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Explainer The Netherlands 1 year ago

Login - Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Login Information. If you are an NRLA landlord you will need to login to the NRLA website, using your NRLA login, to add or manage TDS tenancy deposits.

Disciplined New York, United States 1 year ago

Landlords and agents: Protecting deposits in Northern Ireland

TDS Northern Ireland is the first choice in tenancy deposit protection for landlords. We are based in Belfast and offer an award winning service.

Refiner 1 year ago

TDS Northern Ireland

TDS Northern Ireland is the leading provider of tenancy deposit protection. ... Landlords & Agents How to protect tenancy deposits & more ...

Critic St. Louis, MO 11 months ago

TDS (previously DepositGuard) | Landlord Services | NRLA

As a NRLA member, you can protect your tenancy deposits with the award-winning Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), at the click of a button, ...

Refiner Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 11 months ago

Login - Safe Deposits Scotland

This is for agent/landlord users only. If you are a tenant please log in here or select tenants from the menu on the left ...

Teacher 10 months ago

Home | The DPS | DPS

We've introduced additional login security measures that you can add to your online account and help keep your details safe.

Scholar Kazakhstan 10 months ago

Inventory Hive 360° Image Feature Integrates with TDS ...

... the Inventory Hive app can be uploaded to the TDS online evidence portal, ... The software reviews from letting agents, landlords, inventory clerks and ...

Disciplined High altitude regions 10 months ago

Thousands of landlords and letting agents of all shapes and sizes use mydeposits to protect over £1 billion of tenants deposits. Join the only deposit ...

Guru Russia 10 months ago

Deposit protection schemes and landlords - GOV.UK

... Personal tax account: sign in · Universal Credit account: sign in · Home · Housing and local services · Being a landlord and renting out a room ...

Announcer Hamburg, Germany 9 months ago

Tenancy deposit protection - GOV.UK

Your landlord must put your deposit in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme ( TDP ) if you rent your home on an assured shorthold tenancy that ...

Critic 9 months ago

How to present a claim to the Tenancy Deposit Protection ...

The landlord, or agent acting on his behalf, must put the tenant's ... If you are the tenant and raising a dispute, the TDS will contact the ...

Outspoken Rochester, NY 9 months ago

Unipol/TDS Deposit Protection Scheme - Landlords

For deposits over £500 the fee is £17.95. Getting started. To start protecting deposits login to your landlord account and select the TDS link under 'Useful ...

Disciplined India 8 months ago

What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)? - AMS ...

This amount is decided by the landlord and is typically in proportion to the monthly rent up to a maximum of 5 weeks' rent (or 6 weeks for ...

Explainer Lübeck, Germany 8 months ago

Check if your landlord has to protect your deposit - Citizens ...

Check if your landlord needs to pay your deposit into a tenancy deposit scheme and when it needs to be protected by and find out what to do if it isn't ...

Explainer United Kingdom 8 months ago

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) - Chamberlains Estates

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). As from 6th April 2007, landlords and letting agents are required to register details of all new assured shorthold tenancies, ...

Editor Europe 7 months ago

What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme? - Savills

An advisory leaflet for landlords and tenants. TDS Scheme Leaflet. ... What if the landlord or tenant can't be ... A TDS Member (landlord or agent).

Editor 7 months ago

Reposit: Home

With Reposit, landlords are protected for 8 week's worth of rent. ... which under the TDS would almost certainly have ended up as a lengthy and time wasting ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay into my Tenancy Deposit Scheme?

How it works
  1. Choose. You choose between Insured Protection (you hold the deposit) and Custodial Protection (we hold the deposit).
  2. Register. Become a member and 'Register a Deposit' in just a few minutes.
  3. Protect. Pay a small fee (Insured) or pass the deposit to us for free (Custodial).
  4. Confirm.

Which deposit protection scheme is best?

Custodial deposit protection service

How do I contact the Deposit Protection Service?

Call us. We're open and ready for your calls from 8am - 6.30pm Monday - Friday. Call us on 0330 303 0030.

Is Tenancy Deposit Scheme free?

TDS insured is completely free to join. You pay a small fee to protect each deposit, which means you can keep your deposit in your bank account for the duration of the tenancy, keeping the accrued interest.

