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Mar 14, 22 (Updated: Jul 19, 22)

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Announcer Madison, Wisconsin, United States 1 year ago

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You can watch BLAZE everywhere! Catchup online. On TV: Freeview 63, Sky 164, Freesat 162 and Virgin TV 216. Download the BLAZE app from Google Play, the Amazon ...

Critic Toronto, Canada 1 year ago

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Refiner Turin, Italy 1 year ago

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Scholar Glasgow, United Kingdom 1 year ago

The Glen Beck Show (Login: [email protected]

The Glen Beck Show (Login: th[email protected]; Password: 123beck). by Glenn Beck with Jacob Hornberger, Jack Hunter, and Zach Slaybach, The Blaze TV ...

Outspoken 1 year ago

Glenn Beck

Log in. Blog. LatestArticlesVideosHands-On History. Radio. LivePodcastSerialsStations · TV · Podcast · Show Prep. Events. Restoring the Covenant. More.

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Sign up for a Blaze Rewards account to earn Free Pizzas and to blaze through checkout even faster. Log In · Sign Up. By signing up you agree to our

Informed Seattle, WA, USA 1 year ago

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Reviewer Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 11 months ago

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Scholar 10 months ago

New Cross the Blaze login bonus! : r/grandsummoners - Reddit
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Stay on top of cash balances with simple yet powerful tools for daily cash management and intra-day cash monitoring. Integrations. Easily connect with a wide ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is TheBlaze?

TheBlaze headquarters are located in Irving, Texas, at the Mercury Studios (formerly the Studios at Las Colinas).

Where can I watch TheBlaze TV?

Sling TV

How do I listen to TheBlaze radio?

TheBlaze Radio Network is a conservative libertarian American radio network owned by Blaze Media. It can currently be heard via an Internet Stream on website and Android/iOS apps, on iHeartRadio website and app, Amazon Echo and Roku.

