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Mar 26, 22 (Updated: Sep 29, 22)

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Disciplined Brno, Česko 1 year ago

Storypark: Log in

Software for early childhood teachers to easily create children's e-portfolios & learning stories online for free and share privately with family.

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Outspoken 1 year ago

Our Communication App: StoryPark | Guardian Early Learning

This free app for families also gives you the ability to share your own stories both with educators and your family and provides you with an opportunity to ...

Outspoken Brønderslev, Denmark 1 year ago

Storypark: Learning & Communication

Group stories: Images and videos of your child's interaction with other children and educators; Special moments: Key moments in your child's ...

Guru 1 year ago

StoryPark Portal - AppleBerries Early Education

Sign in or register to My Family Lounge to: Complete an enrolment form; Manage your bookings; Update your child's details; Request casual bookings. My Family ...

Curious India 1 year ago

What is Storypark?

You can capture a child's development by posting photos, videos, stories, ... the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app today and log in using your.

Teacher Toronto, ON, Canada 1 year ago

Storypark - Kidsoft - Cloud-based CCS

Document and support children?s learning, together using Storypark and Kidsoft's CCMS Software. Integrate a best-in-class communication and CSS Management ...

Populist Rome, Italy 11 months ago

Storypark - Everlearn Preschool

Storypark helps your child get the best start in life by personalising their ... iOS app or Android app today and log in using your Storypark account.

Refiner 11 months ago

Storypark - Kids @ Little School

create smooth transitions when your child moves from one Educator/centre to another; you can choose to add your own stories or leave comments and feedback for ...

Editor 11 months ago

Storypark | Petit Early Learning Journey

The Storypark app allows us to capture photos, stories and memories and share them ... A secure electronic sign in and sign out system ...

Curious London, UK 11 months ago

Login - Story Box Library

Email/Username Library SSO. It looks like your library doesn't support logging in via barcode. Please contact them for information on how to access Story ...

Populist Orlando, FL 10 months ago

Storypark Roll Out - KU Children's Services

Storypark is a platform allowing parents and family members across the globe to connect with their children's early education experiences in real-time and ...

Scholar 10 months ago

Storypark Program - BOUTIQUE Bubs

Once the app is installed and you have invited our educators then you will receive notifications instantly when a story has been published about your child.

Outspoken Melbourne VIC, Australia 10 months ago

Documented Learning - Little Learners Early Childhood Centre

... stories and learning outcomes. Our Centres use Storypark and each family is provided with a secure login to access on their computers, mobiles or apps.

Disciplined Newcastle, Australia 9 months ago

Use Learning Stories to engage families and build e-portoflios. Our software supports authentic assessment, planning and professional growth.

Teacher Waterloo, Ontario 9 months ago

Storypark - MCCCC - Moreland Community Child Care Centres

Storypark is a secure online network where educators post stories, photos and videos ... Parents and carers can login anytime to view their child's profile, ...

Announcer Kansas City, MO, United States 9 months ago

Be more involved in your child's learning - G1 Early Education

Storypark creates a secure online network ... Storypark Dad. 1 Sign up and log in ... Share your children's stories by inviting family members and.

Scholar Akron, OH 8 months ago

Goodstart launches Storypark

Connect with our. Family Support Team ... Acknowledgement of Country Goodstart Early Learning acknowledges all Traditional Custodians across ...

Teacher 8 months ago

About Us - Whitfield Community Kindergarten

Home · About Us · Parent Info · Storypark Login · Contact. Menu. Home · About Us · Parent Info · Storypark Login · Contact ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Storypark?

StoryPark is the app we use to help you keep connected with your child and their educators. This secure and private app allows educators to post updates on your child's day complete with photos and videos, share learning and development stories and communicate important news to you in real time.

Who owns Storypark?

Jamie MacDonald
Since then he has worked for a variety of businesses helping people get the most out of their online interactions. Jamie originally created Storypark for his mum, who is an early childhood educator in Gore.

How do you create a Storypark account?

Families: Setting up a new Storypark account
  1. If you have never used Storypark before, download and open the 'Storypark for Families' app. ...
  2. Tap 'Create an account' button.
  3. Add a photo of yourself so your family can see it's you when you post moments and responses.
  4. Fill in the form with your name, email and password.

Is the Storypark app free?

Android users can download the free app from the Play Store here. You can use the Storypark app on Android 4.0 and newer. To use the app, you will need to be a parent or family member and already have a Storypark account. You can find out how to sign up, here.

