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2. Uwastudentguild.com
Teacher Milan 1 year ago

The UWA Student Guild exists to make sure you have the best university experience possible, because university is so much more than just your classes.

3. Sparkplus.com.au
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The University of Western Australia. UWA Student or Staff ID, Do not use your email address to log in. Password, Note: Passwords are case sensitive.

4. Uwa.edu
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Log in | University of West Alabama


Student Advocacy and Parent Support. Counseling Services · Parent Information · ADA Services. Student Life. Student Life Overview · UWA Cheerleading.

5. Blackboardguide.com
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UWA Blackboard - A Step by Step Login & Learning Guide


UWA Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) and is a fully integrated web-based learning and teaching environment available for all current staff and ...

6. Libcal.com
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You will then be prompted to login using your Uni-ID. You must use your UWA student email address to make bookings. Click Submit my Booking to complete the ...

7. Arc.gov.au
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Research Management System Login


RMS is the ARC's Research Management System, a web-based system used by eligible researchers to prepare and submit research Applications and assessments ...

8. Echo360.com
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What we do. Only Echo360 combines video management with lecture capture and active learning to increase student success.

9. Sygenventure.com
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Lms uwa login. UWA Blackboard Log in Instructions Student have to access Blackboard via the University of Western Australia web site or direct access URL: ...

10. Unimelb.edu.au
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Login to the LMS - University of Melbourne


Login to the LMS · Staff and students. Use your University of Melbourne student or staff account to access the LMS. LMS login · Other users. College Tutors, ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UWA LMS?

The Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) is a system for online teaching, learning, community building and knowledge sharing. ... You'll be able to log in the LMS anytime, anywhere, at your convenience when connected to the internet.

How do you use LMS UWA?

To access LMS from home, first you must have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the internet. Once you are online go to the LMS and login using your Uni-ID in the form of [email protected] If your Pheme password has expired, you will not be able to log into LMS.

How do I change my UWA password?

To change your password using Microsoft, visit https://myprofile.microsoft.com (which is your UWA account security profile), click “Password” and change it as appropriate.

What is Pheme UWA?

Pheme is the UWA Access Management System, a place where you can set a password for your central university account giving you access to a range of services.