Recent Tweets By tenancydeposits

@TenancyDeposits Reserve your place and increase your knowledge of the alternative dispute resolution service with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme Adjudication Workshop. Don’t wait! Last chance to join our January course here:
2023-01-23 09:00:15
@TenancyDeposits TDS and @The_Depositary integration is another leap forward in streamlining the process for all; removing the need to hop between different platforms. To find out more visit:
2023-01-22 01:00:11
@TenancyDeposits TDS and @The_Depositary's integration helps streamline the deposit protection process making an ultimately faster, more accurate & easier process for all. Make sure to book a demo here to learn more:
2023-01-20 09:00:05
@TenancyDeposits Sign up today! 📣 Only one week left to register for the TDS Adjudication Workshop. Gain useful tips to help you learn effective, practical solutions, and improve your understanding of the end of tenancy process. Reserve your space today:
2023-01-20 05:00:40
@TenancyDeposits On Wednesday the 8th of February the @NRLAssociation and TDS will be hosting a National Webinar. Sandy Bastin, Head of TDS Adjudication Services, will discuss practical tips for saving energy on your property. 👩‍💻 Reserve your spot today:
2023-01-20 04:00:30
@TenancyDeposits 📞It’s more important than ever to ensure that landlords and their letting agents have a process in place to regularly update their tenants’ contact information. In this article we highlight the importance of keeping tenants’ contact information up-to-date:
2023-01-19 12:11:22
@TenancyDeposits TDS Custodial makes updating tenant contact details easy by giving you the ability to directly update them through your TDS account. Ensuring that the tenant can be contacted at the end of the tenancy. Find out more here:
2023-01-19 09:00:14
@TenancyDeposits The TDS Adjudication Workshop focuses on the TDS Alternative Dispute Resolution service to show the kind of evidence an adjudicator looks for in a tenancy deposit dispute. Reserve your place on the January course here:
2023-01-19 04:00:27
@TenancyDeposits TDS warmly welcomed @NRLAssociation CEO, @BeadleBen, to our fireside chat this morning. Working closely with the NRLA, it was great to hear first-hand on the various initiatives and important work the NRLA are doing. Thanks Ben, it was great having you join us.
2023-01-18 12:13:27
@TenancyDeposits If you’ve recently used our service, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think by leaving us a Google review.
2023-01-18 09:00:08
@TenancyDeposits Last chance! 📣 To join our TDS Academy Foundation Course, run over two sessions the first starts tomorrow! Specially designed for property managers and administrators, inventory suppliers and landlords. Reserve your space today:
2023-01-18 05:00:50
@TenancyDeposits Landlords and tenants who haven’t previously worried about their agent going into administration or running off with their money are now much more aware of the dangers & the Government is taking action to protect them. Learn more about TDS & Money Shield:
2023-01-18 04:00:12
@TenancyDeposits Our staff are skilled at resolving disputes between landlords & tenants. TDS Resolution has successfully resolved over 80% of cases that have gone to mediation by talking to both parties & finding common ground between them. Learn more here:
2023-01-17 09:00:17
@TenancyDeposits Only a couple of days left to sign up for TDS Academy’s January Foundation Course! Receive expert guidance on the lifecycle of a deposit, from registration, and repayment, through to the alternative dispute registration process. 👩‍💻 Book your spot today:
2023-01-17 05:00:43
@TenancyDeposits Thanks to our integration with @The_Depositary, agents can progress a tenancy from end-of-contract notice to deposit refund in minutes instead of hours! Visit our site to learn more:
2023-01-17 04:00:30
@TenancyDeposits Join our TDS Academy Foundation Course. Run over two 90 minute live online sessions covering all aspects of the tenancy deposit protection legislation. We have new dates available for January! Book your place on the course here:
2023-01-16 09:00:13
@TenancyDeposits Did you know, 2 of the 4 Tenancy Deposit Scheme Approved Accreditation training courses are on-demand, so you can complete these whenever you like? These on-demand courses go towards the completion of your TDS Academy Approved Accreditation👇
2023-01-16 08:03:02
@TenancyDeposits Homefinder UK needs your help! 📣 @homefinderuk is looking for large properties to cater for large families, LHA rents & Long-term tenancies. As a private landlord, you can help. If you’re interested or want to find out more, click here:
2023-01-16 05:00:25
@TenancyDeposits The Property Checklist is designed to help you follow best-practice processes to avoid tenancy deposit disputes, as well as help you to present the relevant evidence to support your case should a dispute arise. Learn more here: @katefaulkner @CheckProperty
2023-01-16 04:00:25
@TenancyDeposits We provide a free conciliation/mediation service and are able to assist in many types of disputes such as repairs, entry rights and breach of tenancy terms. Find out how else TDS Resolution can assist here:
2023-01-15 12:00:10