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@StoryparkApp @patrikvar @dhh @zencastr @postmarkapp Hi there, we use the delivered status to ensure things like invitations are being received for customer success requests and do not use any more detail than that for anything
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@StoryparkApp @MunishK65240809 Hi Munish, please contact our CS team at [email protected] and they will be able to help you with this
2021-01-07 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp @bartletth77 This is so great to see!
2020-12-06 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp @patomeara You can message our CS team at [email protected] :)
2020-11-19 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp @TaruBhargav Hi, you would need to log into the website via pc to do this. Here's an article to help you 🙂
2020-11-12 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp Dr Chip Donohue and Peter Dixon discuss the use of digital documentation technology with children and the storage of information. It also answers questions around who owns children’s portfolios and what happens when a child leaves a centre using Storypark.
2020-11-04 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp @bartletth77 This is so great to hear, as one of our core design principles is that Storypark is shaped by those who use it, to complement and support your pedagogy and philosophies ♥️
2020-10-19 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp @estelleash @Simon_Gregg @bartletth77 Hi @estelleash - here's some more info about other international schools using Storypark: We offer a free trial, or you can call us if you have any questions :-)
2020-10-19 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp An inspiring piece of writing and inquiry @bartletth77 Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all
2020-10-19 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp Supporting children's language skills doesn't require fancy equipment or resources. Leanne from @ExpressableHQ shares ways that families can empower children with fun, everyday activities to improve their communication skills.
2020-09-23 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp @iamkey Thankyou so much, it's great to know we are helping your family feel a little bit closer :)
2020-09-22 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp What exactly is possible with the Storypark planning feature? More than you may think!
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@StoryparkApp @ais_singapore share how they stayed connected with and welcomed infants and their parents back to school post-COVID-19 circuit breaker measures.
2020-07-21 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp A rundown on our latest product updates... ➡ A brand new iOS educators app ➡ Improvements to our website ➡ Updates to the families app #edtech #ECE
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@StoryparkApp Next month, Australian educators will be raising awareness of the role of early childhood education and care in children’s development and wellbeing. @EarlyChildAust Early Learning Matters Week. How are you going to get involved?
2020-07-06 00:00:00
@StoryparkApp CEO Peter Dixon shares his thoughts about the importance of building relationships and sustainability in relation to quality practice in #ECE.
2020-06-30 01:55:01
@StoryparkApp Have you ever considered how we help children make sense of this digital world? @ddonahoo from the @alannahmadeline foundation shares some fantastic resources that help children learn about the digital world they live in, through play!
2020-06-22 11:20:01
@StoryparkApp @MsNursery @PYPConnectED @kjinquiry @kirtidakale @Flipgrid @NatGeo @ScholasticTeach @eriksonmath @padlet We are so glad we helped you connect with your children and families during lockdown :)
2020-06-22 08:35:19
@StoryparkApp As teachers, we need to take the time to slow down and look closely at ourselves, at the learning, and not least the children. Thanks for sharing this very important topic with us @SuzanneAxelsson
2020-06-22 02:22:57
@StoryparkApp Educators from New Zealand and Australia shared with us some of the clever ways they have implemented a resettling process for their learning community after COVID-19 lockdowns :)
2020-06-03 12:59:01
@StoryparkApp The team at @RCHMelbourne saw COVID-19 lockdown as a unique opportunity to promote the important and educated work they do in regards to curriculum and learning. Hear what they did, and download the templates they used here!
2020-06-03 01:36:01
@StoryparkApp @MsElainePYP So great to hear you are finding our new app valuable!
2020-05-26 06:48:36
@StoryparkApp Another fantastic joint professional development opportunity with @CCCF_FCSGE, it's always a pleasure working together :)
2020-05-20 12:28:35
@StoryparkApp Well that was popular! Our upcoming workshop with @CCCF_FCSGE is now fully booked out!
2020-05-15 01:23:32
@StoryparkApp @educareer_jp @CCCF_FCSGE Yes if you register for the webinar, notes and a link to watch the replay will be sent out
2020-05-14 11:17:09
@StoryparkApp We're doing it again! Our first webinar together with the @CCCF_FCSGE was so full, we're doing it again on 19 May! Register now to learn ways to use technology to support and strengthen relationships with families during these challenging times.
2020-05-14 10:55:15
@StoryparkApp What an amazing approach @SarahLouiseECEC. Well done to you and your team. And it's great to hear Storypark has helped you during this time too.
2020-05-11 01:21:28
@StoryparkApp Thanks for the share!
2020-05-08 02:33:36
@StoryparkApp @jeanniew1958 Thanks for sharing! We hope you found some activities to try 🙂
2020-05-06 09:56:20
@StoryparkApp Join us along with @CCCF_FCSGE for an online workshop that you don’t want to miss! Learn about some new and exciting ways you can use technology to work together with families and support children’s distance learning. #edtech #earlylearning #ece
2020-04-29 04:11:52
@StoryparkApp The most in-depth episode of our Early Childhood Innovation series yet: a multi-site #ece organization with an arts-inspired curriculum and a focus on "intentional wellbeing of children" shares their challenges, successes and inspiration. Full episode
2020-04-27 11:55:28
@StoryparkApp We're hearing of some wonderful, innovative ways that #ECE services are using Storypark to stay connected with families for #remotelearning. From chefs sharing recipes, to virtual stories and more - thank you to @afcs_seaf for sharing their experience: 😊
2020-04-24 01:13:03
@StoryparkApp Here's some insights from our conversations with CEO's and leaders across the #ECE sector around Covid-19. We hope these support you to create the best possible outcomes for your team and community. What would you add to the list? #leadership #earlyyears
2020-04-09 12:48:41
@StoryparkApp @TamariskNZ @KyotoIntlSchool Wonderful to hear these have been so useful for you!
2020-04-09 04:27:40
@StoryparkApp @Young Einsteins in New York, recently went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Owner Maria Lallier saw this as a way for parents to become even more involved in their children’s #ECE.
2020-04-08 04:07:01
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