Recent Tweets By cofs_uwa

@COFS_UWA Lloyd’s Register Foundation Oration Australia, Tuesday 19 November at University Club from 5.30pm. Presented by Dr Reuben Ng, and is on Measuring Risk Perceptions across 200 Years. Anyone can attend but please RSVP for catering purposes at https://t.co/E5nsEhsUxA
2019-11-11 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA 2 new exciting PhD opportunities available: Caisson anchors for deep water oil and gas developments in calcareous soils and Cryogenic pipelines to replace trestle for liquefied gas transfer terminals. Go to https://t.co/egr0VyTD6C to download the flyers
2019-05-20 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Looking to do a PhD? The Wave Energy Research Centre has an available project - Foundation engineering paradigms to enable economical offshore renewables. Must have first class honours in a relevant degree and applications close 31 August 2018 so get your application in quick 🙂 https://t.co/jvqVTUqTX7
2018-08-22 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA New PhD opportunity - Predicting foundation response for offshore wind turbines Please see attached image for more information. Applicants must have 1st class honours in a relevant degree and meet UWA's English language requirements. Hurry - applications close 31 August 2018 https://t.co/bRBx0Flhr3
2018-08-16 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA COFS PhD student Nicole Fiumana talking to high school students as part of @uwanews #Aspire program. Aspire UWA aims to encourage students who would not normally consider university as an option to see the benefits and opportunities that university study offers. https://t.co/OFOjftHdgD
2018-06-22 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Welcome to the new UWA Fugro Chair in Getoechnics - Dr Fraser Bransby https://t.co/l4hrYPAvc4
2018-05-24 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Meeting with the KAIST team to explore research collaboration opportunities https://t.co/R70dt9wpGx
2018-02-05 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA After more than 17 years at UWA, COFS wishes Boris Tarasov all the best with his retirement. Thank you for all your hard work over the years - you will be missed 🙂 https://t.co/RctmIBU1wo
2017-12-22 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA New PhD opportunity available in Offshore Anchoring Systems - https://t.co/1XGjECQozL
2017-12-20 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Fugro Chair in Geotechnics - position is now advertised. If you are a suitable candidate and would like more information or to apply please visit https://t.co/PwUoNaoiCm. Applications close 12th January 2018
2017-12-04 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA congratulations to Wangcheng Zhang on being awarded an #IACMAG Excellent Paper Award for Junior Researchers - https://t.co/M3RI4AY07e
2017-10-23 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA @COFS_UWA & @uwaoceans together with @carnegieclean setting up wave energy centre in Albany #RenewableEnergy #WaveEnergy https://t.co/nVbRbxrqNh
2017-10-07 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA @COFS_UWA staff & students attended a collaborative workshop at Dalian University of Technology's SCLOE #UWA #DUT https://t.co/Lg5VCnXi66
2017-09-26 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA The 2016 COFS annual report is finally available and worth the wait 🙂Please visit https://t.co/j7v8QfcpBX to have a look
2017-09-19 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Making an impact with research being accepted into the ISO guidelines for jack-up platforms - Youhu Zhang's UWA thesis now in ISO 19905-1 https://t.co/FX5Lfiaqre
2017-09-19 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Mark Randolph presenting the 3rd Schofield Lecture at the the 19th @icsmge2017 in Seoul, Korea https://t.co/gLOIqq7ztV
2017-09-19 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Dirk Rijnsdorp, Nicole Fiumana, Jana Orszaghova, @ChrisGaudinCOFS and @ManuHerduin_UWA in Ireland for #EWTEC2017 https://t.co/XgXwkxgFzg
2017-09-19 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA listen to the recent interview on the #ABCdriveprogram where the centrifuge facility is discussed https://t.co/UPEr2wIRa7
2017-09-15 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Don't forget to visit National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility (@COFSCentrifuges) during #UWAOpenDay this Sunday in the IOMRC building 🙂
2017-08-10 01:55:29
@COFS_UWA @Shiaohuey_Chow and Britta Bienen talk to students at Nedlands Primary School for #ScienceWeek about foundations for offshore wind turbines https://t.co/50Pop1mJL4
2017-08-10 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA Britta Bienen and @Shiaohuey_Chow visited Nedlands Primary School for #ScienceWeek talking about foundations for offshore wind turbines https://t.co/1NidCKRjZR
2017-08-10 00:00:00
@COFS_UWA @COFS_UWA celebrates its 20th birthday! Photo with EMS Exec Dean John Dell, Mark Randolph and @ChrisGaudinCOFS. A fantastic achievement 😀 https://t.co/2Sy4K17Tt6
2017-07-21 04:30:28
@COFS_UWA Congratulations Raffaele Ragni for winning @aus_aust 2017 Baden Clegg Award https://t.co/tPJDCmKJwp
2017-07-12 03:20:39
@COFS_UWA UWA continues its strong support of @ASMEdotorg #OMAE2017 conference in Trondheim Norway this week https://t.co/enMOkJULdR
2017-06-28 12:40:39
@COFS_UWA congratulations @conlethol, Mark Randolph and Cathal Colreavy for winning the Telford Premium best paper in journal https://t.co/2WjLxTJe7I
2017-06-06 05:00:32
@COFS_UWA congratulations @YinghuiTian for receiving a #priminggrant from @atse_au to support early stage international Researcher-SME engagement https://t.co/M9B4r5nCPD
2017-05-16 05:30:07
@COFS_UWA @JanaOrszaghova and @HughWolgamot presented their paper "Simplified dynamics of a moored submerged buoy" at #IWWWFB2017 last week https://t.co/IvNROGgAg3
2017-05-01 01:35:48
@COFS_UWA An amazing effort by Team UWA @uwanews! Congratulations on a Top 10 finish! https://t.co/a0OoNhZNOJ
2017-03-16 02:22:21
@COFS_UWA Join @SusanGourvenec tomorrow morning for her @AOG_expo keynote address on whether retired offshore structures should be left in situ. https://t.co/gWtLL6VOe9
2017-02-22 05:43:36
@COFS_UWA A new publication about our work on predicting the response of tolerably mobile subsea installations is available at https://t.co/X4WaaTtsxS
2017-02-03 04:03:27
@COFS_UWA 2 x Research Associate/Research Fellow positions available at COFS working on @offshorehub projects. Details at https://t.co/nRKhbJnuJ2
2017-01-18 04:40:27
@COFS_UWA @COFS_UWA sponsored last night’s @SUTnews geohazards meeting with @Fugro, featuring UWA’s Sam Stanier, @DaveWhiteUWA & Grad Sam Ingarfield https://t.co/0GN8iVu9YL
2016-10-13 04:12:28
@COFS_UWA Dr Shiaohuey Chow visited Dr Andrea Diambra at @BristolUni last week as part of their @UWAECM #research #collaboration award. https://t.co/HHMTACnkDg
2016-10-10 08:35:40
@COFS_UWA Congratulations @Wenhua_Zhao https://t.co/IiJOOLxDLq
2016-10-06 04:34:36
@COFS_UWA Prof Mark Randolph's CGJ Editor's Choice and Quigley award winning papers https://t.co/ysA30aqOoZ
2016-09-01 11:28:37
@COFS_UWA @COFS_UWA is today celebrating Professor Mark Randolph's 30 years at UWA @uwanews https://t.co/23UfZxNsSs
2016-08-31 08:15:27
@COFS_UWA @MarkCassidyUWA's @ISSMGE webinar on Combined Loading of Offshore Foundations is online. Watch it here https://t.co/dA9rIYpLik
2016-08-25 03:04:07
@COFS_UWA Dr Shiaohuey Chow visited Rosalie Primary School during #NatSciWk to demonstrate density & buoyancy to students @Aus_ScienceWeek
2016-08-19 04:02:53
@COFS_UWA Congratulations to Dr Scott Draper on a fantastic achievement. https://t.co/dNxEyqnj41
2016-08-18 11:06:28
@COFS_UWA Ryan's second presentation at #GeoCC16 was on developing a translucent clay for scale model testing @GeoInstitute https://t.co/hkpWKVm9yj
2016-08-18 03:34:00
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