look on our website as all the information is posted on there , we as SANBS don't supply any other countries with blood donated by our donors in SA. 0800119031 any further queries .
2023-01-06 06:00:20
@theSANBS Your Blood Saves Lives.
2023-01-06 02:32:52
@theSANBS @Tarrel504 @Gaopalelwe71092 Blood is a prescribed minimum benefit and as such it is covered both by medical aid in private hospitals and by the government in public hospitals. Unfortunately, we cannot transfuse you or anyone with blood that we aren’t 100% certain is safe for transfusion.
2023-01-05 12:31:39
@theSANBS @Tarrel504 @Gaopalelwe71092 It is very expensive to get the safely tested blood products to the patients in need. We need to cover the costs for the services to collect, transport, process, test, store and issue the blood products.
2023-01-05 12:31:32
@theSANBS @Tarrel504 @Gaopalelwe71092 SANBS does not sell blood to any hospitals, everyone gets blood for free but only pays a service fee for all the processing.
2023-01-05 12:30:29
@theSANBS @Lesedi_Mogale08 We will attend to your DM shortly.
2023-01-05 12:06:47
@theSANBS @Cyamamawethu You are welcome.
2023-01-05 11:51:21
@theSANBS @Lesedi_Mogale08 Please DM your ID number for us to set notifications for you.
2023-01-05 11:46:11
@theSANBS @batibat20231 @brixtonius Please DM your ID number so that we can set notifications for you.
2023-01-05 11:41:55
@theSANBS @batibat20231 Hi, mind sharing with us what happened for you to feel this way?
2023-01-05 10:51:35
@theSANBS @Lesedi_Mogale08 We dont have anything at Zeerust at the moment. Please check with us next week for the new schedule
2023-01-05 10:49:07
@theSANBS @Lesedi_Mogale08 Hi Lesedi, which mall is closer to you?
2023-01-05 10:33:52
@theSANBS @Cyamamawethu We are at [email protected] until 5pm today. Again tomorrow from 9am till 5pm.
2023-01-05 10:28:53
@theSANBS @AkonPsj Hi, please see 1/5/2023Summerstrand Village10:00:00 AM5:00:00 PMShop @ Entrance 2 1/6/2023Summerstrand Village10:00:00 AM5:00:00 PMShop @ Entrance 2
2023-01-05 09:53:38
@theSANBS @luponds Yes we are open until 6PM today.
2023-01-05 09:06:34
@theSANBS @tauriqmoosa You are welcome.
2023-01-05 09:05:38
@theSANBS @tauriqmoosa Hi, kindly note that SANBS doesnt operate in Western Cape. Please contact the Western Cape Blood Service.
2023-01-05 08:53:48
@theSANBS @donald_lolo1 Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-05 08:10:04
@theSANBS @Gaopalelwe71092 Hi Gaopalelwe, The South African National Blood Service is governed by an Act of Parliament, the Human Tissue Act. In accordance with the Act and International Standards of Practice, blood donation must be a voluntary, non-remunerated, altruistic act.
2023-01-05 07:36:53
@theSANBS @zukiemag Hi Zukie, thank you for playing your part in helping save lives.
2023-01-05 07:35:34
@theSANBS @Lasikwatie Thank you for playing your part in helping save lives.
2023-01-05 07:35:07
@theSANBS What do you do while you donate?
2023-01-05 07:00:29
@theSANBS @Walter_Madmo Hi Walter, we cant wait to see you donate again. Thank you for helping save lives.
2023-01-05 06:53:49
@theSANBS Who’s entering the blood donor era? Blood stocks are running low. Comment with your area or nearest shopping mall to find a donor centre near you. #TrustedToSaveLivesIn2023
2023-01-05 06:41:20
@theSANBS @Nimrooi Noted thanks.
2023-01-05 06:19:41
@theSANBS @BusiiRigala See you there🤗
2023-01-05 02:55:01
@theSANBS @Sethu_Molo 👊👍
2023-01-04 11:52:29
@theSANBS @NkosikhonaMdle2 👍awesome
2023-01-04 10:56:33
@theSANBS @TJMthembu @RealMrumaDrive Hi ,thank you for showing interest in joining our organisation ,please visit or pnet for available vacancies
2023-01-04 06:19:32
@theSANBS @Nimrooi we do apologize for the experience you had with us. When you do receive bad service and would like the matter escalated and attended to ,please do not hesitate to inform us .
2023-01-04 06:15:38
@theSANBS @HamazMo_ Hi Hamilton , where about are you situated ?
2023-01-03 10:03:13
@theSANBS What's your blood type?
2023-01-03 08:29:14
@theSANBS @Lish_xs @Endseeker707 We currently dont have a mobile clinic scheduled on the mentioned area. Please check with us next week. Alternatively please click on this link and sign up to be notified of mobile drives in your area :
2023-01-03 08:06:06
@theSANBS @CellEater_Langa understood ,thank you for the suggestion 👍
2023-01-03 03:34:32
@theSANBS @CellEater_Langa Hi, you don’t get paid for donating blood as it's something that you give willingly from your heart. However, donors receive a gift every second donation as a token of appreciation.
2023-01-03 02:41:19
@theSANBS @HamazMo_ we have a donor centre : Polokwane Centre 153 Potgieter Avenue Tel: (015) 283-3600/01
2023-01-03 02:26:44
@theSANBS Last minute Christmas shopping? Look out for our mobile units in your area. #trustedtosavelives
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@theSANBS Give someone a precious gift this festive season! A simple platelet donation. You can give someone in need an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. Become a platelet donor today. Find out how: #changealife #plateletdonation
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@theSANBS It is the most wonderful time of the year for those who received your precious gift of life. Donate another holiday, today. #YourBloodSavesLives
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@theSANBS As a platelet donor, you have the opportunity to give someone more precious moments with their family this festive season. Give a gift that is priceless. Become a platelet donor today. Find out how: #changealife #plateletdonation
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@theSANBS We are extremely grateful to our donors who enable us to change people's lives. We met with two of our champion donors to hear about their donor journeys and to educate new donors on how platelet donations work.
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@theSANBS When you become a platelet donor, you give a trauma patient a fighting chance. Safe travels this holiday season, South Africa. Take it slow and take extra care to get to your destinations safely. Become a platelet donor today #changealife
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@theSANBS @ATswanaGoddess Hi, unfortunately there are no donor centres in the mentioned area
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@theSANBS @ATswanaGoddess Hi, unfortunately not, you may donate at Shop No C2, River Square Shopping Centre, Nile Drive, THREE RIVERS, 016 454 9451
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@theSANBS Happy holidays, South Africa. #trustedtosavelives
2022-12-19 00:00:00
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