@TenancyDeposits Thousands of refugees are facing homelessness. If you would like to make a real impact and change the life of some of these individuals, the non-profit national mobility scheme, @homefinderuk, has a unique opportunity for you. 🏡 Find out more here:
2023-01-13 09:00:15
@TenancyDeposits We really appreciate feedback from our customers! If you have used one of our services recently, please let us how we did by leaving us a review on Trustpilot:
2023-01-13 04:00:13
@TenancyDeposits Have you used one of our services recently? Tell us what you think by leaving us a Google review:
2023-01-06 09:00:09
@TenancyDeposits TDS Resolution is a free mediation service! Helping to resolve issues between landlords and tenants without the need for further action. Learn more about the TDS Resolution service here:
2023-01-06 04:00:08
@TenancyDeposits With news that energy bills across the UK are set to increase to an average of £3,000 beginning in April 2023, we discuss how you can make your rental property more energy efficient! Read this @NRLAssociation article to find out more:
2023-01-05 05:33:15
@TenancyDeposits If you have a dispute over a deposit at the end of your tenancy, you can use the Property Checklist as an aid to gather evidence and guide you to follow best practices. Find out more about the checklist here: @CheckProperty @katefaulkner
2023-01-05 04:00:21
@TenancyDeposits Money Shield is a Client Money Protection scheme enabling lettings and estate agents to reassure tenants, landlords, buyers and vendors that their money is safe. Learn more about TDS and Money Shield here:
2023-01-04 09:00:15
@TenancyDeposits TDS Custodial features a simple tenant changeover, meaning if one tenant moves out you can easily amend the deposit online without repaying the entire deposit. Find out more about TDS Custodial here:
2023-01-04 05:00:10
@TenancyDeposits TDS offers both Insured and Custodial deposit protection and provides fair adjudication for disputes relating to the deposits we protect. Protect your deposits with our fast and easy online service today:
2023-01-03 10:00:11
@TenancyDeposits 🎉 Congratulations to @katefaulkner, who's been awarded an MBE in King Charles’s first New Year Honours List! Find out more here:
2023-01-03 05:06:55
@TenancyDeposits @The_Depositary platform is transforming how end of tenancy processes are managed. Removing the need to hop between platforms, duplicating data entry and delivering a smoother, faster experience! Find out more or book a demo here:
2023-01-03 04:00:05
@TenancyDeposits We'd like to thank our fantastic customers, reliable suppliers and valued partners for helping to make TDS what it is. We look forward to seeing you in 2023 and wish you all the best for the year ahead!
2022-12-31 12:00:23
@TenancyDeposits Landlords are legally required to protect their tenants' deposits in tenancy deposit protection schemes approved by the government. Take a look at the Property Checklist to follow best practices. Learn more here: @CheckProperty @katefaulkner
2022-12-30 10:00:05
@TenancyDeposits If you’ve recently used one of our services tell us all about your experience by leaving us a Google review.
2022-12-30 04:00:22
@TenancyDeposits Thousands of Lettings Agents do not protect their clients’ money so make sure your agent has CMP. Money Shield offers the peace of mind that your money is protected! Learn more about TDS and Money Shield here:
2022-12-29 09:00:26
@TenancyDeposits Supporting Landlords and Tenants alike… We offer a free TDS Resolution service and can assist with a variety of issues, such as property standards, repairs, and rent arrears. View the full list of disputes we can help resolve here:
2022-12-29 05:00:11
@TenancyDeposits With TDS Custodial you can make sure the tenant can be contacted at the end of the tenancy by easily updating tenant contact information directly through your TDS account. Find out more here:
2022-12-28 09:00:10
@TenancyDeposits Return deposits faster with TDS and @The_Depositary! Using The Depositary integration you can avoid errors and save time by validating an accurate and correct certificate code has been used. Find out more and book your demo here:
2022-12-28 04:00:10
@TenancyDeposits 🎄🎁 'Tis the season! 🎁🎄 From all of us at TDS, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!
2022-12-24 09:00:16
@TenancyDeposits Have you recently used one of our services? We really appreciate feedback from our customers, so please let us know about your experience by leaving us a review on Trustpilot:
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 12. Disputes can be a difficult process for all involved, so preventing a dispute is in your best interest. Follow these steps to help prevent them! TDS offers a free dispute resolution service, learn more about it by joining:
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 11. What is fair wear & tear? 🤔 If the tenant breaks the terms of the tenancy, the landlord should be compensated, but not be put in a better position. Read our blog on the topic here: #switchtoTDS #simpledepositprotection
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits 🏡 @homefinderuk needs your help to rehouse Afghan and Ukrainian refugees!🏡 Can you help? Homefiner UK is working with the Home office to look for large properties to cater for large families, LHA rents & Long-term tenancies. ✅ Find out more here:
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits @The_Depositary’s web app is exclusively integrated with both TDS Insured and Custodial. This collaboration has led to a powerhouse platform that makes life a great deal easier for agents when concluding tenancies! Switch to TDS, find out more here:
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits In the event of a deposit dispute, the Property Checklist will help you to present the appropriate evidence to support your case. All you have to do is follow the checklist! Learn more about it here: @CheckProperty @katefaulkner
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 10. Did your tenant move out mid-month? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered! 💸 Follow these simple steps in our 12 Tips of Christmas article to calculate the pro-rata rent: #switchtoTDS #simpledepositprotection
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits As a result of TDS Resolution, tenants and landlords are able to reach mutually acceptable agreements and keep their tenancies in place. Easy, reliable and free! Our resolution solution is all you need, find out more here:
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits Landlords! Don’t forget tenancy deposits must be protected within 30 days of receiving them. Join TDS Insured today or find out more here:
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 9. Why not ask for a pre-checkout inspection? This allows the opportunity to check through the property & is a way of resolving any issues before check-out inspections & reducing any chance for dispute. Protect with TDS today:
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits Reduce end of tenancy admin! Auto-populate the deposit amount into @The_Depositary - removing data duplication and eliminating human error. Find out more and book your FREE demo here:
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits Keep track of all TDS communications with the TDS Custodial easy-to-use communication dashboard. Find out more here:
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits Thousands of refugees are facing homelessness. @homefinderuk, the non-profit national mobility scheme, is working with the Home office to look for large properties to cater for large families, LHA rents & Long-term tenancies. Can you help?🧑‍💻 Learn more:
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 8. Don’t forget to include the garden inventory when doing your inventory! Professional gardening services are expensive, & doing it yourself can take a lot of time so make upkeep requirements clear.🌳 Download our guide here:
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits 🌳 @PropertymarkUK Digital Article - Importance of garden inventories to help deposit disputes:🌳 In this article, we provide three real-life scenarios from the TDS adjudication panel highlighting the importance of having a detailed inventory.
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits Money Shield only costs agents £400 a year and will step in to reimburse landlords and tenants should a property agent misappropriate rent, deposit or other client funds. Join Money Shield and TDS, and learn more here:
2022-12-18 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 7. Cleaning is not subject to fair wear & tear, so make sure you include cleanliness in the inventory. TDS recommends including this as a separate requirement in its own right to help avoid disputes. Check our free guide here:
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits With the TDS Resolution mediation service, landlords and tenants can reach a satisfactory resolution without having to take further action. Learn more about the TDS Resolution service here:
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits If you’ve recently used our service, we’d love to hear how we did. Let us know by leaving us a Google review:
2022-12-15 09:00:16
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 6. Starting a new tenancy? Make sure you include these docs: ✅ Prescribed info relating to the tenancy deposit ✅ Energy performance certificate ✅ Gas safety certificate ✅ Right to Rent Guide It's a legal requirement! Keep your records up to date!
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits Property Checklist can help you gather evidence and guide you to follow best practices if a deposit dispute arises at the end of a tenancy. Find out more about the checklist here: @CheckProperty @katefaulkner
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@TenancyDeposits #TDS12DaysofChristmasTips 🎄: 5. Communication is the key to a successful tenancy! Many disputes could be resolved before reaching adjudication just by talking to each other. Our Deposit Deductions template helps them come to an agreement. Download here:
2022-12-14 12:00:24
@TenancyDeposits Wave goodbye 🖐 to manual tenancy deposit registration, and hello to TDS API. Now integrated with @GnbProperties. Read more here:
2022-12-14 09:00:03
@TenancyDeposits What does @The_Depositary do for letting agents? The platform allows agents to progress a tenancy from end-of-contract notice to deposit refund in minutes by stripping away the time-consuming manual tasks. Find out more about the features here:
2022-12-14 04:00:21
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