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Mar 23, 22 (Updated: Aug 31, 22)

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Explainer 1 year ago

TRAF Online Services

TRAF - Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund ; User ID: ; Password: ; Login ; Loading icon Securely logging you in...

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Informed Vernon, BC, Canada 1 year ago

Trafalgar Property Group Plc (TRAF) ORD GBP0.001
Curious Nanjing, China 1 year ago

Careers - Work Remote - Jobs - Trafilea

Working at Trafilea A remote global experience you will love. 180+ talents around the world connected by the same purpose. We take our culture ...

Informed Spain 1 year ago

Listen to la Radio TRAF FM : null - RadioKing

Listen and interact with TRAF FM : null. ... Welcome to TRAF FM. Find all the information of this radio here very soon! See more posts. Login to comment.

Guru 1 year ago

Traffit Pathways. Transparent structure focused on employee development. Try it for free. Language. en. English · pl. Polski. Login. Try it for free.

Disciplined Texas 1 year ago

Trafalgar Property Group PLC Fair Value | TRAF - Fidelity ...

Trafalgar Property Group PLC (TRAF). Industry Real Estate - Development ... log in or open an account. movieFair value explained movieStar rating explained

Editor 1 year ago

NDR1 protein kinase promotes IL‐17‐ and TNF‐α‐mediated ...

Login. Close Drawer MenuOpen Drawer Menu. Menu. This Journal. This Journal; Anywhere. Search journal. Search. Search EMBO Press.

Informed Belmont, MA 1 year ago

Trafbox - Login Auth

en. LOGIN. UNIQUE AFFILIATE NETWORK. Traffic Box is a unique affiliate network providing quick & easy monetization tools for website owners and app ...

Informed United States 1 year ago

Traf-Sys Visicount Software | Minitex

Login or create a MyMinitex account to continue shopping. Product Description. Traf-Sys' people counting software provides near real-time access to reliable ...

Editor Wellington, New Zealand 1 year ago

Grime Traffic Marshall - Aluminium Entrance Matting - Jaymart

GRIME TRAFFIC MARSHALL. Entrance Matting. Call. Stock Code: TRAF-MARSH. In Stock.

Guru Ámsterdam, Países Bajos 1 year ago

Trafigura: Home

The fuel oil trading desk combines global presence, market knowledge and efficient logistics to connect producers and end-users.

Organizer Sao Paulo, Brazil 11 months ago
Informed Lewes, UK 11 months ago

Trafalgar Infants

The school leadership team reviews those procedures on the basis of changes in government guidance and feedback from parents and staff. We regularly communicate ...

Scholar 11 months ago

Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor-associated Factor (TRAF) 5 ...

Please enter a term before submitting your search. Ok. Submit Article · Log in · Register. Log in. Submit Article · Log in.

Curious New York, NY, USA 10 months ago

Trafalgar Property Summary financial accounts | TRAF

Trafalgar Property Group PLC TRAF ; Income Statement · Turnover, 0.03 ; Balance Sheet · Total Assets, 5.60 ; Cash Flow · Cash Flow Per Share, -12.80 ; Dividends · DPS p ...

Guru 10 months ago

F Plasmid TraF and TraH Are Components of an Outer ...

Request Username. Can't sign in? Forgot your username? ... Password Changed Successfully. Your password has been changed. Login; Register.

Legendary London, England, United Kingdom 10 months ago

A Novel Mechanism of TRAF Signaling Revealed by Structural ...

TRAF proteins are major mediators for the cell activation, cell survival, and antiapoptotic functions of the TNF receptor superfamily.

Announcer Bristol, UK 9 months ago

PH Buffers - Trafalgar Scientific Ltd

PH Buffers ; traf logo, PH3 Buffer Solution (Clear) (UN NR) 1ltr CB8210/P06, Please Login ; traf logo, PH4 Buffer 25x20ml Sachets without COA pk 25 HI-70004P ...

Informed Germany 9 months ago

Etusivu | Traficom

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is an authority in permit, licence, registration, approval, safety and security matters. Contact ...

Legendary 9 months ago

Traf — iOS Icons

A simple, beautiful set of 120 custom-designed app icons, perfect for iOS 14. Includes light & dark versions, instructions, and wallpapers.