Recent Tweets By theblaze

@theblaze Fox News political analyst @GiannoCaldwell says he was kicked out of restaurant for being a conservative
2023-01-24 12:30:24
@theblaze DOD schools push 'Marxist' indoctrination, woke 'social engineering,' teachers say
2023-01-24 12:00:34
@theblaze Left-wing drama teacher at Georgia high school charged with sexual exploitation of children
2023-01-23 11:30:34
@theblaze Home invaders enter residence in middle of night, but armed homeowner shoots one dead; other crook later captured. No charges against homeowner.
2023-01-23 11:00:34
@theblaze JK Rowling shuts down trans activist with perfect two-word response that goes mega-viral
2023-01-23 10:31:03
@theblaze M&M's walks back new woke 'spokescandies' after backlash, hires actress to promote brand instead: 'A spokesperson America can agree on'
2023-01-23 10:00:33
@theblaze Former FBI agent who led Trump-Russia probe arrested for assisting Russian oligarch to evade sanctions and money laundering
2023-01-23 09:30:34
@theblaze Democrats want to prevent so-called insurrectionists from holding office — silent on whether BLM rioters will get a pass
2023-01-23 09:01:04
@theblaze Whitlock: Post-truth, reality-TV America makes man feel like a ‘Natural Woman’
2023-01-23 08:31:02
@theblaze Reporter: "You just said that the president said that he did not know the documents were there. I'm not sure he's said that clearly." Jean-Pierre: "He said he was surprised. I'm just gonna leave it there."
2023-01-23 08:21:09
@theblaze Reporter: "Why should the American people believe that this president takes classified materials seriously?" Jean-Pierre: "The president has been in office for the last 2 years focusing on the American people."
2023-01-23 08:20:17
@theblaze 'Privileged white voices' should not influence curriculum, says district administrator
2023-01-23 08:01:04
@theblaze Are they turning on Biden? Democrats get honest about classified docs scandal: 'He should have a lot of regrets'
2023-01-23 07:31:06
@theblaze Leftist Robert Reich blasted as 'racist' for saying abortion bans aren't pro-life and instead target 'low-income people — especially people of color'
2023-01-23 07:01:06
@theblaze Xbox will force gamers to power down to fight climate change, touting the first 'carbon aware console'
2023-01-23 06:31:03
@theblaze There have been 275 attacks on Catholic churches since May 2020: Report
2023-01-23 06:00:33
@theblaze Kamala Harris exploits founding document to promote abortion — but omits key fundamental right
2023-01-23 05:30:34
@theblaze Majority of Americans support investigation into Anthony Fauci over pandemic management and inconsistent testimony, national study shows
2023-01-23 05:00:35
@theblaze The world may never survive without woke "spokescandies"
2023-01-23 04:45:23
@theblaze British Army veteran arrested for silently praying for his dead son near an abortion clinic
2023-01-23 04:30:33
@theblaze An airline ground crew member died after being "ingested" into an airplane engine...
2023-01-08 12:45:00
@theblaze Sledgehammer-wielding man desecrates Arkansas church altar, steals relics of saints from 1,500 years ago
2023-01-08 03:30:33
@theblaze 16-year-old girl collapsed and died suddenly during flag football game after suffering a 'medical emergency'
2023-01-08 01:30:32
@theblaze Texas restaurant customer fatally shoots masked robber who took cash from victims at tables — and then he grabs stolen money, gives it back to victims
2023-01-07 12:30:33
@theblaze The station said Simonis shops at the store and knew Riebel: "Me and my girlfriend both were in shock. We come out here all the time. We constantly see her."
2023-01-07 12:15:00
@theblaze CNN host has enough of DHS secretary's excuses, directly confronts him about border crisis: 'If that's not a crisis, Secretary, what is?'
2023-01-07 12:00:34
@theblaze "A bicyclist in San Francisco is likely regretting some of her social media activity after a video she posted of herself on Twitter went viral for all the wrong reasons."
2023-01-07 11:45:00
@theblaze Dad fears ex-wife will chemically castrate son after she moves child to California right before state's 'trans refuge' bill goes into effect
2023-01-07 11:31:08
@theblaze Hundreds of Chicago teachers and school employees accused of grooming, sexually assaulting, and raping students, inspector general report reveals
2023-01-07 11:30:32
@theblaze Nashville police release bodycam video of Grammy-winning recording engineer being shot and killed by SWAT officers after allegedly taking wife and stepdaughter hostage
2023-01-07 10:31:03
@theblaze Online gamer accused of sexually assaulting underage girl, buying her Plan B after condom broke
2023-01-07 09:30:34
@theblaze Police identified 18-year-old Miguel Sereno as the suspect, the station said, adding that Sereno fled the scene before police arrived and a murder warrant was issued for Sereno's arrest.
2023-01-07 09:15:01
@theblaze Customer who fatally shot robbery suspect wanted for questioning by police: Report
2023-01-07 09:00:32
@theblaze War zone in Mexico: 30 die during arrest of El Chapo's son; video shows Sinaloa Cartel retaliate by burning city, shooting commercial airplanes, trying to kidnap doctors
2023-01-07 08:30:32
@theblaze Father legally changes gender to female in attempt to gain custody of his kids: 'I'm also a mom'
2023-01-07 08:01:02
@theblaze A spokesperson for the NYPD’s public information office told Variety that she was booked on two counts of “acting in a manner injurious to a child."
2023-01-07 07:45:00
@theblaze Social Security numbers of nearly 2,000 Trump White House visitors — including governors and former cabinet members — leaked by January 6 committee: Report
2023-01-07 07:30:32
@theblaze 'That was easy, huh?' Rep. Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker of the House
2023-01-07 07:01:02
@theblaze Kevin McCarthy falls one vote short of clinching speakership in 14th round of voting
2023-01-07 06:31:03
@theblaze . @jordanbpeterson has been ordered by a Canadian psychology governing body to enter what Peterson called a "re-education" program reportedly over his past comments and speech that "may cause harm."
2023-01-07 06:15:00
@theblaze Ohio cops mock 'criminal mastermind' who broke into pub but got away with exactly zero dollars
2023-01-07 06:00:33
@theblaze UPDATE: Kevin McCarthy wins House speakership in 15th round of voting, after falling only one vote short in 14th round
2023-01-07 05:40:10
@theblaze See it: Pro-life billboard vandalized with appalling message
2023-01-07 05:31:04
@theblaze DeSantis declares state of emergency, calls for activation of Florida National Guard due to influx of 'unauthorized aliens'
2023-01-07 05:01:04
@theblaze Air marshals tasked with 'making sandwiches' for illegal aliens at southern border despite looming threat of jihadist terrorism
2023-01-07 05:01:02
@theblaze Kevin McCarthy falls one vote short of clinching speakership in 14th voting round
2023-01-07 04:52:16
@theblaze 4 arrested for allegedly terrorizing elderly woman while wearing clown masks to rob her, police say one suspect had worked as her caretaker
2023-01-07 04:30:33
@theblaze Fox News host stops Dem surrogate in his tracks when he uses House chaos to praise Biden's 'leadership' on border
2023-01-07 04:30:33
@theblaze Rep. Mike Rogers is physically pulled back as he gets animated towards Matt Gaetz.
2023-01-07 04:09:20
@theblaze Elon Musk proclaims 'scary good' ChatGPT will end homework; New York City schools ban the cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool that could challenge Google
2023-01-07 04:00:34
@theblaze 'This is a racial justice issue': Minnesota Dems look to legalize cannabis
2023-01-07 04:00:33
@theblaze Ohio police mock 'criminal mastermind' who broke into pub but got away with exactly zero dollars
2023-01-07 03:33:45
@theblaze Biden's chief of staff faces fierce backlash for claiming high inflation is no longer a problem
2023-01-07 03:30:34
@theblaze Joe Rogan shreds 'corrupt' New York Times as 'full of s**t,' Dave Portnoy says the left is 'far more savvy' at censoring political opponents on social media
2023-01-07 03:30:33
@theblaze Ashli Babbitt's mother arrested by US Capitol police on Jan. 6 anniversary
2023-01-07 03:00:33
@theblaze Squires: The left respects black drug dealers, pimps, and murderers more than black conservatives
2023-01-07 03:00:32
@theblaze . @WhitlockJason: "The woke have programmed us to hate football, to see it as a source of toxic masculinity, unnecessary health risks, and a relic of a dying patriarchy."
2023-01-07 02:45:00
@theblaze FTX spent $40 million on expenses in 9 months — including lavish hotels, $2,500 lunches, travel, and entertainment
2023-01-07 02:30:32
@theblaze Girls feel unsafe using school restrooms after district quietly implements trans policy, 100 local clergy members and parents allege
2023-01-07 02:00:34
@theblaze Biden administration spent $324 million in taxpayer funds on illegal immigrants' dental and health care at holding facilities
2023-01-07 01:31:07
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