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Recent Tweets By swyx

@swyx @nutlope @jsjoeio @mattpocockuk the problem with a manifesto is its so easy to assert a more definite view of how to do things than is helpful. tell me a set of principles that applies to being a devrel of CSS at google chrome and a 5 person no-name startup. closed source vs open source. visual vs conceptual.
2023-01-24 12:55:35
@swyx @jmduke this but for php myadmin
2023-01-23 12:12:06
@swyx @ankurnagpal @teachable @ochowealth eg for figma it was adobe (heh), for many webdev companies it’s wordpress, for lots of open source companies it’s “DIY”. i understand its a lil antagonistic but curious if you’ve consciously decided not to have a “big bad” for other reasons?
2023-01-23 12:10:08
@swyx @ankurnagpal @teachable @ochowealth ive always thought instead of “role model” you need a “big bad”. like a low NPS incumbent everyone hates, an “enemy” you can rally employees against, counterposition in marketing, an do the opposite off product and culture wise.
2023-01-23 12:08:46
@swyx @byAnhtho lol, hey i worked hard for those meaningless orange internet points!
2023-01-23 08:02:46
@swyx @tammergard i think there’s been attempts! always happy to do so, just that probably need to hold people’s hand to make them successful
2023-01-23 08:02:30
@swyx 2 hrs to find it, gj gang, will use this in a writeup at some point. h/t @0xhiroki for the find
2023-01-23 04:54:43
@swyx @0xhiroki ahhh that was it, it was split up across tweets no wonder i couldnt find it. thank you!
2023-01-23 04:53:55
@swyx @taylorbell @zygarczi its not (i suspect its a google sheet) but this is also good!
2023-01-23 04:29:31
@swyx AI Twitter, request for help: 1-2 weeks ago I saw someone tweet out a spreadsheet/table of all known LLMs with details like parameter size, FLOPs, and other quantitative metrics. Basically an updated version of this 2021 "AI and Memory Wall" post below. I can't find it. Help?
2023-01-23 02:25:02
@swyx @joshcadorette can i get just the transcript instead of the summary? both are useful.
2023-01-22 11:32:45
@swyx the next in this series:
2023-01-22 10:59:15
@swyx another good analysis in thread form
2023-01-22 10:58:34
@swyx Deep Work for humans, Deep Learning for machines. This is the Deep Decade.
2023-01-22 10:50:37
@swyx @ovaistariq @iavins makes sense!
2023-01-22 06:19:55
@swyx @Avik_Sarkar_675 @wintonARK @alexandr_wang @goodside @chamath @theallinpod @AnthropicAI gpt3 has been out for 3 years and this is the second ever prompt eng job posting ive seen. ~nobody is taking this anywhere seriously enough for everyone to learn effectively in any reasonable timeframe
2023-01-21 04:13:08
@swyx @OfficialLoganK @OpenAI meeee
2023-01-21 01:30:28
@swyx @erikdunteman is there no "firecracker for GPUs" yet? multi-second cold boots sounds rough!!
2023-01-20 10:01:38
@swyx @erikdunteman banana pricing page makes an A100 $18 per hour, I feel like most unit econ can support that? i guess it's a question of utilization %?
2023-01-20 09:17:07
@swyx @bennstancil you have an uncanny knack for nailing the topic and title, and then doing it justice in your thoughts. I'm a massive fan, but angrily so; I may never write anything this good and here you are doing it every Friday. thank you!
2023-01-20 09:11:53
@swyx Prompt engineering is on 🔥 First, @alexandr_wang hires @goodside as the world's first Prompt Engineer Then, @chamath talks it up on @theallinpod Now @AnthropicAI is setting the market rate on prompt engineers: $250k - $335k + equity (!) Only basic coding ability needed.
2023-01-20 09:00:24
@swyx I collected all the high value domain price datapoints from this thread feel free to add yours! would be nice if @GitHubNext added a sortable/filterable table by default...
2023-01-20 01:21:01
@swyx @GergelyOrosz @coffeebreak_YT just learned about this.. when does Youtube itself take him down? surely they have an anti scammer policy
2023-01-07 10:42:56
@swyx Undo tweets is the most poorly implemented "premium" software feature I have ever seen - doesn't transfer across devices - doesn't work with threads - clicking undo loses all text (lol) - adds rather than removes stress - obsolete with the Edit Tweet feature just 💩 tier
2023-01-07 02:13:30
@swyx @thelokasiffers dont forget he was part of the first cohort of @roelofbotha's Sequoia scouts, and his first scout check was... Stripe
2023-01-07 02:10:50
@swyx @reneeshah123 nice thread! surprisingly frontend heavy for a distsys thread (people do say frontend is part of distsys but rarely mean it haha) any learnings on how the workflows/orchestration market evolved in 2022?
2023-01-07 01:18:31
@swyx @apenwarr @johncutlefish chesterton’s fire: dont remove fires until you know why they were started
2023-01-07 01:12:50
@swyx @MichelleBakels @ReactMiamiConf excited to see the new batch of speakers!
2023-01-06 09:08:56
@swyx @ergestx @mmolaro and i think it was a third party contrib rather than a core part of the project
2023-01-06 09:08:01
@swyx @OfficialLoganK @OpenAI make it easier to make and ship embeddings as modules?
2023-01-06 07:02:11
@swyx i dont think prompt eng will disappear all that “soon” actually but this is a good thread covering our attempts to at least greatly diminish its importance
2023-01-06 04:57:07
@swyx @taylorbell @DrJimFan thanks man its a good thread. i feel like people dont explain PPO very well in these threads, thats the main part that always feels handwavy. i’d also like an idea of order of magnitude of finetune data needed for instructgpt but havent seen good numbers
2023-01-06 04:38:37
@swyx @GergelyOrosz @theinformation notable layoff info
2023-01-06 03:28:37
@swyx @0x_saurav @colinfortuner idk whether i'm testing it or i'm being tested
2023-01-06 02:08:13
@swyx @ritholtz @Noahpinion Reflexivity is a positive feedback loop - Soros is right about how beliefs interact with asset values - but there needs to be a name for the opposite, the thing that only doesnt exist when everyone believes it does eg efficient markets
2023-01-06 01:01:34
@swyx converting JavaScript to Python:
2023-01-05 12:05:30
@swyx @bentossell the “location based app” to “extremely based app” pipeline
2023-01-05 09:23:24
@swyx @pdrmnvd apparently this breach may have caused the okta and slack breaches as well :/ its really bad but also i dont see circleci facing any consequences
2023-01-05 09:20:31
@swyx @Bensign @TheStalwart love to see the cloud costs -> coffee costs pivot
2023-01-05 09:19:10
@swyx crossed 50k today despite decreased activity due to mastodon/end of year break, bc of new top tweet. i've stopped reporting monthly metrics as mentioned, looking to just create stuff more regularly.
2023-01-05 07:04:40
@swyx @StableDiffusion and @midjourney v4 seems to be running away with the high quality easy to prompt black box:
2023-01-05 05:41:05
@swyx Chat AI is the Current Thing, but IMO dont sleep on the text2img community, they are alive and well and hacking away every day Analog @StableDiffusion was recently released and is marking a new frontier in AI-generated, not-crazy-oversaturated photorealism. These Do Not Exist:
2023-01-05 05:31:33
@swyx Some of you know I used to be a hedge fund TMT analyst — today I'm on my first ever finance podcast since my career change! talking about Cloud trends with @CCM_Brett and @CCM_Ryan from @chitchatmoney: If you want to immerse in finance give em a try!
2023-01-05 03:29:18
@swyx @stevekrouse another form of Turing pass
2023-01-05 01:41:22
@swyx @elzr to be clear i think the "killer app" usecase will grow over time - Jasper is making serious money at the app layer! but we'll take some time to learn how to harness the creative/generative/reasoning elements reliably without cherrypicking:
2023-01-04 09:54:53
@swyx @yongfook yup! also dont forget that one user can have multiple teams.
2023-01-04 02:00:29
@swyx More things count as formats than you are used to. The conversational nature of ChatGPT allows you to feed in more info, blending human and machine to work together better than either could alone. Here we see a reformat of Initial request + Error stack trace => Working Code
2023-01-03 12:39:13
@swyx “ChatGPT reformatting” requires minimal world knowledge, are instantly verifiable, and can reliably save minutes of work multiple times a day. The reformat can include contextual inference, which saves even more time at the cost of a bit more risk:
2023-01-03 12:24:19
@swyx ChatGPT’s current killer app isn’t search, therapy, doing math, controlling browsers, emulating a virtual machine, or any of that other cherrypicked examples that come with huge disclaimers. It’s a lot more quotidian: Reformatting information from any format X to any format Y.
2023-01-03 12:11:21
@swyx (*SPOILERS for Glass Onion - I needed a movie that was outside the training window*) @elzr pointed out Riley's GraphViz experiments ( as a reformatting, and I wanted to doublecheck it doesn't only regurgitate from things it knows (for useful generality)
2023-01-03 11:57:15
@swyx @SoftwareSocPod sad to see this end for now but glad for the journey! thank you both for keeping it up this long, so excited to see when you return!
2023-01-03 10:35:12
@swyx @kaushikpatnaik oh in that case, they said it was 900M, which is same size as stable diffusion, which can be run on phones. is that enough or any other notable unknowns?
2023-01-03 08:02:33
@swyx @kaushikpatnaik well its kinda hard to do that since they didnt even release the model
2023-01-03 07:04:35
@swyx @deepwhitman i’d LOVE a cheap small (sub 1B) model to run this stuff locally! actually am wondering if gpt2 does this well enough
2023-01-03 06:46:54
@swyx @heyalexfriedman what was your thought process for taking (presumably) such a huge paycut? (congrats)
2023-01-03 06:34:29
@swyx @markopolojarvi oh no i didnt mean to offend, was just a bit of dry humor observing that it is kinda retroactively obvious when you put it that way!
2023-01-03 06:18:41
@swyx great visual from @nathanbenaich here
2023-01-03 05:14:09
@swyx haha this is a great point: This just in - techbro realizes that transformers are really good at transforming things. More at 11
2023-01-03 03:33:21
@swyx @markopolojarvi haha great take
2023-01-03 03:32:15
@swyx @beglen @PROMPT_AIGrowth sure
2023-01-03 03:31:59
@swyx a great audio discussion on React Fiber architecture by @TejasKumar_ on @PodRocketpod today!
2023-01-03 02:44:43
@swyx @simpsoka just make sure to always say "please", be nice to the AI
2023-01-03 01:41:15
@swyx so excited to find the origins of the workflow model in this 1998 internal Amazon memo - I think this directly led to AWS SWF and Temporal. it turned out that tracking state changes wasn't just an afterthought, but should be the basis of the entire thing
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @aaronadler @codeiumdev wooh!
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @floydophone feel like the word "partition" is overloaded in this context but if i understand this correctly... yes i can split them up into arbitrary length chunks.. but thats just making one long list into a hundred smaller lists - feels like something that is a routine part of data eng
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @sharifshameem @simonw randomly had this page open so tried it on the published model. guidances at 7, 10, and 13 from bottom to top. looks like 10 is sweet spot
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @geoffreylitt @breckyunits belated followup request for blogpost! i think this idea (or field) needs a canonical take. perhaps @Mappletons would be interested in this as an app-as-tool-for-thought if she hasn't already written it up
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx came across @GeneralTaskHQ on HN takes the todolist -> calendar cycle very literally
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx Publishing a great chat with @_jessicasachs today on how I got started as a Part Time Creator: and my chat with @cecilphillip and @paul_asjes of @StripeDev showing some @Coding_Career numbers hope that helps someone out there
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @alanaagoyal @ImpiraHQ @figma congrats!!
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @CascadiaJS TIL the precursor of SOA in @Werner 1998: "It is clear that we need a new architecture... Our current two-tier, client-server architecture is essentially data bound. We propose a three-tier architecture where presentation, logic and data are separated."
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@swyx @stevegraham @OpenAI twitter bio checks out
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@swyx @browsercompany
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@swyx just heard from a friend who was very recently laid off from a unicorn SF devtools startup — he's already getting new offers 200%-300% of his previous comp(!) sometimes there's a silver lining, sometimes it a whole pot of gold market for good people is never dead, folks!
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@swyx @floydophone great post! i have a variant of this kind of work that i do often but the "extract" develops over time - run `extract` on a list of items (api calls, google searches) and running it until error, then either iterating from error index or restarting from 0.
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@swyx @floydophone im guessing dagster supports this but im having trouble figuring out the ideal workflow of "i dont know all the edge cases of `extract` until i run into them, and i may or may not want to rematerialize everything based on what i learn" lets call it "iterative ETL" maybe
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@swyx @vhmth @michaeljelly @PaulMest @bernhardsson @jiaweiou @VegetablesReidy <3 <3 <3 loom for life
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@swyx @dan_abramov couldve used parity for svg attributes tho. super annoying to convert ;-( still holding a flickering candle for jsx 2.0 in 2030
2022-12-22 00:00:00
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